‘Liberia Will Not Be Worse Under My Regime,’ Pres. Weah Promises

President Weah breaks ground for feeder roads. (Photo credit: Executive Mansion)

In acknowledgement of the country’s dilapidated road networks, President George Weah has promised to pave the country’s roads before the end of his tenure.

According to an October 3 press release from the Executive Mansion, the President said he is continually pressed by his dream, his heart and his willpower to change the living condition of Liberians. Not mincing his words, he assured the public that during his administration, he would settle for nothing less than the transformation and improvement of the living standards of his people.

In an apparent swipe at his critics, President Weah has said that the country would not become worse under his regime. He spoke on Monday, October 1, at the celebration of his 52nd birth anniversary in Monrovia.

According to the release, the President assured the public that his government would exert every effort necessary to explore and make use of all available means capable of creating an environment that would be conducive for national development.

President Weah maintained that his administration has the potential and willpower to ensure the achievement of national development and economic growth.

He however said that the country would not achieve its potential in development in the absence of sustained peace, reconciliation and unity among Liberians. “Let bygone be bygone,” President Weah entreated Liberians, adding: “Let us reconcile among ourselves so that together we can build a Liberia in which our people will prosper.”

Weah said he carries a heart of deep love for Liberia and that he would do nothing wrong to negatively affect or dissatisfy Liberians for whom he took risk to join politics.

“I love my country and I love you,” he said to jubilant supporters at his birthday party, noting that he will do nothing to retard development and growth in the country.

“Under my leadership, Liberia will not be a worse place as I am very committed to my country’s development,” he assured.

President Weah expressed gratitude to the people of Liberia for demonstrating love and support to his administration.

The birthday gathering was the first since his ascendancy to the presidency. It was graced by a crowd of Liberians, including partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), officials of government and members of the diplomatic corps.

Dedicating Feeder Roads

In a related development, the government is targeting about 87 kilometers of road in Montserrado, Grand Bassa and Bong counties for pavement.

Earlier in the day, President Weah broke grounds for the Dry Rice Market-Johnsonville-Mount Barclay road project, in an effort to kick-start massive feeder road pavement projects in Montserrado, Bong and Grand Bassa counties.

“Road connectivity is cardinal to development and growth, and that is why I am very committed to building paved roads and  distributing electricity; we will make sure that all these projects are completed,” he said.

He said government’s commitment to construct and pave more roads is intended to create opportunities in decentralizing government and bolstering economic activities.

“We cannot have better healthcare facilities, improved agriculture activities and stimulate the economy in the absence of paved roads,” President Weah declared.

“Without road connectivity, development and economic boom, genuine security would be very impossible. Therefore, we are committed to constructing and paving all feeder roads in and around Monrovia. This will happen because I am committed to it,” he said.

Coastal Defense Project Inspected

According to the release, the groundbreaking ceremony preceded a tour of the ongoing coastal defense project in the Borough of New Kru Town, on Bushrod Island. The ongoing project will help save public institutions in the community, mainly the D. Tweh High School, from sea erosion.


  1. Intramural domestic trade should measure up with basic essentials of local development. The enhancement of this path is continuous for grow. Liberians will need this line of credibility, as we go. Tell the people. Not me.
    Gone to silence.

  2. yes that how a leader should be somebody that can be their for his country and think about how to make peace and how to bring jobs for the citizen and people that the government gave paper to work in the country. that a president is to run the country and stop those that are killers stop those that can steal stop those that are liar and on and on you see they lie on people they do not like or maybe they got land and they want it so they try to kill people for their land or house or anything they want to make a living. but let me tell them you do not have to do all those evil things to live this live

  3. They have promised that road construction will begin at the end of the rainy season, have they ordered or already have the equipments that are required for the project? Please show us pictures of some of these equipment. Some of us want to see catipillars,graters, dump trucks etc. for surety.

  4. Displaying unexplained properties in the midst of extreme poverty is not always good for leaders. Why? In the eyes of the people, the properties become symbolic of the things that are promoting their worst economic conditions.

    Peace, good roads and infrastructures as proposed by President Weah are brilliant thoughts.
    However, we must put the first things first. It is foolhardy to believe that lasting peace and national development can occur in the absence of our aggrieved population. The issue of war crime will haunt this administration if it remains ignored.

    Let us not forget our history. What happened to the wealth and ill-gotten gains of the True Whig Party elites in the 80’s? Many were seized; some were vandalized and others were occupied by marauders and trespassers.

    “A hint to the wise is sufficient.”

  5. Economic growth in Liberia is sustained when we use our natural resources wisely to improve facilities related to the flow of goods and services within boundaries of equitable markets capitalized in our Liberian system of market selections. It is for grow, when we have our basic needs, like Health care, electricity, perishable products-good Liberian food among agricultural products, clean and pure drinking water, inventions, paved roads, durable buildings, necessary vehicles, machinery and instruments to bring these needs,… name some. No matter the lead way, it is us Liberians as a people that can possibly enrich these values. Cannot see me yet. Do not reply my box. Let the people be told.
    Gone to silence.


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