Liberian Craftsman Donates Model Plane, T-Shirts to ‘Refugees’ in U.S.

Mr. Gbusseh with sample of the plane.

A young Liberian entrepreneur and craftsman based in Ganta City, Nimba County, has donated a homemade airplane model and self-printed T-shirts to Liberians residing in the U.S. as ‘refugees.’

Harry W. Gbusseh, Sr., told the Daily Observer recently that the model two-engine plane and the T-shirts are his gesture of goodwill to Liberian refugees in the U.S. and also as a means to generate money to support themselves.

Mr. Gbusseh is a teacher by profession, assigned at the Ganta United Methodist School. But he is popularly known in the entire Nimba County for his apprenticeship in the art and craft trade.

“I am donating this model homemade two-engine model aircraft so that our brothers and sisters in the Western world as refugees can sell it or put it on exhibition to raise fund for their livelihood,” Gbusseh said.

According to him, he was sending one of his homemade model aircrafts, along with some of his self-printed T-shirts, to refugees in the U.S. who will sell them and then used the proceeds to sustain themselves.

Mr. Gbusseh recalled how some Liberians are always at the receiving end rather than giving, something he said needs to be discouraged. “Therefore I decided to provide these materials, specifically the homemade aircraft, which is my handiwork, to sell and generate funds to sustain the refugees.

“It is better to give, than to receive. So this time, we sent materials to the refugees to sell and then use for themselves whatever the proceeds,” he said.

He said his hand-made model airplane will serve as motivation to Liberians, and also tell the world that there are many capable Liberians in various disciplines and talents, in order for other Liberians to follow suit and return home to contribute to the nation’s building process.

“When this plane is taken to the U.S., it will be exhibited and proceeds generated will go directly to the welfare of the refugees,” he said.

The model plane and the T-shirts will be delivered to Torli Krua of the Emmanuel Gospel Center in Boston, then exhibited and sold.

Mr. Krua is one of a number of prominent Liberians hailing from Nimba County, who is residing in Boston, USA. He is running a program under the banner, “Freedom is Coming to Liberia.” He is also a founder of “Citizens Independence Initiative.”


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