Liberian Embassy Searches for Relatives of Deceased Liberian in Lagos

The late Kadiatu Barry

The Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Nigeria is in search of the relatives of Miss Kadiatu Barry, a Liberian citizen who died in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria. According to a South African only identified as Frauline, who contacted the Embassy, Miss Barry was unable to talk due to malnutrition and sickness and was taken to the Igondo Hospital where she died on December 22, 2018, just a day shy of her 31st birthday.

The only available information from the contact person is that the deceased, prior to her death, had claimed to be engaged to a white American citizen and had lived in Uganda for six years prior to coming to Lagos. She was said to be born in Guinea but later relocated to Liberia, the source further informs.

Meanwhile, the hospital has said it will keep the remains of the late Ms. Barry for three months maximum (with almost a month already gone) and if no family member is found within the specified time, it will be left with no other alternative but to conduct a mass burial of her remains.

In view of the above, the Embassy solicits the assistance of the general public of the need to trace and inform her relatives in Liberia and elsewhere as the case may be.

The biodata page of the deceased’s ECOWAS Liberian Biometric Passport is attached here.

You may kindly send any useful information with a comment below the post on the official Facebook page of the Embassy or via any of the following email addresses: [email protected][email protected] or [email protected].

Biodata page of the late Kadiatu Barry’s Passport



  1. My heart goes out to the family of this young lady. I pray that someone or a family member will be able to identify her so her remains will be given the respectful burial she deserves. I hope the Liberian Embassy will help her family in sending her body back to Liberia when her family members become known.

    I appreciate the Liberian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria written detailed description and information in helping others to identity the deceased: by giving her name, age, and place of birth with accompanied photo above.
    Also, I give credit to the Embassy for providing the (Liberian Embassy in Abuja) contact information.

    However, in this modern day of technology and identity fraud, by publicly exposing the deceased lady (Kadiatu Barry’s) ECOWAS Liberian Bio-metric Passport (below) leaves her passport information vulnerable to identity theft.

    Again, I pray that her family come forward to reclaim their loved one body so this young lady gets a proper burial. Again, my heart goes out to the bereaved family.

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