Liberian Girls Rescued in Lebanon

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Seven Liberian girls who were exploited and blackmailed by a Lebanese national in Lebanon have been rescued, a release from Liberia’s honorary consul general in Lebanon announced.

According to the release, the girls were rescued by the newly appointed Honorary Consul General, Anwar Ezzedine, who hired a lawyer to defend the young women in making sure that the perpetrator was brought to justice.

“Their sponsor, Mr. Bashir Lakiss, did not treat them fairly. They decided not to work in such atmosphere. He then decided to blackmail them. The Consulate at the time had to get involved and the human rights organization also got involved. This is how some of the young women were kept in Caritas,” Ezzedine disclosed.

The release further noted that the former General Consul, only identified as Ghandour, felt sick and could not continue to help the girls thereby leaving them vulnerable.

“I was appointed as the new honorary consul and I had to continue this fight because the girls were exposed to danger. I have hired a lawyer to sue Mr. Bashir so that he can pay damages done to the girls and also release their travelling documents. I will make sure they get their plane tickets back to Liberia,” Ezedine said.

According to the dispatch from Lebanon, the Honorary Consul General is collaborating with the chairman of the Liberian community in Lebanon in an effort to address the “appalling situation” the girls are faced with and restore their rights and dignity.

The girls are said to be under the protection of the Consul General at the moment.

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