Liberian Ambassador to Egypt Lauds LCC, LIBA after Cairo Trade Fair

Mr. J. Wendell Addy (4th from right), the Chairman of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Ibrahim Mahmoud Elaraby, Liberia's Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Edwin Faseyen Sele (Far left) Mr. James M. Strother, President of the Liberia Business Association.

Liberian Ambassador to Egypt, Edwin Faseyen Sele has lauded the leadership of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and the Liberia Business Association (LIBA) for their participation in the just ended Intra-African Trade Fair 2018 held in Cairo, Egypt.

He spoke recently at a resort in Monrovia when both presidents of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC) and the Liberia Business Association tendered a dinner in his honor to appreciate him for his support during their stay in Cairo for the Trade Fair.

Ambassador Sele expressed appreciation to the Liberian delegation for promoting Liberia on the international scene, particularly showcasing made in Liberia products to the outside world, and also recounted the standing ties between Liberia and Egypt dating back in the 1950s,

Earlier at the request of the LCC leadership, the Egyptian Embassy in Monrovia arranged a meeting with the chairperson of the Egypt Export Bank with the Liberian Ambassador Sele accompanied by Mr. Addy, the President of the LCC.

He noted that the Government is not necessarily there to develop the country; it is there to add as referee, it is the private sector that deals with economic growth, and further praised the Liberian delegation including the Liberia Chamber of Commerce and the Liberia Business Association in their efforts to promoting Liberia.

During the meeting with the Liberian delegation, Ambassador Sele was very impressed with the meeting held with Export Bank, and he further arranged a meeting with the Cairo Chamber of Commerce between members of the Liberian delegation.

For his part, the President of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC), Mr. J. Wendell Addy, expressed appreciation to Ambassador Sele for his support during their stay in Cairo, noting that the purpose of this Intra-African Trade Fair is to have countries across Africa expose their services to each other.

Mr. Addy said the Intra-African Trade Fair is the first of its kind, where representatives from various countries exhibit publicly their homemade products to other countries.

As a result, of the fruitful visit by the Liberian delegation, a trade and investment delegation from Egypt will arrive in Liberia in April of this year. According to Mr. Addy, important side meetings were also held between the Liberian delegation and some funding institutions.

During the exhibition, the president of the Africa Import-Export Bank and the Africa Union Commissioner for Industry was overwhelmed by visiting the Liberian booth where samples of rubber products were available.

High profile individuals who visited the Liberian booth at the trade fair were Albert Muchanga, AU Commissioner for Trade and Industry and Benedict Okey Oramah, president and chairman, Africa Import-Export Bank. The booth was also covered by international media during the visit of the two leaders, at which time the president of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Addy was interviewed by media representatives.

Speaking upon arrival in Liberia, the LCC president acknowledged the contribution made by the Government of Liberia for participating in the first Intra Africa Trade Fair and extended special thanks to the Ministers Finance, Commerce and the National Investment Commission (NIC).

“The work that they did for their participation at the Trade Fair is indeed commendable; currently effort is being applied to establish a relationship between Liberia and Egypt because Liberia has so much to gain from Egypt. The Liberia Chamber of Commerce was well represented at this event,” Ambassador Sele said.

The LCC president also stressed the need for countries to begin to trade with one another across the continent, noting that, “The benefit from this will provide employment opportunities and also help reduce foreign exchange requirement. This effort is empowering our people; it is a good step for Africa.”

Speaking also was the president of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), Mr. James M. Strother, who praised the Liberian Government for its support to the business community and for allowing them to travel to Cairo for the event. He further disclosed that, as a result of their visit, Egyptian businessmen have resolved to come to Liberia with the first batch in expected in early April 2019.

Mr. Strother also used the occasion to thank the Liberian Ambassador to Egypt for being receptive during their stay in that country.

The Secretary-General of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), Madam Theresa M. Davies, also lauded the Liberian envoy for being helpful to Liberian business executives who formed part of the trip to the Cairo Trade Fair.


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