Liberia-UK Ties Remain Strong

David Belgrove, British Ambassador to Liberia

…Says Amb. Belgrove

British Ambassador to Liberia David Belgrove has assured the Liberian government that the bilateral relation between the two countries is well rooted, and therefore, the government must be assured of his country’s assistance.

Amb. Belgrove, who made the statement at a program commemorating the 92nd birthday of Queen Elizabeth, II of the United Kingdom on June 14, assured that British-Liberia relation goes far back to 1848 when Great Britain was one of the first countries to recognize Liberia’s independence and receive its first President on a state visit.

Upon recognition, Liberia and Great Britain subsequently established diplomatic and bilateral ties that have existed for a century and a half.

Belgrove said the relation has yielded benefits for both countries in various ways, with the UK continuing to support Liberia in various areas such as education, entrepreneurship and security.

In recent days, a parliamentarian delegation from Liberia met with the UK Parliament and exchanged views about parliamentary functions.

Amb. Belgrove recounted how this exchange complements efforts in consolidating the ties.

In the areas of scholarship, Belgrove said 50 percent goes to women, to encourage enrollment of more females in order to bridge the gender gap.

He called on Liberians, mainly women, to make use of UK’s scholarship by applying when applications are invited from candidates, so that they can pursue graduate degrees.

Amb. Belgrove lauded the Liberian government for its commitment to peace, following United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) peacekeepers’ withdrawal and President George Weah’s subsequent commitment to ensuring women’s empowerment.

The country’s 92nd birthday celebration on June 14 was graced by over 50 foreign diplomats, among them Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie and House Speaker Bhofal Chambers.

Meanwhile, the British Embassy supports several projects in Liberia, including the Accountability Lab, that is involved with training youth in technology and implementing a project dubbed Integrity Idol, which highlights civil servants and others that demonstrate ethical practices and integrity in their respective areas of work.

The British philanthropic group Mary’s Meal is also operating in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties, supplying schools with food and agricultural materials.

The embassy was proactive in the 2017 elections in supporting local musicians through the Accountability Lab, to propagate messages about the 2017 election in songs across the country.


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