Liberian Player Dies in Pleebo Fire Incident

The Late Joseph Kwame Woods

A Promising Liberian international soccer player, Joseph Kwame Woods, had no idea what fate had in store for him when he decided to pay a short visit back home in Pleebo, Maryland County taking with him good news about his latest success in his chosen career.

Woods, popularly known by his middle name, “Kwame,” was on a brief visit in the country after he penned a new contract in faraway India, where he has been plying his trade. Upon coming on vacation, he decided to go back home and bid farewell to family members to pursue the next stage of career in that Asian Country. But he met his demise when his family house was gutted by fire, while he was reportedly packing his personal effects to depart the country; but to the least of everyone’s expectation, his life was consumed by the fire, leaving everyone in a state of shock and disbelief.

Many, especially relatives, close friends and loved ones, had thought that this was the beginning of a moment of celebration, but were instead left to mourn this tragic incident.

According to reports, the unfortunate incident occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, June 28, in Pleebo, Sodoken District, Zone 4 Community.

The report further states that when Joseph Woods entered his mother’s house, a blazing fire broke out, leaving him burned to death.

Police in the county are said to be investigating the cause of the fire.

Information had it that the soccer star, who also featured in series of former County Meet games, was few hours away to his departure to Monrovia and then subsequently to India, where he had just signed a new professional contract, but he met his untimely death in a bizarre fire incident just at the edge of what would have been described as a successful career start for him.

“I have never felt the way I feel today. Life is unfair and can never be trusted by me,” a friend of the deceased, Emmanuel Ticonti Swen, posted in a tribute on social media. “Why are you leaving this way, Woods,” he said.

Prior to Kwame leaving for Maryland, Swen, also known as Delord, said that they spent an entire day together in Monrovia. “After you failed the interview for the American Visa, you said to me, “Delord I will go to Maryland to see the Oldma, while I wait for my jue to come from America so we can do the wedding in Liberia.”

The deceased told his colleague that he has not seen the “Oldma” for sometime so he had to go.

“Kwame, you have seen the Oldma, why are you not coming back? “How can you die this way even if it is the time for you to leave us. My eyes are watered with tears and my entire work day has become meaningless,” Delord posted.

Delord wondered why should a promising young man die in such a painful way. “You fought a sincere fight for the short time you lived. You were the example of a promising child every parent wanted to reference. You were a motivation to all youthful players from Maryland County. May your soul rest in perfect peace brother,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has expressed concern over the wave of fire incidents in the country, some of which have caused deaths and injuries.

The NDMA made specific reference to the Maryland fire incident and another one that took place in  Pipeline Road in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

Prior to the two recent incidents, the Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency, Henry O. Williams had told reporters in the port city of Buchanan, that his agency recorded more than six thousand victims of fire, flood and heavy rainstorm incidents from April to June this year.

He appealed to government and partners to build the capacity of the disaster agency to enable it create awareness and respond to such unfortunate situations.


  1. Was it just one person that died in this fire incident, or reporter William Harmon is waiting for the police to first tell him how many persons died in the incident before passing that information on to us? Surprisingly, none of the usual by-standing “experts” offered any opinion this time as to what actually caused this other fire incident? In previous incidents whether fire or car accidents, these by-standers or “eye witnesses'” accounts usually fill in the blanks or are even relied on by the police in their investigation. In short this report leaves so much wanting it is a complete waste of readers’ time.

  2. It was only him alone that got burned in the fire incident.
    But to admit, the incident took place in Zone one, Mission Town and not Zone four.

  3. It is sometimes good to be quiet and not disclosed your plans to people. You never know who your true enemies are. I learned this from The Joseph’s Story in the Holy Bible. It was only by God’s grace that Joseph was saved. So there was no way that “Kwame” could have escaped from the fire? There is something suspicious about this young man’s death. Lord have mercy!!!!


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