Liberian Found Dead in Guinea Swimming Pool

Melvin Konah, 20, was found dead in a swimming pool in Djéké, Guinea.

A Liberia national on Christmas Day mysteriously drowned in a swimming pool in the neighboring Guinean town of Djéké, about 20 minutes drive away from Ganta.

The 20-year old man, Melvin Konah was a resident of Ganta, but on Wednesday, December 25, went with some friends to Guinea to celebrate the Christmas where he mysteriously went missing and was later found the next day lying dead in the swimming pool.

According to police sources, the young man took along two young ladies (all minors) for the celebration, and he left them sitting and he went to swim with several other holiday makers from Ganta, where he suddenly went missing.

Police quoted the girls who said: “When it was time to leave, he was nowhere to be found.”

They searched for hours but to no avail, until the next day when he was discovered dead at the bottom of the pool after the water was drained out.

Police could not gave any further details surrounding the drowning, because it happened in another country and they do not have the authority to investigate the owner of the pool.  There is no clarity yet as to whether or not Guinean authorities are investigating the matter to establish the cause of death.

Dozens of residents from Ganta usually visit the swimming pool every weekend for recreation.

Those who visited the pool during the Christmas 2019 celebration complained that the pool was overcrowded.

The pool is 25ft by 25ft in dimension and about 10ft deep. It is not clear whether there was any lifeguard assigned at the pool to monitor the swimmers.

The incident brought deep sorrow to many Liberians due to circumstances surrounding the demise of their compatriot.

The late Melvin Konah was a former student council president of the St Lawrence Catholic High School in Ganta for academic 2018/2019.  He was accordingly attending a university in Monrovia and decided to spend the holidays in his hometown, when he unfortunately met his demise.


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