Liberian Gateway Opens Solar Lamps Technical Training Program

Executive Director, Edwina_web.jpg

Liberian Gateway, Inc. has opened a two-day solar lamps maintenance and technical training for technicians, retailers, students and others as a way of providing home light opportunity and empowerment for the people of Liberia.

In an interview with the Executive Director, Edwina Jenny Taylor at her residence in Sinkor, Madam Taylor said they were conducting the training to empower individuals interested in serving the people of Liberia and providing the basic knowledge to repair.

The two-day conference will be held on the Stella Maris Polytechnic campus on Capitol Hill.

According to the Executive Director, it is important for the public to focus on obtaining the renewable energy as it allows users to save more funds due to its long lasting, and the cost of ‘battery’ being saved for other things.

Madam Taylor said, “Many of those using candle live in congested areas and are mainly expose to fire out-break that destroy many homes and other areas.”

The Executive Director said they are mostly interested in helping to provide the ideas of repairing the damaged solar lamps and ensuring that people in the rural areas can have the opportunity to form part of the training.

She disclosed, “We provide affordable, scale able, sustainable renewable energy solutions that can provide heat, electricity and gas from natural resources for all private and non private sectors both in rural and urban areas.”

Madam Taylor explained that they are in 6 of the 15 sub-divisions of Liberia with a high level of distributions of the solar light with affordable prices that allow marketers and farmers to purchase and provide light for their homes.

The Executive Director is calling on the government of Liberia to help allow the Liberian Gateway Inc. to be duty free to enable it sell at low cost for its many customers.

Madam Taylor said, ‘if the government takes away the duty fees from all of the products, we will sell at the rate of US$18 or US$19, and this will help put more on the market for the people including the farmers and marketers.”


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