Liberian ‘Gay Community’ Seeks Equality

Pastor Joah (left) has promised to take legal action against anyone who publicly admits to being gay in Liberia.

Wants gov’t, partners end discrimination and abuse of their rights

Today, Thursday, May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, a single most important date for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) communities as they mobilize worldwide to draw the world’s attention to their plight and demand equal justice wherever they may be.

Hence, observing the day in Monrovia, the LGBT community in Liberia is calling on the government, opinion leaders, policymakers and development partners to help end violence that is constantly meted out against them.

Speaking to newsmen yesterday in Monrovia, members of the LGBT community said they are Liberians as everyone else is and, as such, they should be given equal treatment, protection and should not be discriminated against.

Adding his voice to the LGBT appeal was Mr. Evans Adofo, Program Officer of Stop AIDS In Liberia (SAIL), who said “We are aware that the African traditions exist, but also need to realize that they are African and their rights do not need to be violated. Again, Liberia has a discriminatory law, but the international community is saying don’t arrest or discriminate against them.”

According to him, SAIL is not looking at it from people behaviors, but from the rights aspect, which indicates that, despite what personality and gender traits, everyone should be entitled to their human rights.

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia represents an annual landmark to draw the attention of decision-makers, the media, the public, opinion leaders and local authorities to the alarming situation faced by lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people and all those who do not conform to majority sexual and gender norms.

Rico, a transgender who spoke to newsmen said they are faced with discrimination and stigma in Liberia, but hoped that Liberians will come to respect their rights. “Only one person in my family discriminates against me, who is my brother and he continues to spread my sexual identity, which is wrong. He always calls me gay and tells other people.”

Another transgender who preferred anonymity said “I’m denied justice, discriminated against and stigmatized as well. Getting healthcare services continues to be a serious challenge. People need to respect others’ rights. We cannot continue to live in a society where others’ rights will continue to be violated. This is how I want to live and people need to live as free as others.”

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (May 17) is now celebrated in more than 130 countries, including 37 where same-sex acts are illegal, with 1600 events reported from 1280 organizations in 2014.

However, Pastor St. Solomon Joah of the Refuge Baptist Church located on 21st Street disagrees with the call for equality for LGBT members in Liberia.

“I’m prepared to take anyone to court who will publicly announce that he is gay. It means that you want to violate the Constitution of Liberia. I will not allow anyone or group of people to destroy our country,” Pastor Joah said.

Pastor Joah, who is also expected to be part of the public engagement today, said it was unfortunate for people in Liberia in particular and Africa in general to imitate lifestyle habits of people living in other developed countries.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) has reaffirmed its commitment to combat all forms of discrimination and hate crimes, on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics, and to continue to actively promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons.

In a release issued yesterday in Monrovia, EU said “Inside and outside the European Union, LGBT persons are too often targets of violence and hate crime. They are still the frequent subject of discrimination and maltreatment on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics.”

According to EU, in many countries, having a partner of the same sex remains a crime and said people are arrested, imprisoned, and in some cases executed, just because of the relationship they are in.

“The year 2018 is an important year for human rights, as we mark the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its first article reads, ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.’ LGBT persons are no exception, and the EU will, therefore, continue to fight for ‘equal rights for all’, regardless of sexual orientation,” the release said.

The EU supports LGBT communities through a combination of political and human rights dialogues, awareness-raising activities, financial assistance and specific policy tools such as the “European Commission’s List of actions to advance LGBT equality” and the EU Guidelines to promote and protect the enjoyment of all human rights by LGBT persons.

The European Union said it will continue to address discrimination and violence on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and show the European Union’s commitment to advance LGBT equality in the European Union and beyond.


  1. I am in strong support of pastor Joah. Why should we Liberians gave rise to such unmoral act? This is christian nation, even if we were Islamic state…. This would be ear to. When last have you heard about legalizing gay right or other homosexual act been popular in Muslim communities?
    Liberian should stop been crazy and get some senses in their head. No such right will be given to them with God above all.

    • You are such hypocrite. Muslims break every rule in the koran daily world wide. Who died and will Pastor Joah the guardian of Liberia moral conduct. I wish he did take someone to court over his ridiculous threat so they can send him back to his false pulpit.

    • Look u can’t hate someone because they are gay some people was born to be gay /lesbian some girls/boys get attracted to their own sex they don’t choose that life they were made to be……
      And if what I heard is true that gays will have 1year imprisonment then
      U people should get ready because no more young girl because they will all be in prison and beside what do u except pastor Joan to say for God sake he is a pastor of course he will say no to the lgbt community………
      But everyone are equal….

    • Is this the same Pastor Joah who and his son brutalized that little girl at their school recently? Joah, if you are the one, you better shut your satanic mouth. You are a demon. And you know this.

  2. Like all of us, all gays are children of God. But the lifestyle of all gay men and women is an abomination. The foregoing thought is not my invention, rather, it is Biblical.

    As much as I love all human beings, I do not support wrongdoing. People who steal as a devious way of life do not advocate for equality. And yet, theft is an abomination. Women and men who cheat on one another during any time of the day or night, do not demand equal rights for their misbehavior. And yet, it is written: Thou shall not leave your man or woman for someone else. Stick to your own man or woman! So, if homosexuality is an abomination (and yes it is), why should any God-fearing human being feel that it’s right to grant equality to gays?

    Simply put, if any non-gay person advocates for gay equality, that person is an accomplice. God’s punishment will hit you bad. You ought to pray for gays in order to quit their whimsical lifestyle.

    (1) Read Romans chapter 1.
    (2) Read Phillipians chapter 1……imitating Jesus Christ.

    A thought, but not a sermon.
    God bless!

    • Great thought, F. Hney! Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice…..driving to work one morning, a lady came on the radio and said she has a co-worker she admired, but she’s gay. Though she’s not gay, but she love her fellow woman. The moderator of the program told her, get with her and she’ll teach you to be gay.

      My wife work as a counselor for an organization that counsel people with sexuality transmitted diseases (HIV & AIDS). The highest rate of infection is amongst homosexuals…lifestyle choices. Liberians should reject them…..keep you immoral act in your bedroom and don’t force your way of life on others.

    • It is NOT a ” life style ” it IS an orientation. We do not choose to be Gay we are born with it. I am married to a man who came from Liberia and we are extremely happy together.

  3. Right on Gonganue,
    The shameless gays in Liberia can do all they want. They will not get the recognition that they yarn for. They can babble, rattle, jabber, prattle bloviate and blather all day and night. It ain’t going no where.

    There is something funny or maybe unique about the Liberian people, my people. You give a Liberian man a common BA degree and he will use the Oxford dictionary big terms in order to boost his morale. But, on the issue of gay rights, most Liberians become unanimous and very conservative. Looka, Alex Taylor, the former disgraced Liberian politician once said that gays needed to visit the ocean. (My interpretation of what Taylor actually said). Never has the topic of gay rights in Liberia come up in my discourse with my colleagues without someone shouting a profanity at gays in general.

    In a small town of Nigeria, a cadre of Nigerian hotheads rented a room for a gay man and woman. The villagers told the gay couple not to go anywhere near a church! The villagers threatened the gay couple every inch of the way. Now, I don’t know who convinced who in the rented studio. But guess what? It worked! They couple became a couple in the real sense.

    Gays are children of God just as all of us are. We all have out transgressions! If I tell a lie (a lie is a sin), how often do I go out in the streets to demand equal rights?

    Homosexuality is an abomination, period!

    • Can you please let me know what Bible states that ” You shall not fall in love with someone of the same gender ” ? Don’t say Leviticus because that was written by a human Priest . Probably raped young boys.

  4. Should be: The couple became a couple….

    See the third paragraph; and the last sentence. Sorry about that, guys and gals or ladies. 😁

  5. Well, it’s not straight to hear this happening in our country, it’s just the fulfilment of Bible prophecy( Luke 17:29-30) Noah’s days are back and we as children of God should not give ourselves head ache because” it will be” we should get ready for the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  6. I may be late to the party but I feel obligated to leave a comment as well. This is a disgrace and complete undermining of our society, our value system, and our culture. Don’t get me wrong, these practices have always existed but among a very little percentage of people in our communities and they knew better to keep it to themselves. Who knew this day will come when disgraceful practices such as this would be spoken of publically and celebrated among us. But this is what happens when you make America aka the white man your best friend. Learning all of your ways from them, thinking whatever they do, behold, it’s God’s gift to man.
    What you need to know is that homosexualism, lesbianism, and transgenderism are all part of the US/UN global blacks/African population reduction program. Don’t just take my word on this, do your research yourself. They believe that if the population of the earth is not contain, it will reach a point where the earth may not have enough resources to support its human population. So they are on a righteous act to cleanse the earth and get rid of the people who are considered less productive to the earth. You have Bill and Melinda Gates foundation out there, giving free immunization vaccines causing infertility in both young girls and boys. Few years from now, young boys and girls will start to wonder why they can’t have children, well, that is if they are not already gays and lesbians.
    Research Bill Gate population reduction plan. You can watch videos on youtube.

    Wake up my brothers and sisters.

    • Well, clearly those Christian values are working out great for Liberia, the poorest nation on the face of the Earth that has a semi-functional government.

  7. I hate these evil practices and if I am empowered I will raise an anti campaigns against these children of the devil to repent or die.


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