Liberian Faces Trial in South Korea

Anthony Maxwell Buah, Jr.

– with 3 other Nigerians for ‘black money’ gone bad; Father appeals for help

Anthony Maxwell Buah, Jr., 25, is expected to face trial on charges, including ‘black money’ along with his three Nigerian friends in the South Korean City of Incheon, according to his father, Apostle Buah, Sr., who spoke to the Daily Observer at his home in New Georgia Estate, outside Monrovia.

The four men are held at the Incheon Detention Center near the capital Seoul, according to his baby mother, who is also in Incheon, South Korea.

Apostle Buah, Sr., said his son left Liberia for Ghana during the Ebola crisis in 2014, and was studying IT, but he later heard from his son from the South Korean city of Incheon, where he had been residing until news broke that he had been arrested and detained with some of his Nigerian friends.

“We used to talk, and he said he was planning to come home,” Apostle Buah, Sr., who said the situation is a serious embarrassment to him as a man of God told this newspaper.

The boy’s mother, Mrs. Buah, a market woman has not stopped crying and praying to God to have mercy on her son. “My wife’s continuous cry for her son is affecting the entire family,” distraught Buah said.

He said it would be a great relief if he could get the help he would during the trial, and maybe plead with the South Korean authorities for his son’s deportation to Liberia.

“It was a shock for me to hear that my son is arrested, and would be facing trial for black money,” Apostle Buah said. “Until his rights were seized, because of the crime, I used to speak to my son all the time, and I never had any idea if ‘black money’ was what my son was involved in.”

While not admitting that his son is guilty, he said without good legal representation, there could be difficulties ahead for his son and if for any reason he is convicted, his family could be devastated.

“I don’t know what may happen to my wife,” he said. Buah, Jr.’ is second of four children. The eldest sister is a pastor in Ghana. Apostle Buah, Sr., of the Devine Faith Ministry International in New Georgia, told the Daily Observer that special prayers are offered for his son at his church to plead with God to show the “little boy mercy.”

The Incheon Metropolitan City is located in northwestern South Korea, bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east. It has a population of about 3 million people, making it South Korea’s third most populous city after Seoul and Busan. Incheon has attracted wealth seekers because large local companies and global enterprises have increasingly invested in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, including Samsung which chose Songdo International City as its new investment destination for its bio-industry.


  1. I’m sure he will get a fair trial and if found guilty, he will be appropriately punished for his crimes. Liberia being a lawless country, give Liberians this false belief that you can get away with unlawful behavior in other countries. Well, he will soon find out that South Korea is not his lawless Liberia.

  2. Even if he is found guilty and required to serve time in South Korea, he will be taken to a prison for foreigners where he will get three good meals, nice room with soft pillows and cushy bed, shower facilities, language training, even a library, and entertainment to boot. It’s like a three star hotel in Korean prisons.

    • Except for the loss of freedom. So you think this young man going to jail is a good thing? You better go steal something yourself so you can go to a good prison since you do not value your freedom. This young man chose his path . Nigerians are the most corrupt and tricky people. Now they are destroying our country with their crime, 419 and witchcraft. Let this be a warning.

    • Your information is false and misleading, I’m living and schooling in South Korea, prisons in this country is like hell on earth

    • Like Tony, I am living in korea and even though I’ve never been to prison, but you can be sure because he’s black, his treatment is gonna be far from normal…..

  3. There is a saying that monkey can’t leave his black hands behind is the facts about many Liberian. Lark of self control and greed for money, had created an uncontrollable worse generation for our country. The question that a typical Liberian asked: who born dog? Dat dog born dog had given birth to the reality that, criminals have given birth to criminals with out fear. No wonder while Liberia don’t have a system and undevelop. If the punishment in South Korea for BMs is life in prison they will surely get life in prison. Does this sounds a warning for some criminal Liberians?

  4. This is really sad. We have our young Liberian brothers and sisters striving to go outside and seek greener pastures for their families and other people with the opportunity is damaging the reputation of Liberians and making it difficult for immigration in those Countries to have confidence in us.

  5. If he is a man of God, why should he involve himself with that kind of business? You take the name of God in vain, you will be negatively rewarded. Simple as that.

  6. At least …’re not in North Korea … a automatic death penalty. Did i hear that the father is an apostle…..then go there and help your son….hummm

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