Liberian Community in Boston Intervenes in Plights of Vulnerable Group

Mohammed Jeneka who spoke on behalf of the organization showcase some of the items donated.

The Liberian Community in Boston, Massachusetts, has donated both food and non-food items to ‘Love A Child Orphanage’ hosting tens of orphans.

The items included 15 bags of rice, two gallons of oil, a bag of sugar, two cartons of Clorox, two cartons of soap, two cartons of salt, and hand-washing buckets.  The donation was made on behalf of the organization by Mohammed Jeneka, who is an affiliate through Senwah Foundation and Francis James from Bridge Liberia.

Mr. Kesselly said: “Love A Child Orphanage’ has been affiliating with a member of our community Mrs. Rose Greene-Shannah for a few years now.”

The donation was made on Monday, May 18, 2020, on behalf of the organization’s leadership headed by Augustus Kesselly, who claims that the organization has supported many efforts in Liberia through the Metro-Boston Cares Program over the years.

According to Mr. Kesselly, the organization has provided school supplies, computers, and toiletries, and it hopes that they can support underprivileged children in Liberia and work towards improving lives in their beloved country Liberia.

Mr. Kesselly said the organization, in collaboration with GrowHope Foundation, is also working towards mass production of some five thousand masks for citizens, as well as providing bags of rice to the disabled population.

He added that as the world tackles this pandemic, the organization wants to play its part to assist the most vulnerable population.

Mohammed Jeneka who made the donation on behalf of the organization said the virus is hampering people globally and it was important to come and identify with the children. He told the beneficiaries and administrator that many people have died of the Coronavirus since its outbreak in 2019, and expressed hope that the children will be saved.

The Burnt dormitory of Love A. Child Orphanage, which is causing the children to be squatting in the school building.

“We want ‘Love A Child Orphanage’ children to have something to eat and be safe. Again, we want to turn these items to you on behalf of the Liberian Community in Metro-Boston,” Mr. Jeneka added.

Receiving the items, Father Joshua G. Dahn, Administrator of ‘Love A Child Orphanage Home, lauded the Liberian Community in Metro-Boston, USA for the donation. He said the donation is timely and needed for the children because the virus is still hampering the country.

He said they are currently in prayers for support to rebuild their dormitory that gutted fire on January 8, 2020.

“We are appealing to them to help us in any way towards the dormitory. The Orphanage Home was founded on March 4, 1998, and currently holds 42 children and eight staff. They all live together on the compound,” he said.

He said most importantly, the administration is concerned mainly about the dormitory and expressed hope that they can receive help from generous Liberians.

Little Blessing Flomo, a sixth-grade student and beneficiary, joined the Love A Child Orphanage to laud the Liberian Community in Metro-Boston for the donation, indicating, “We always believe that someone is thinking about us.”

Ms. Flomo, who was taken to the Love A. Child Orphanage Home at the age of eight, is now 14 years.

Ms. Annie Y. Brooks, another beneficiary who joined the Orphanage at the age of three, is now paying back through teaching other children.

“I am a student at the Teacher College, and I want to help pay back what the orphanage home did for me,” she said.

Ms. Brooke who is responsible for the Orphanage nursery division at the school said she is delighted to help the children educationally.


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