Liberian Journalist Chides President Weah for “Brazen Diversion of Resources”

Immediate past National President of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA), Moses D. Sandy

A US-based Liberian Journalist, Moses D. Sandy, has chided the President and termed as ‘unfortunate’ what he calls President George Weah’s brazen diversion of public resources including money and materials to private initiatives undertaken in Liberia by his self-styled Weah’s Project.

Journalist Sandy says it is distasteful for Mr. Weah to openly engage in acts that rob Liberia and its people of needed financial and material resources with the sole objective of benefiting him and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) politically.

In a press release issued on May 2, 2020, Mr. Sandy, who is National President emeritus of the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) said while he, like most Liberians, cherishes the President’s generosity to the poor and the needy in Liberia, it is dishonest on his and followers’ parts to do so through diversionary tactics meant for political supremacy.

The former Editor-in-Chief of the News and Public Affairs Department of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) maintains that President Weah’s ongoing distribution of assorted items including rice and plastic buckets adorned with his photos to the destitute and potential electorates in various communities and districts in and outside Montserrado County under the guise of the so-called Weah’s Project equates to barefaced dictatorship and self-centeredness.

The tough-talking former media executive argues that as President, Mr. Weah is unable to explicitly differentiate his so-called private initiatives and humanitarian gestures from those of the Liberian government which he heads, especially when public resources are being squandered to fund and support those undertakings.

Journalist Sandy says after nearly three years of political leadership, it is mind-boggling that Mr. Weah is still in campaign mode instead of focusing on the efficient governance of Liberia, especially at a critical time like this when the world is at its lowest ebb as a result of the deadly Corona Virus, which has claimed thousands of human lives; and stalled vibrant economies.

The former ALJA National President reminded Mr. Weah that in 2017 more than 61 percent of Liberians through a vigorous democratic process elected him as their leader to honestly supervise and manage Liberia’s wealth, but not to personalize same for his own aggrandizement at their expense and that of the country.

He said it is now time that the President gets out of the campaign mode; commit to Liberia’s leadership. However, the US-based retired Liberian Broadcast Journalist proposed that if the President thinks the work of his self-styled Weah’s Project is more germane at this critical time than that of the collective interest of Liberia and its people, then he should resign to enable him to focus on the work of the Weah’s Project.

Meanwhile, according to Mr. Sandy the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), heads of political parties, civil society organizations, religious groups, and citizens of Liberia should unite to checkmate, with immediacy, what he referred to  as the President’s barefaced act of corruption .

He said President Weah’s ongoing abuse of power and public resources has the propensity to undermine  Liberia’s peace and stability. He said the President’s action is reminiscent of those ugly conditions that laid the basis for Liberia’s ended 14-year  civil war.

Journalist Sandy maintains that Liberia is not Mr. Weah’s personal fiefdom where he can unilaterally decide who gets what, when, and why. He warned Liberians shouldn’t sit idly by and allow Mr. Weah to continue with such boldfaced corruption.


  1. You bastard Moses Sandy, you are a fool to believe that by you displaying such stupidity you foolishly think is criticism as former whatsoever of that moribund ALJA, the government will give you some government job.

  2. True nationalist or whatever nationalist you call ur self, you are just another bastard of a moron who try to gain relevance at the expense of good folks speaking truth to your idiotic leader of yours for petty job. Just shut up and get out of the way for good people to speak their mind out to this dead beat of a leader call Gbekugbeh.

    • You bastard Moore or whatever you really are; do not give credence to the pretense of that bastard Moses Sandy who was recently in March 2020 a guilty culprit for stealing money at ALJA when he served as the head of that moribund association. With such disgraceful nature and character, Moses Sandy does not qualify to make such bastardly utterances against even an ordinary citizen.

  3. All mouthpiece defenders of George Weah always start their first paragraph with an insulting sentence.
    And, that just proves to me that they lack fine vocabularies — just like their 1995 world-best leader.

    Some of his mouthpiece supporters are called:

    1) “True Nationalist”
    2) “Dort-tu Siboe DoG”
    3) “George Zota”
    4) “Joe Wiah”
    5) … etc.

    These nomenclatures have shown high levels of low-IQ, so attempting to educate them is a complete waste of time!


    • Whoever you are, let it be known that George Zota is a conscious patriot who is part of a generation that suffered the ravages of senseless civil wars in Liberia and want a no repeat of that. George Zota perspective of government is to support national leadership and encourage it to succeed, a strategic difference of seeking turbulence for one’s nation, and George Zota is fearless at it.
      There’s nothing convincing to continue the old path that had undeveloped Liberia for more than a century and a half and George Zota is very conscience about that.

  4. In 2020 Mr. Sandy is still preaching dishonesty in president Weah’s government while he and his supporters sit in their comfort zone in America. man will wander why these guys are so heartless and unpatriotic? he was a journalist at LBS and he should have known that in Africa there are leadership challenges from the west and unless Africa solve these problems, somebody like Mr. Sandy will continue to talk nonsense. let it be known to you now that Jeorge Weah is the president of approximately 5 million people in Liberia and I ask you and your supporters to respect mama Liberia and its beautiful people. please don’t undermine the precious effort of this government. peace

  5. It is really not good to put you name as a president on things and give to people at this time nor give in your name when you are getting the money as a govt. it just mean you collecting the money for the govt, pocketing it and giving what you can to the poor as if you were the one with the money and giving out. How much did you give Mr. president during ebola, what was you community outreach contribution? becuz money coming in for out govt, you think you can use it for your campaign? God is not sleeping oh Mr. Weah.
    its good to say the Govt of Liberia. this is how the people will say the govt is working or helping them and not weah even though we know people voted for you base on fear. fear that if CDC don’t win there will be trouble cause they feel its their time to rule. this time, you can use your name everywhere sir with the country money, but time will tell, people will vote base on truth and not fear for the next election since you think you are stay running campaign.

    Anyway, Until, we make sure things are done by the govt to carry the govt name, Liberia is yet to recover, giving from good organizations out there will not work. no one people can make or build a govt. taking ownership to show you are working will not take Liberia anywhere. do you think Bill Gates will give weah money for weah project. He has a foundation that gives charity to organizations, govt and countries.
    stop using the Liberian govt money to promote yourself or party. this virus situation is not about party or individual, its about the people.
    CDC cried on past leaders and Ellen for doing what they are doing even worst.
    Only God will bring the best leaders and govt for Liberia one day and very soon. one that will not need to announce their names on buckets or boards to show they are the ones doing things but show pics of the Liberian govt implementation so the next Liberian Govt can pick up from where they left things.

  6. Forget about the personal attacks on one another and speak directly to the problem we are confronting now. This President don’t mean well for the Liberian people.
    All the President thinks about is George weah, Clare Weah and the CDC.

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