Liberian National Trivia Team to Compete at The Quiz Olympiad

Phil Dixon and Jane Allen meeting at the Embassy of Liberia in London

November 2021 Event Features Teams From Across The Globe

Thanks to a legacy from a quiz show legend, a team of Liberians will get a chance to compete against some of the world’s best quizzers at the Second Quiz Olympiad, to be held in Krakow, Poland, in November 2021.  The Liberians were selected for a grant by the Toutant Intellectual Competition Fund (TICF), founded in memory of Ed Toutant, a winner on several US quiz shows and a beloved member of the trivia community.

“Ed believed in the power of knowledge, and he’d be delighted to see a team attending the Olympiad that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend, since the costs approach that of the average yearly income in Liberia,” said Paul Bailey, Chair of the TICF. “Since late 2018, the Toutant Intellectual Competition Fund has been building up resources for this award. We hope to continue for many years to come.”

The grant will support up to six Liberians and will cover flights, lodging, meals, and event registration to the Quiz Olympiad.  

“We’ve long had a presence in Africa, and I’m happy to see a team from yet another continent at the Quiz Olympiad,” said Jane Allen, TICF Committee Member and Managing Director of the International Quizzing Association (IQA), which runs the Olympiad. Ms. Allen presented certificates announcing the grant to Liberian team captain Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon, former Deputy Minister for Manpower Planning and Human Resource Development at Ministry of Labor for the Government of Liberia.

In response, Atty. Dixon appreciated TICF and the IQA, stating that “Liberia’s participation as the first African country to be involved in the Quizzing Olympiad will inspire many for years to come. For more than half of the team members, this would be their first travel outside Liberia. As a team, we will endeavor to justify the generosity of TICF and confidence of IQA by producing an exceptional performance.”

The Quiz Olympiad is the pinnacle event in the quizzing calendar. The very best quizzers from around the world will gather to test their knowledge to the limit. Unlike the sporting Olympics though, anyone can take part. The quizzes test everything from depth of knowledge to speed of recall.  There are general knowledge quizzes for individuals, pairs, and teams, and a series of specialist subject quizzes for individuals.

The Toutant Intellectual Competition Fund is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting competitions based on answering questions from all areas of knowledge, by providing resources to writers, competitors, and events. The TICF’s motto is “Celebrating Knowledge”. 

The International Quizzing Association has been established to bring quizzers together from around the world in high-quality quizzes, and to help, create, and support national quiz organizations. The International Quizzing Association works to actively encourage people to want to know about the world around them.


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