Liberian Injured in Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Amb. Nyenabo with Mr. Watson.jpg

It is now confirmed that a Liberian was on Tuesday injured in the twin bombings at the Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium.

The victim is Mr. Sekon Watson, of Liberian origin and presently a US citizen, according to Dr. Isaac Nyenabo, Liberia’s Ambassador to Belgium.

Providing an update yesterday on the barbaric attacks on Belgium, Ambassador Nyenabo stated, “Mr. Watson, who was injured at the Brussels International Airport is now being treated at the St. Luc Hospital near Brussels. I visited him a while ago and he is doing well, thanks to the Almighty God.”

The Ambassador further said that Education Minister George Werner, who was also at the airport at the time the Islamist militants set off their explosives, is well and was able to leave Belgium yesterday morning to travel to France, where he and staff of the World Health Organization (WHO) Liberia office are scheduled to attend an international meeting in Lyon.

Ambassador Nyenabo further stated, “Finally, I am informed by the Liberian Association leadership that a lady of Liberian descent, who is a Dutch citizen by the name Elita Weah, is still missing since the bombing incident.”

“We are making all efforts to search for her. The Diplomatic Corps is informed through written communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgium that the threat level still remains at the highest level. I am closely working with all my Belgian counterparts in identifying and locating our people who were trapped in the attack,” Ambassador Nyenabo said on the Liberian Embassy’s Facebook wall.

He also told Liberians living or stranded in Brussels, to be aware that the Belgian authorities have announced that the terror threat level remains at level 4, which is the highest and that they should remain careful and respectful of the regulations issued at this difficult time.

Following the attacks, a staff of the Embassy in Brussels, Mr. Isaac C. Yeah, posted on Facebook: “So far Amb. Dr. Isaac W. Nyenabo and the staff of the Liberian Embassy near Brussels, Belgium are all fine and doing well in the wake of the incident at the airport.”

According to Belgian authorities, the two men, who blew themselves up in the suicide bombings at both the airport and the Maelbeek metro station, were brothers – Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui, Belgian nationals.

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed at least 14 persons at the airport and 20 at the metro station. Over 260 were injured in both attacks.


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