Liberian Passports Out of Stock?


“Absolutely no money to order new booklets,” Passport Director says

Irrefutable information obtained by the Daily Observer has confirmed that the Department of Passports at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has run out of passports, thus depriving many Liberians of traveling opportunities.

Some of the applicants, who have become disappointed, informed this newspaper that they applied for the “expedited” process for their books on Monday, June 10 but, on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, they were informed by an official of the Passport Department (name not disclosed) that the department is out of booklets in stock.

“You go and come back Friday, June 14, 2019, hopefully you that applied for expedited passport, your book would be ready,” the official informed the disappointed customers.

The director of passport, Andrew D. Wonploe, Sr. informed this newspaper in a brief interview that the passport’s impasse would be resolved in the soonest possible time, but an insider in the office said the situation will drag on for at least two to three weeks, “because there is absolutely no money to order new booklets.”

The expedited process is a fast track approach to obtaining a passport within a 24-hour period.

Many of the customers, who went to the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday with hopes of receiving their “Expedited Passport,” left with dissatisfaction. Some of them told the Daily Observer that passports should be the least thing to be out of stock in any country, especially Liberia, where many of the citizens are leaving the country for various reasons.

“There is a need that President George Weah appoints a ‘hardworking’ person, such as Madam Mary T. Broh to come and institutionalize this passport department. This particular place should not be out of booklets,” some of the irate customers remarked.

According to  them, government should hire a foreign-based company to print the Liberian passport. “What is wrong with us is ourselves,” one fuming customer shouted.

“The short time Mary Broh spent here, to issue a passport was just a matter of a day,” another disappointed client said. “Passports should be one of the least things to worry about as a government, because every citizen needs to have a passport.”

“One of problems at this place is that if you do not know anybody in this department, is very difficult to get your passport, because the process is like taking a blood test at a health facility,” some of the disappointed customers said.

Inside sources told the Observer that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has run out of passports, because the government reportedly owes the passport printing company an undisclosed amount of United States dollars.

Some of the applicants, who spoke to this newspaper, said they have applied for the expedited passports since Monday, June 10, 2019, but were yet to receive their books.

They have meanwhile called on the government and its partners to improve the passport division to a level where it would meet every citizen’s quest to obtain a passport.

Some of the people who came from the rural counties with hopes of obtaining their passports had to return in disappointment.

“People who come from the leeward counties sometimes spend days just to get their passport,” one insider said.

During the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the government sought to decentralize some of its activities by establishing  county service centers, but some of the centers have remained non-functional.


  1. Every Liberian is entitled to a passport, I agree, but not necessarily mean that every body in Liberia must use a passport as an identity especially when not prepared or have the means to travel yet. When censor is fully implemented each Liberian in and out of the nation will have each of their travel papers at choice or option in reserve, just as a son or daughter of the Liberian soil who has his or her heir deed handed over through the achieve. We know ourselves. If you are a true Liberian, why worry about when a passport will be made available? If not in stock right now, it means maybe that Government is either beginning to see Liberians or some identity crisis has interrupted because some non-Liberian has purchased without the appropriate authority especially when many came in during the civil war and have not gone back to their respective nations yet. Government does have the means to purchase for Liberians. All debts pertaining will be paid. Yet we must know whether the same situation where other nationalities are not purchasing our entitlements with some insane officials for financial gains. Liberians have had problems with their own passports for many decades, pages unused yet expired. Every next leader or ruler at foreign affairs has a different passport plan causing millions or billions of Liberian monies unaccounted for. We will fix it. It has been noted that some private institutions have been compelled to ask for Government identities to claim their transfers and remittances. Are these people authorizing these policies really Liberians in Government? This is wrong. We must distinguish private and public entities. Government had even misspelled names on voters registration cards and other public documents to deprive actual Liberians of their privileges for corrupt monies to non-Liberians. This practice came from the past and even prior and some still in the making. It must now stop. We should be proud to be Liberians. This is our secret heritage. It will eventually when the actual Liberians begin to see themselves as Liberians. A true Liberian will not want to be another nationality even under pressure or circumstances. Do not answer me. Tell yours to the people of the Republic of Liberia.
    Gone to 57% in silence.

  2. As for me, my passport will be ready, when I get the money to travel. All my Liberian children and grandchildren Government papers will be there when my paper trees on my farm start producing some liquids and roots. Liberian Government has no alternative. WE need to buy Liberian papers and ink to produce our own documents. Still importing papers. Gone too.

  3. A country out of Passport? And this is supposed to be a division of government? Hum, if you cannot maintain the “small things” how could you implement “big things”? Oh, I forgot, there’s no “big thing”.

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