Liberian Footballer Arrested in U.S. Green Card Scam

Prince Mark Boley's bid to get a green card failed after his marriage to a U.S. citizen turned out to be a sham, prosecutors say.

A Liberian soccer player’s attempt to trick U.S. immigration authorities into giving him a green card backfired after an Immigration agent in Rhode Island, viewing the phone of the woman claiming to be his wife, saw an incoming message from another person thanking her for the “best sex ever,” prosecutors say.

According to Fox News, Prince Mark Boley, 30, is now facing up to five years in prison, and a US$250,000 fine after being convicted by a federal court this week of lying to immigration officials, and providing false information on immigration documents, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the District of Rhode Island announced over the weekend.

The steamy text that sparked an investigation into his behavior came in June 2017, when authorities were questioning the validity of his marriage to a U.S. citizen that occurred a year earlier, the office said.

Boley was seeking a green card and the woman he claimed to be his wife allowed an immigration officer to review her phone in hopes to make clear that the two truly were in love.

“Prince Mark Boley’s bid to get a green card failed after his marriage to a U.S. citizen turned out to be a sham,” prosecutors say. While the officer was going through messages on her device, a new one popped up – from “Chriss,” complimenting her for the “best sex ever,” the Providence Journal reported.

The woman – who was granted immunity in exchange for testifying against Boley — then “admitted to the agent to recently having had sex with that individual,” the office said.

“At trial, the woman testified that her marriage to Boley was a sham, and that she married Boley solely for the purpose of him obtaining a green card,” the office continued.

“She testified that she and Boley did not live together and never have a physical relationship, but that Boley did take steps to create a paper trail that he resided with her, such as having some of his mail sent to her address where he did not live.”

Prior to going to the U.S., Boley made an appearance with Liberia’s national soccer team in a 3-0 loss to Angola during their failed bid to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. An official of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), on condition of anonymity, confirmed this fact, but told the Daily Observer that the match against Angola was the only one Boley ever played with the national team. “Boley used to play in Malaysia and another country in Asia, and was here in Liberia on vacation few years ago. He would come and practice with the Lone Star (Liberia’s national team) when the coach signed him up to play the match in Angola,” the official said.

Boley first entered the U.S. on a non-immigrant six-month visa in July 2015. In December that year, the office says: “Boley was introduced to a Rhode Island woman by his niece, who later asked the woman, on Boley’s behalf, if she would marry Boley in order for him to obtain a green card and legal status in the United States.”

Boley is now scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 7, 2019. His current location is unclear, Fox news says.


  1. Boley, you’re surely and or without doubts, one of all those who are “lost in illusion” and hold/take the U S as their heaven. What’s up in ‘your’ heaven? For my part, Liberia is my only “paradise” on earth ! //Gonyanue Blah

    • The US is certainly a darn good place to live. Most Liberians came here because of the civil war and others did so willingly. Liberians in the US are doing so great for the country – sending millions of dollars home yearly. If a ship the size of the “Titanic” were brought to Freeport offering free passage to the US, very few people would remain in Monrovia so, stop that big NEWs mehn!!. And please let Mr. Boley pay for his crime, don’t add to it with the usual “Institutionalized” age-old Liberian jealousy. Sad!!

      • You’re kidding, right?! These kind are screwing it up for the real couples that get interrogated like criminals. How did he pass an interview? Those should be held accountable as well for allowing this to happen. Those in countries that make it hard for real couples should be fined for making the processes longer. There should be a time limit, otherwise approved if the countrybcant make an intelligent decision when theres clear evidence of a real relationship.

  2. Each time situation like this comes out folks tend to upgrade Liberia. I’m a Liberian live in the US, I will never ever bad mouth America after all America is actually a save heaven for me. This young man was doing something he thought was right but on the contrary he was completely wrong. All we have to do now is to pray for him and his family. He made a wrong turn, he’s already in a mess we can’t continue to add insult to what has already been insulted…

  3. He deserves whatever the punishment is for the crime. Because of people like him. He makes people who truly in love and in real marriages possibly go through more to prove their marriage is real. Because of his fraudulent actions. It a shame!!!! Smh!!!! And some what makes me angry because of real couples that have a hard time because of people like them.

    • Lot of marry people have extramarital relationships daily it’s nothing new. I understand the doubt in the head of those doing the interview, assuming every marriage is fraudulent, until proven otherwise. However, the interviewers are program to think that way. I think if you and your spouse relationship is legit you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, in term of providng, and professing the legitimacy to the authority of your marriage. That been said, his fake wife, could’ve said she’s having an affair out of their matrimony. This crap happen daily people are cheating on their spouses daily, she was just a weak link that blew it for the brother.

      • Exactly
        She folded too soon now he has to pay with his life like she did nothing. She possibly took money from the man and all talking about star witness
        Stupid girl

    • Fraudulent marriage seriously
      This man is seeking an opportunity like everyone else and you’re here talking about pay for his crimes like the entire resettlement process that brought thousands of Liberians here wasn’t a scam. Go find somewhere to sit down and be thankful for being here and just shut the hell up Tikur Anbensa

      • For God sake,the brother was seeking greener pasture like any other Liberian citizen can do.Yeah he’s wrong,is a crime and all that but this is what we do to escape discomfort of country.But as a stated earlier,it’s a normal way of during thing and the Bro is just one out of thousands that did and are doing the same. Let’s be realistic here.

  4. Also coming from a moral biblical prospective as well marriage is definitely not a joke and not something that should be taken lightly or played with at all!!!!

  5. This kind of marriage is an regular and accepted pratice for most African immigrants,especially Liberians. This Bro just got unfortunate with his though.God be with you bro,it’s life,not your fault.


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