Liberian Journalist Appointed Climate Action Group Ambassador


An international climate justice organization, Global Youth Climate Action Initiative has named Liberian journalist, Moses R. Quollin, as their Climate Action Group (CAG) Ambassador representing Liberia.

The appointment of Mr. Quolin, who is a Development Journalist & Environmental Reporter, takes immediate effect this month, CAG said in an official statement. His ambassadorial post is expected to last for two years, January 2020—December 2021. CAG says the tenure might be extended due to desirable efforts and an honorary ambassadorial title conferred if deemed necessary.

As CAG Ambassador, the Freelance Journalist will work as a volunteer in local communities to educate the public on climate change, encourage climate-friendly actions, and serve as a bridge between the public in Liberia and the organization.

Global Youth Climate Action Initiative (Climate Action Group, as it is famously known) is a nongovernmental global organization with a primary focus on climate action and sustainable development. The organization engages in raising awareness on climate change, advocacy, youth mobilization and empowerment for climate action and sustainable development. It has existed in 50 countries and 30 States in Nigeria with up to 300 ambassadors across the continent.

“Glory belongs to God, first of all; and VOSIEDA [Volunteers to Support International Efforts in Developing Africa], Trapenbos International, implementer of the EU-NSA task (European Union Non-State Actor project) in Liberia, and my fellow professional colleagues under the banner of Liberia Forest Media Watch–the intensive training in independent forest monitoring & reporting had greatly enhanced my advocacy, reportage curtailing deforestation…And to some extent of interactions, learning from the thoughts of Dr. Annika Hillers, Country Director of Wild Chimpanzee Foundation Liberia.” He expresses.

Ambassador Moses R. Quollin, founder of the proposed Environmental Reporting & Research Initiative (ERRI-Liberia), is also the national coordinator of Liberia Forest Media Watch (LFMW), member of the Earth Journalists Network (EJN), Climate Trackers, and a full member of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and other auxiliary media organizations to include the Reporters Association of Liberia as well as Roving Journalists.

For several years, he had volunteered (worked without salary) with the Catholic Media Center (Radio Maria/Veritas 97.9 FM) as an environmental reporter and talk show host on the environment, Informer Newspaper, Hot Pepper Newspaper, National Era Newspaper, Independent Inquirer Newspaper, contributor to news websites, Global News Network-GNN Liberia, News Public Trust, FrontPageAfrica News Magazine, Metrix Media Inc. (owner of Capitol 89.7 FM, Capitol Times Newspaper, & Capitol Insider Magazine), and other local community’s platforms.

Moses, passionately self-supported, has undertaken several assignments to investigate forest-related issues, environmental impact assessments, compliance & labor forces of the oil palm giant, Golden Veroleum-Liberia and the steel giant, ArcelorMittal-Liberia and other concessionaires operating in the country.

Some of these reports have provided more insight and spotlight various sectors across Africa.
His passion for emphasizing issues affecting the environment stands from the backdrop of specialized reporting and to equally diversify news content, thereby setting the platform to bring the issues on the table for discussion to provide policymakers and stakeholders the opportunity to make informed decisions.

His coverage of issues affecting residents of slum communities, to include flood after torrential rainfall, poor garbage collection and disposal, pollution of water sources and poly pollution, and the deforestation of the Upper Guinea rain forests are some of the issues highlighted in his news articles.

The young conservation advocate comes from a mountainous region, Nimba County, lived in the slum Doe Community, Bushrod Island—an area challenged by poor waste management, consistent flooding coupled with mosquitoes and other flying, crawling/creeping insects.

As a promising writer with over 5-years’ experience in both print and broadcast journalism, the new portfolio, CAG Ambassador, Liberia enhances his opportunities to have a comprehensive understanding of different development models in addressing challenges, the global climate crisis.

“The future of Africa depends on the growing population of its young people and I’m deeply interested…want to apply all efforts in helping to confront the daunting challenges that becloud the progress of the continent…using my limited skills and influences to raise awareness and educate my generation–surrounding communities about the climate emergency. As a CAG Ambassador, I remain committed to seeking available opportunities to explore the career avenues-reduced the extreme hunger, poverty, and destruction occurring in our current and future generations.” He said following his appointment.


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