Liberian-born Lebanese Dedicates School

The newly dedicated school, the John Farah Educational Foundation

“I have no bank account, no property in my father’s home in Lebanon, only here in Liberia,” were the words of Abraham Farah, a Liberian born Lebanese businessman who recently opened an elementary school in the old mining town of Bong Mines in Fuamah District, Lower Bong County. “My late father, John Farah, came to Liberia in the early 1940s, and lived all his life in Kakata, where he bore all of his children,” he said.

As a philanthropist who labored and toiled for everything he owns, Mr. Farah said he made Liberia his home without acquiring any property back in Lebanon.

He promised to continue his father’s legacy by complementing the Liberian government’s effort to improve the education sector, especially at the primary level.

Mr. Abraham ‘Abe’ Farah makes remarks at the dedicatory ceremony

Abe, as he is affectionately called by his friends, expressed gratitude for being a part of the government’s quest to provide quality primary education for Liberian children.

According to the Liberia News Agency (LINA) Margibi correspondent Richard Baysah, the John Farah Educational Foundation is named after Abe’s late father, a Lebanese national who resided in Liberia in 1940s.

The school will offer as part of its academic program, computer literacy programs for students from grade one to six. It is the only school in Fuamah District where computer literacy is part of the school’s curriculum.

The school, according to Mr. Farah, will extend its academic program each year until it reaches the high school level.


  1. Your see what can happen when you welcome people, I guess this man is better to hold leadership in Liberia. As soon you want say mess to him he can tell you i have done something for this country. Some of your lied to the people yesterday the put your there just for your to suffered them. Now your coming with dry face to even talk trash just to go back and do nothing. Thank you Farah for the school at least some of our children will acquire education through your kindness.

  2. I appreciate your effort in this country, to help our young brothers and sisters be educative this is more than buying a mansion worth 70 Million, or opening bar, Thanks and let God bless your family


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