“Liberia Treading on a Dangerous Path”

Chief Imam of Liberia, Ali Krayee

Muslim cleric says as he demands holiday

Liberia’s Chief Imam, Ali Krayee, says Liberia is treading on a ‘dangerous path’ if Muslims are not given the basic social rights that they deserve.

Delivering his Ramadan message to Muslims in Monrovia on Sunday, May 24, Imam Krayee said “Liberia’s refusal to grant the Muslim community a national holiday is a recipe for chaos. Our people are growing impatient,” he warned.

In his message, he asserted that Muslims will no longer allow themselves to be subjected to receiving bags of rice during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mr. Krayee: “We will no longer accept bags of rice as a means to silence our quest for a right that is legitimate, an Islamic holiday, and other political rights that must be given Muslims in Liberia.”

In his early Sunday morning message to his fellow worshippers at the Benson Street Mosque in central Monrovia, he stated that the conversations about giving Muslims in the country an Islamic holiday have been a topical issue over the years. The Imam’s latest call is likely to ignite more debates among Liberians.

As everyone knows that Ramadan or Eid ul Fitr around the world is a period during which Muslims observe a month-long fast. This year’s Ramadan began on April 24 and was climaxed on May 24, 2020.

According to him, Liberia has miscalculated when it comes to providing basic rights to Muslims in the country since its foundation.

However, Mr. Krayee did not say which holiday must be given Muslims in the country, but wants the Weah-led government to give Muslims a holiday.

He further acknowledged strides made by President George M. Weah and past leaders to better the social and economic protection for Muslims. But such strides, he says, have not quenched the aspiration of Muslims that have been longing for equality.

He added as saying: “Our people continue to wonder why is it that Christians are not given bags of rice during Easter and Christmas, but Muslims are given bags of rice during Ramadan. No, we (Muslims) do not want bags of rice, we want a holiday.”

In a reaction to this demand, the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia, Jensen Seyenkulo said: “What I don’t like in their demand is the statement that there will be chaos.  We should live in consideration of each other, and if I must have certain rights, others must have the same right too.”

Relating to holidays for Christians, Bishop Seyenkulo noted with emphasis that Christmas is a global festival that Christians celebrate worldwide and is not legislated in Liberia.  For Easter, he said it draws attention to appear like a holiday because Christians are more in number, noting that this, also, is not legislated in Liberia. Fast and Prayer Day, Bishop Seyenkulo said, cuts across every religion in Liberia and not restricted to one religion and therefore does not reflect a Christian holiday.

Making referencing other countries in the sub-region, Krayee noted that Liberia is the only country where Muslims do not have a holiday.

“It is now time to stand up to the true meaning of Jesus Christ who says do onto others as you want them to do onto you. Do onto the Muslims in Liberia as they have done to the Christians in Guinea, Senegal, and other countries. Give us our full rights in terms of subsidies to schools and holiday. We will not continue to beg on our knees for what is legitimately ours in this country. Our people are getting impatient.”

Views from Christians trending on social media indicate that in Muslim dominated countries Krayee is referencing, Christmas is treated there with no recognition.  “In Liberia here, Muslim Ramadan is treated with dignity and Christians identify with them because we want peace, but not in Guinea, Senegal, and those countries that are Muslims dominated,” one post said.

In a contrary view, another post said: “If Christmas is a holiday, Ramadan can also be.”

After appreciating President George Weah for easing the restraints of the lockdown a day before the close of Ramadan, Imam Krayee said Muslims in Liberia are impatient when it comes to seeing Christian holidays, adding that they (Muslims) don’t have a holiday since 1847 when Liberia was founded.

He added: “We are calling on the religious leaders; we are calling on the political leaders that this country is treading on a very dangerous path. We are not threatening anything but our people, the masses of the Muslims people are growing impatient. After this Coronavirus, next year, we will not receive any offer from the government until we have our holiday. We will tell our people, and we want to be very clear, keep your bags of rice if you cannot give us our holiday.”

Imam Krayee, who earlier frowned on past and present leaders for their refusal to grant Muslims the right to holiday, however acknowledged the kind gesture of the government over the years.  “We appreciate the bags of rice; we appreciate the kind gestures, but keep your bags of rice, keep all your tokens. The Muslims of Liberia are no longer interested in tokenism.  We know this government didn’t start the segregation in this country,” he said.


  1. Good day Imam Krayee, will you please let me know if Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwaitt Iran and other Muslim countries in the middle East grant christians a

    • Ali Krayee is just another vain rascal! They come up with such vain craps to cover for their wickedness, hypocrisy, and ignorance, in not been able to impart into their congregation SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE – sine qua non of religion!


      Is it holiday that will give the people their goal of the HEREAFTER??? Is it holiday which will enable the people to love one another? Is it holiday which shall instill faith and obedience in Allah?

      But people should not be surprised at this silly manipulation of this other rascall Ali Krayee.

      For when the faculty of reverence to Allah is diverted from its proper object – the divine love, knowledge, obedience, faith and power of Allah, and perverted to such base and vain craps as holiday – political holiday,- actually, this is what you get from such vain so called prelates as Ali Krayee – incitement of violence.

      Make no mistake about that! If Christ or the Prophet Mohammad should return physically today, they would not actually want to identify with these so called religious leaders.

      For in all candor, these religious leaders are no different from politicians who are money-power- seeking hypocrites. Like that Baptist Church drunkard Samuel Reeves, if Ali Krayee is called to day or tomorrow to be a vice presidential running mate for ANY presidential candidate, that rascal would leave the Mosque!

    • Ali Krayee, Is a holiday a social right? Krayee, social rights are for example: o an adequate standard of living, affordable housing, food, education, an equitable health system, etc. AND NOT HOLIDAY.

  2. Good Reasoning, Recipe for Lasting Peace

    Good day Mr. Nimene, hope everything is fine with you.
    Liberia is not a theocratic state. The constitution of the Republic does not give any dominant power to any religious body. Those other countries you name: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, etc. are all theocratic States. Which is not the kind we want in Liberia. They are very intolerance societies, base on religious bigotry! We have had a quarter of religious bigotry, cleansing during 1990 war. I m sure, no Liberian wants to go that route anymore.

    Imam Krayee is very right. Fundamentalist ideologies are gradually gaining foothold in Liberian society of late. People are making such arguments that Liberia was founded by the free slaves (who were all church goer), therefore all laws in Liberia should be based on the BIBLE. That is very, very wrong. There were Muslims, and others Africans religions in Liberia before the arrival of the ex-slaves in 1822. Everybody pays tax in Liberia, Muslims, Christian,Poro, Sande etc. When the government taking your tax money from you, they don’t ask you which religion you belong to. The tax money must serve the purpose for all Liberians.

    Unless I’m lying, then Tuan Wreh, Amos Sawyer , Edward Beyan Kessely , etc. are all liars. Because, they drafted the preamble of the draft constitution in 1983 -1984 in Gbarnga. That has all the ingredients for lasting peace in Liberia. Those who want to bye please it, are trying to create chaos like what happened in 1990. Which is very bad.

    Only the constitution can serve all Liberians equally not the Bible, Quran, The Torah, or any other religious book.
    Fundamentalist ideologies will do us more harm than good. Those countries you mentioned, see how they treat their fellow human beings in the name of RELIGION. You don’t want Liberia to be like them.

    Peace, Sir.

    • What the Iman said is a treat to national security and it should not be taking lightly. Muslim is a Muslim and they all thinking the same way no matter where they come from. They are all fundamentalists prepared to take instruction. What the Iman said is just the matter of time and opportunity; one morning we will see this country in chaos as the Iman said. Fellow Liberian, beware, Muslim is no friend to Christians they only pretend.

      • Similar statement as made by “General Power and other” ?
        Is that not a treat to the security of Liberia? It is ofcourse free speech?
        Liberia was built on a Christian foundation. It will never be on muslim foundation, etc.

        Krayee, you do not know what you are talking about?
        Immigration must be enforced in Liberia..

  3. Liberia has no place for Muslim holidays!
    Liberia is a Christian nation!
    Such demands are necessary in the Arab world not in our democracy!
    We are a free democracy and nobody will threaten our existence!!

  4. Woo, there was once a religious fight that burn homes and killed few when Unmil was in Liberia. This kind of saying is not too far from it. What is going to happen if Muslim are not giving a holiday? This is a national threaten and as sure the man needs to be question? Not arrested but called and told what the constitution of Liberia says. There is no Christian Holy day in Liberia. All holidays are either celebrated worldwide or historically base on the country achievement.

    This is a big threaten to national security. Where is the security people? If the Government give muslin a Holiday, then the Holidays in Liberia will have to increase according to all the regions and tradition or culture in Liberia or the world. If we have 10 holidays, and extra 10 regions, than we will need to have extra 10 equal 20 holidays, also prepare for any other religion coming to Liberia to have a holiday. Then we will all have to stay home from work since we don’t work on holidays and see if Liberia will move a step forward. I see this as been very unserious, a national threat, and unthinkable for a group of religious people to think if they don’t have a holiday there will be no peace in Liberia. I don’t support or agree with their saying but this is bigger than Dumoe saying Liberians need Gun instead of AK 47, than Power saying he will form Kru defense force. If the govt or legislature don’t call this man, explain and give him the book to go read they will be giving them false hope that he will try to incite people to destroy Liberia if they don’t get a holiday.

    This is religious conflict coming up and no country can fight such. This is how the war started but the blood share was little as compare to the idea of religious conflict. Again there is no Christian Holiday in Liberia, so there should be no Muslim or any other religious holy day in Liberia. If they want, let them first tell the US congress to give Muslim in America Holiday cuz there is more freedom and protection for religion in America than anywhere in the world. See if that kind of saying will live a day in congress. This is really wrong. Try Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Europe, Saudis Arabia, the develop world, see if your argument will last a day.

    The Imam should know better than trying to think he can threaten our country and peace in the name of Islam and want to start a religious conflict.

    I challenge anyone to say a set day in Liberia was made a Christian holiday by the govt and that holiday is not celebrated worldwide.

    Imam should be saying in a year, the big development his group will make directly to Liberia and name in in their name, build a town or major high way, call it a Muslim high way. Build a big site call in. Muslim site, not threaten Liberia. What will it give Liberia to have Muslim holiday?
    Stop inciting our people and bring in religious fight Mr. Imam.
    This saying is a national threat and you need to stop sir.

  5. It is a threat, because most Libeeians see it as a threat. It was not a threat when the NPFL started kiliing Muslims from Nimba all the way to Monrovia in 1990. It is not a threat when people throw molotov coctails into people places of worship. But it became a threat when the Muslims came from Sierra Leone, regroup, came back and chased Taylor ass out.

    Most Liberians are so hypocrate, and full of religious bigotry. Like one writer said, everyone need to read the constitution, my people.

  6. Liberia is treading on a dangerous path, this statement is a threat to peace and unity in a country like Liberia.
    As religious leaders our utterances matter a lot. Such a word when follow by unprecedented action brings regrets. I will humbly call on our dear Iman to retrieve his statement for the well being of the state and nation at large.

  7. Illogical Diatribe-with Toxic Rendition of Radicalism.

    It is often said that Liberia was built on Christian foundation therefore everything in Liberia should be Christianized. If that statement is correct, then there need to be no one of different belief to live in Liberia. The Republic of Guinea, had 99% Muslims member when that country had its independent in 1958. Up to today Christian made about 15% of Guinea Population. There have been both Christian and Muslims leader in Guinean. The last Christian Prime Mister in Guinea was Lansana Beavougui, a Lorma(Buzzy Man). Same in Sierra Leone, ranging from Sir Milton Magai to present day leader Mada Bio. Both Christain and Muslims have ruled Sierra Leone. Both Sierra Leone and Guinea have less Christian populations as compare to Muslims. Not one day it has come to the attention of the outsider that Christian have been unequally treated.

    The Imam Krayee, might have used the word, “Chaos”, which was very wrong, it is based on frustration. The most toxic rendition of Liberia’s Fundamental radicalism is that everyone pay tax in Liberia. The Government used tax funds to built schools. Most of these public schools have devotions before classes begin. All devotions are said in Christian Prayers. What happen to the Muslims, Poro, Sande and other non Christian. So, those other people do not have right to serve ‘god’ of their choice, right? The God they (some of these fundamentalists ) are praying to suppose to be a ‘just god.” This is the first ‘wrong”, Liberia has to deal with, so everything can fall in line. Let’s try to treat other who are not Christian right. If an individual dies, it is between him and his creator, not the Liberian people.

    To all Liberians, any legislation that is attempted upon religious ground, opens the flood gate for every kind of intolerance, bigotry and persecution. Being tolerance is not a sign of weakness. Just look at the United States where everyone of you are dying to go.
    Mamadu S. Bah (N/P) Nurse Practitioner, Meridian Health. .

    • Mamadu Bah, the USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Vatican, are respectively dominated by one religion – whether it is Christianity, or Islam.

      Nevertheless, there are hundreds, and thousands of millions people living in whether it is the Vatican which is predominantly Catholic, or Pakistan and Iran, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia- all four predominantly Muslim. or in the USA where you even have legislators and mayors as Muslims.

      So, does this statement of yours make sense? “It is often said that Liberia was built on Christian foundation therefore everything in Liberia should be Christianized. If that statement is correct, then there need to be no one of different belief to live in Liberia.”

      The USA is not a theocracy. Is there any Muslim holiday? Bangladesh and Pakistan are democracies. Are there Christian holidays in these countries?

      Again, does your argument make sense?

  8. I think is necessary for all Liberian to visit our constitution to arrest this issue I want you guys to understand one thing that is Liberia belong to all Liberian I hope we all understand that. God bless Liberia and her people

  9. No one is imposing Christian heritage on Guinea, Why must they do it here?
    Few Mandingoes were accommodated then they want to become a dominant group to impose their will against the nation.
    Let them return to their Country Guinea if Liberia is saying no to their religion after all Guinea is their home where they are 99% Muslims!

    Why couldn’t they make such demand in the US which is the mother of all democracy?

    There’s no way Liberia can ever have a Muslim president or a Muslim vice president! Any political party touting that will be voted out! And Liberians must pay attention to CPP because that’s one of their manifestos!
    Liberia has a Christian heritage of the founding fathers, nobody, no government can ever change that!
    What’s an uncivilized unnecessary demand!

  10. The mind of Mr. George Zota, and his Zeolus bigotry is what setting Liberia backward. It is better to read and understand the constitution that was written by Christians of reasonable thinking minds. The thinking of Mr. George Zota, and others who think like him are nothing but corrosive, and barbaric toward his fellow Liberians who do not share his brand of Christian view. Mr. George Zota is saying if somebody does wrong he too( George Zota) should be wrong and wicked. Those are the same mind that led other Liberians to throw molotov cotails on September 18, 2019 into other people places of worships. Burning children alive. Ummmmm! I don’t think the Jesus I read about will approve that.

    The only advice I have for Mr. George Zota is his ideas are on borrow time. Like one writer said, “Liberia is not a theocratic state, but a secular one”. Those who drated the constitution were 97% Christians of good thinking, not a BIGOT like you. It is upon good reasons that they made Liberia a secular state.
    You made mentioned about America. There is no prayer in America’s Public Schools. There is no imposed SUNDAY locked down for church services. You and other who think like you are nothing but a TINTED spots on the image of Liberia. If you think you will go to your savior by opressing other choice of worship, you are a DEM liar, my friend.
    I m a Christian, a better Christian than you. I m living in a nation of diffrent people, beliefs, and it is my duty as a Christian to respect other choice of worships. I lived on 12 st. Sinkor, Monrovia. If you want to come and throw molotov cotail on my house, because I preached tolerance, to burn me; I say, go ahead. You will be rewarded by your creator on the day of judgement.
    As you live, let others lived.

  11. David Fallah, if you are a Christian then you are probably a “wolf in sheep clothing!”
    No true Christian would deviate from the Christian heritage of Liberia.
    Liberia is a Christian nation and it shall remain to be so.

    Why can’t they demand a Muslim holiday in western societies since that’s where democracy originated?
    Or why don’t they go back to their Country Guinea and fight to impose their Shariah laws there?

    Granting them holiday in Liberia would precede the imposition of Shariah laws as they did in Nigeria and other places.

    Liberia has no place for that and any government adherence that government would be voted out of power in Liberia!
    Any politician or political party that ventures into granting Muslims holiday would massively lose elections and would be denounce!

  12. Mr. Zota, If I m a tolerance that makes me “A Wolfe in sheep skin”. I tell you now, you are disgrace to other good and reasonable Christians. Because of your limited thinking and your inability to make a better point on this argument, have driven in the corner of being a fundamentalists. What you need to be worrying about is the Republic of Liberia to built better institutions that will better train and equip young Liberians to meet up with the challenge of building a better Liberia for tomorrow. So our children can move away from being like you with limited thinking ability, that has finally resulted to you being a fundamentalist radical. So they cannot continue burning others in their religious places, thinking that is the way to go to “heaven” Our children need better schools, quality education and good welfare systems, so we can do away with recycling, perpetual-inheritance poverty.

    The only differences between you and Osama Bin Laden, is he was an Arab,,a Muslim and he is dead; and you are a Black Man, alive and a “Christian” (not real Christian). Who say no other religion has fundamentalism. There are radical idealist in every religion. The brand that is brewing in Liberia, is most radical than other parts of the globe. These are the Idea that keeping Liberia in the dark for almost 2 centuries.
    Thank you. A hint to a religious bigot, is quiet sufficient..
    I David Fallah, I approved this message

    • David Fallah,
      This debate is above you, your instincts of insults have failed to debunk Liberia’s unpreparedness to have a Muslim holiday, a Muslim president or a Muslim vice president and further still, the imposition of Islamic Shariah laws on any Liberian soil in the future.

      My position is that Liberia remains to be a Christian nation and Muslims traders who were accommodated have a choice to accept or repatriate to their homeland.

      Throughout history, the mixed multitude problems had been a reverse to the national agenda. Israel in the wilderness had mixed multitudes who craved for returning to Egypt, who caused the people to sin against God, for which many of the people were destroyed by the destroyers! Liberia will not revert to that course!

      There are half-Liberians, born of mixed parents, like you, who drive conflicts.

      There will be no Muslim holiday in Liberia!

      If you like, go to your second country of parentage and demand such nonsense as a Muslim holiday but that will not work in Liberia!

      Liberians are totally united on this!

  13. George Zota’s Idea, a cancer for the growth of the Liberian Nation.

    It is based upon this irrational and illogical thinking that lead to some unreasonable Liberians, proxying with foreigners that killed our finest president (Tolbert). This has caused Liberian to lingered in the wilderness for 40 years, and beyond, with no end in sight; since 1980. Unreasonable and illogical thinkers like you are the cancers Liberia needs to deal with first and fore more.

    You are “100%” Liberian, very illogical and irrational . I don’t know which phrase in the constitution that ever makes person a quarter, half, 3 quarters or whole Liberian. That where your ineptness, and limited reasonable ability lies.
    My mother and father were all Liberians. Both were member of the Kissi Tribe. Both were Church goers until their death. They were good Christian, they were not your brand of Christian. I grew up as a Christian, well meaningful Christian. I decided to take on the role of religious advocate from what I saw during our Uncivil War in 1990. The NPFL enter Butuwo, Nimba County, begin killing Muslims from there on until they arrived in Monrovia. What did the Muslims do in the first place? the Muslims were not Samuel Kayon Doe and his cabinets. Some Muslims fled, went to Sierra Leone and regroup; came back and begin to chase Taylor out. In the ensuing, other Liberians like you, begins to say, “oh, the Muslims again”. When a Muslims treat any Christian or other religion unequally, I will speak out. I will never take the constitution, put it under my pillow case and bypass the preamble, and begin to treat other Liberian unequal.

    With issues of Israel, that nation is a Jewish States. It has one of the most de-facto apartheid system in the world. Black Jews from the descendent of Ethiopian Jews do not live in central Jerusalem. They live in East Jerusalem, a very discriminatory policy. Some have been sent home across Mount Sanai. Orthodox Jews are been giving new homes that were recently built, leaving black Jews to lingered in poverty. Secondly, Jews are not Christian, my friend. There is nothing in the Torah (Jewish Holy Book). that close to Christianity. That was one of the main reason Jesus was killed by the mandate from his own Jewish people. When the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate, said, ” I have not seen anything wrong this man has done to be killed”. His own Jewish people said, ” crucify him”. The Children of Israel is not a black man like you. This is the argument some of you blindsided religious radical are following, blindly around the globe.

    The best thing you can do for Liberia now, is to sit with your children and teach them to be tolerance to other religious other than your view of Christianity. They are the feature of Liberia. Go to your congregations and teach them tolerance, acceptance, not hate, not bigotry. The Jesus I know did not teach his followers to be a bigot, like you. He did did not tell them to throw fire bombs on other people who do not pray like them.

    You need some education to have a broader view and secular thinking mind to move Liberia to a better place.

    Thank You.
    David Fallah

  14. Joe Mason/aka David Fallah,
    Your days are numbered!
    The generational curse for insulting servants of God will follow you!
    You will know on that day when an incurable disease shall come upon you!

  15. The children of Israel are not Black Men. So, why you black people around the world trying to align yourself with the phrase, “god bless the children of Israel”. The God I know, blesses everyone. So, we Black people should stop saying, “God blessed the children of Israel “, and say, “ God blessed all mankind “. Especially we Black People. Because we have suffered, and continued to suffer at every level and every corner of the world.

    I have nothing against you Mr. Zota, I m just the kind who don’t love seeing others being marginalized based on religion or skin color. That could be anyone who took the stand you took, I would have written the same thing against their comments. I will never sit quietly and see any Muslim or anybody mistreating any Christian or any other Liberian badly. Let us have a National Conversation on religion and tolerance, so Liberia can be a better place for all of us and our children, children.
    God blessed everyone: black, Jews, black-Jews, African, Muslims, Christian and all men kind.
    Peace, tolerance.
    Thank you.

  16. David

    How do you explain Iman Krayee’s statement of anything short of a Muslim holiday in Liberia will lead to chaos ?

  17. Because for my 42 years I been on earth, born and breed in Liberia, there have been no violent that has ever been started by Muslims in Liberia. The Muslims has long been fighting against injustices and bigotry. From the 1990 NPFL sponsored barbaric slaughtering of innocents Muslims to the present barbecuing of 27 children and their 3 instructors on September 18, 2019.

    Mr. A.D. Nelson Sr. I know you are good man Sir. You live in Minneapolis, I m sure that is Minnesota. When people are frustrated like Imam Krayee, and well meaning Liberians, you speak out of frustration. I m totally against the “ chaos” word used by the Imam, but I can see his frustrations. The only episode I can vividly remember about Christian been killed in a church, was the 1990 Lutheran massacre somewhere in Monrovia. I cannot remember because I was about 9 years old. The people who went in there, did not go in to kill Christians, they went in to ethnically cleansed another tribe, which was so wrong.

    I know majority you are Christian including me, but this is the time to have a national discussion on religious bigotry and tolerance in Liberia. Discussing religious tolerance in Liberia is like discussing racism in America. I know, you know better than me sir. That is the national issue that has to be confronted. That is the reason why people who are perpetuating racism acts in America, are doing it over and over again. Because nothing is been done about it on the national level. The religious bigots in Liberia will continue doing it because blind eyes are turned when it happens. The state closes school on Good Friday. Not everybody in Liberia is a Christian. But every body in Liberia pay tax to the government which is used to for the functionality and operation of the government. Is it right for other religious and non-Christian believers? The Christian enjoyed that immunity. Of course; not everyone is a Christian. If that’s the case, government should only ask Christian to pay tax in Liberia.

    Your belief shouldn’t cause a holiday for another man. Same thing, the other way around.

    I can go on here, on and on in length.
    Thank you Sir.

  18. Joe Mason/ aka David Fallah,
    The tendency to come on social media to insult everyone, leaving the issues, will stop her!

    Self-imposed curses will follow you, if you believe you are in heaven because you are in America to insult just anyone, this is your last bus stop! God will visit you this year in judgment!

    Liberians have rights to express their views and not to be insulted for their views!

    Christianity believes in the God of the Hebrews! The Hebrew Bible is the Jewish history, therefore we reference their journey, they are the nation of Israel. We are Hebrews by faith through the seed of Abraham

    What’s tolerance and what’s marginalization?

    Who’s stopping them from worshipping their god in Liberia?
    Which government closed their schools, their mosques, their businesses, due to their religion? Which government barred their attendance in public schools or in places?

    Why can’t they demand special holiday in America which is the father of democracy?

    Sunday is an inherited holiday of our Christian heritage and no devil can change that!

    They cannot change what was passed down to the generations by the fathers!

    Either they accept what we have or they go away! That’s simple!

    Nobody goes to Saudi Arabia or Guinea and try to impose on the people in the name of tolerance or marginalization.

    If you are a devil advocate, Liberia is not that place!
    You shameless sinner!!

  19. Mr. Fallah,

    Thank you for taking up the time to answer my question.
    You said the word chaos used in Imam Krayee’s sermon might have been used out of frustration.
    I will agree with you for the fact that Imam Krayee is a human being and can make a mistake like anyone of us.

    Imam Krayee is a religious leader in Liberia and I want to believe he also a member of the inter religious council of Liberia.
    In my opinion, just me, because of the many reactions from his statement, he needs to come out publicly and make that clarification.

    From my personal experience in Liberia, we have all lived together in peace. We have friends that are Muslims, we ate together, went to school together, have respect for one another up to date and we consider ourselves brothers and sisters.

    I personally believe any Liberian or group of Liberians can desire something from their government but the way to get that accomplished counts a lot.
    The Muslims are in the minority, number wise, so I would think they should built consensus with people of other faith to see the importance of what they want or how they feel. They can also use their voting power to have their voices heard from those that represent them.

    I find it hard to believe that Muslims are marginalized in Liberia because there are lots of Muslims in Liberia from every sub division and tribes that are prominent citizens and have contributed a lot to that country. Some have even ran and had intentions of holding the highest office and were never stop because of their faith.

    We hope that the leadership of the Muslims in Liberia will start the conversation with government, their representatives, stakeholders and members of the Christian faith who are in the majority in a peaceful manner to set the stage for what they want.


  20. Your assertions are to the point, Sir, thanks. A national discussion is needed.
    One can be represented and still be marginalized. The USA have many black and other minorities in government , yet still there is systemic racism in the USA, you know more than I do Sir.

    The preamble and of the Liberian National Constitution is very secular. The ‘cancer’ in Liberia is that elements in the Liberian society still hold religious bigotry against other non Christian believers. Before the coming of the ex-slaves in 1822, there were Kriahns Krues, Grebo ,Gbandi, Kissi ( of whom I m a member), who were not Christian. Some( like Kissi, Vai Lorma [buzzy] were part Muslims. Because the settlers formed the first western style government, does not give credence to bigotry towards non Christian. Let us sit with our children and discuss tolerance, ignoring it, is very dangerous. I stand with Imam Krayee on that. The bigotry in Liberian Christians are very prevalence. You might not want to agree with me, but trust, me, it is true. It runs down from the top, to the least man in the street. Case in point, when our presidents ( Sirleaf or Weah goes to Muslims worship building, you Liberians say, “ oh yes, they want to turn our country to sharia law”. Just from visiting a Muslim Mosque, causing such utterance. Those talking about sharia law( which is not even practice by any Liberian Muslim ) keep silent on others been burns by throwing firebombs. Such a hypocrite!

    The fire that killed the little kids in Paynesville last years September 18, it was attempted 3 times before the 4th successful one burned them to char like barbecue cuisine! I don’t want to go to “ heaven”, by burning others who don’t have the same belief like me. Ummmmm! I m not scare to say it, as I said, so if anyone don’t want to here it, can come and burn me too. I lived in Sinkor, 12 street. My love for Jesus Christ should not cause holiday, or threat to any other Liberian.

    Tuan Wreh, Amos Sawyer, Edward B. Kessely are/were all Christians in some part. They were are all social scientists and educators. They know that the draft has a preamble that has all the ingredients for lasting peace. But due to the bigotry nature of some Liberians, the constitution is swept under the rug. The Bible, Quran and any other religious book cannot bring peace to Liberians. Because religion in itself is based on prejudice. No one religion has a place for another religion. It is the constitution that serves as a buffer for everyone. Let look into our inner self, and define our actions towards fellow Liberians. We are the oldest black nation in Africa, but the least developed, low level quality educational system, and so forth. Countries that we had independence 120 before their founding are light years away ahead of us. We are here talking religion, because an Imam expressing his frustration on a system That is glared.
    Shame! Shame!

    I can go on, on and on, Sir.

  21. Mr. Fallah,

    I hear everything you said but it is helpful if the discussion is kept on a holiday the Imam wants for his people and how it can be achieved.

    My point is, it can not be achieve by threat or force.
    For any group in a democracy to get anything done, you have to get the Majority to agree.

    In the case of my Muslim brothers and sisters in Liberia, their number falls in the minority. They have to work with others that are willing to listen and see reason to add their voices in other to get the number needed to put things on paper.

    Everyone can’t agree on everything. I’m a Christian and kru from Sinoe, I don’t have a problem listening but I will advise that while you are on the crusade to get people involved, you cannot go about insulting or attacking those that disagree or have no interest in what the Imam said, they too have a say.

    .I have said what I think is the step in the right direction in achieving the goal of a holiday the Imam wants for his people.
    My question to you is, how do you think Muslims in Liberia can get the desire of their hearts in the form of a holiday that was expressed by their Imam ?

  22. There is no insulting word in there sir.
    I used words like ‘bigot, fundalmelist. Don’t call it crusade, because with that, you upping the ante against my stance. Which in itself is wrong, on your part. People have used heavy words more than ‘bigotry and fundamentalists, the public kept silence.

    The culture of impunity on religious bigotry have to end in Liberia Sir. What others cannot get over is that my name does not resembles anyone that must champion this cost. Unfortunatly, I m, becuase it touches me. I m a well minded Christian who belive in the teaching of Jesus Christ. I stand by my comment today, tomorrow and forverr. If I can die saying these things, so let it be.

    If we will build a better Liberia for everyone, we need to respect everyone beliefs. If the constitution had made Liberia a theocrstic state like other countries around the world, there would had been no reason for this arguement. Fortunately, Liberia is a SECULAR STATE. So, you know what that means Sir.

    Liberians from all walks of life have contributed immensely in building Liberia: Christians, Muslims , non-religious Liberians, Sande, Poro Members, Bodeos ( South Eastern Franternity), every one. No Liberian is more Liberian than the other. Let teach our children to be tolerence . Liberans are great people and deserve better than being a religious radical.Liberians should be able to go to Church on Sunday, others go their Mosques on Friday. Those with no religion do whatever they feel. Going to Mosques on Friday should not be a holiday for any Liberian and going to Church on Sunday, like wise, be holiday for those not Christian. Others are shy from sayng it, not me. I know I will not have many friends by saying this. I don’t need friend by upholding the constittution any way.
    Thank you.
    David Fallah

  23. Mr. Fallah,

    There is a saying in Liberia, ” One shouldn’t cry more then the bereaved “.
    You said you are a Christian and from what I gathered, You don’t want Friday to be a holiday for Muslims, neither Sunday for Christians and others should just do whatever they want. REALLY ?

    This is not what the Imam’s message was about and it is very important for him to come out and make this clarification.
    Even if you as a Liberian want what you expressed on here, you will need the Majority of the people of Liberia to agree. It can not happen by threat or force.

    As I indicated, I’m a Christian who don’t have a problem listening to a Liberian or group of Liberians expressing what they want and how they feel once it is not a threat or use of force to achieve it and also educate me on the plans they have in achieving that goal or desire, I will be all ears. I’m not here to change your views and I also respect those who will not also entertain this conversation.

    I will be happy for you if the Majority of the people of Liberia can agree with your views brother.


  24. The Weaponization of Religious Bigotry.

    Ok, let me add my view. Mr. Fallah, you have done a great job. On my break last night at work I read all your posts. Some Liberians cannot get over your bold, decisive unrelenting narrative of the Liberian religious status quo. Mr. Aron David said, “one cannot cry than the bereaved person”. Wow, I wonder if Mr. David is watching TV in America. If he is, the faces on the screen are not only black and brown people who have bore the blunt of police violence, but many whites. People with reasonable thinking must look at a situation and condemned it. They do not have to be part of the community. Thank you so much Mr. Fallah, for exposing that endemic bigotry. They weaponize it so if anyone question any scenario, they come out with a “good” explanation for crying foul. So, it cannot be said any more. What a shame on Africa’s oldest republic.

    The teaching of Jesus Christ has been circumvented by some of his “followers”, to suit their own taste. They can come out a lots of “good explanation” for a bad situation. For all my fellow good reasonable Christians brothers and sisters, please keep the light burning. Because there are elements who are bent on keeping the tunnel really dark for their selfish gain. Thank you for your stance. September 18,2019 in Paynesville, tells us that there are people in the Liberian community that have dark hearts towards others who do not share their religious beliefs. All these culminated to Imam Krayee’s frustration for the use of the word, ‘chaos’, which I myself condemned. But nevertheless; I see his frustration.

    Thank God for all, Christian, Muslims, Poro members, Sande Bodeos non-religious Liberians, everybody.
    From Australia, with peace.

  25. Matthew 12:34 JESUS SAID
    “You brood of vipers, How can you speak good things, when you are evil ? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ”

    Mr. Bah, I must commend you for condemning. Iman Krayee’s threat in his quest to get a holiday for his flocks. My statement about crying more than the bereaved is related to that. Let the man who made the statement come out and clear it himself. What if he says he didn’t make it out of frustration but rather he meant what he said ?

    Let not beat a dead horse, The iman’s. was clear, No holiday, there will be chaos. He didn’t list social rights issues.
    However, if there are social rights issues then you all need to be clear what exactly you are talking about , what you want and how you are going to achieve it.

    Liberia is a democratic state. If you are in the minority by numbers, to get things change, you have to get others like me who never had any bad experience with any Muslim and willing to listen but I have to know what I will be talking about, what the plan is and how we are going to achieve that goal that will not include force or threats.

    Let’s not focus our energies on who is a bigot or who is an Islamic fundamentalist because we will achieve nothing from that conversation.

  26. There is no Gag on Opinion

    Barack Obama won election in America because sympathetic white voters crossed over and voted for him. Imam Krayee doesn’t have to speak on his own behalf, anyone who shares his views and can speak out. There no gag on any opinion in Liberia. When the fire burnt those little kids in Paynesville last year, there were several previous attempted arsons on that building. No one said anything until there real thing hit on the morning of September 18, 2019.

    You can quote Bible verses to infinity, and doing things on the contrary, it does make you sanctified Christian. Most of the demonstrators on screen in America are white. Why do you think it is that way? People are in solidarity with the police violent against minorities. But in Liberia where there is a total weaponization of RELIGIOUS of BIGOTRY against minorities. The cancer that Liberians have to deal with.

  27. Silence is Complacency

    Most Liberian Christians are complacent with what happened on September 18, 2019.
    That’s a very dangerous status quo in our country. Not all Christians. But all the religious bigots!
    We need some of Christians brothers and sisters, to stand up and condemn what is going on with religious minorities in Liberia. Brother Aron Doe Nelson, we need some of you with liberal view to step in like what is happening in America. To make Liberia a better place according to our constitution.

    Mamadu Bah is right by saying, “ there is no gag on opinions”.

  28. My brothers Bah and Fallah,

    We can agree to disagree. Pivoting from the subject is going to lead nowhere.

    Threat and forced will not bring about any change in Liberia. Building consensus and getting others on your side will do, that’s my view.

    Please go ahead and get the holiday and other changes you want in Liberia according to your choosing.
    I wish you the best of luck on that journey.


  29. The Insanity of Liberia Religious Bigots

    Muslims-Liberia needs Christian-Liberian help. They have not been heard for a long, long time. Christian-Liberia, open your eyes, your ears see and listen. Silence is complacency. If you keep silence, you are complacent, and history will look at you.

    Mamadu Bah, David Fallah and other well reasoning Liberians has shown us that not only voting can guarantee your right as citizens, but awareness by other Liberians.
    It is not all about religious holiday, it is about religious right for minorities religious groups in Liberia. It was not about vote when the NPFL started slaughtering Muslims from Nimba down to Monrovia in 1990. It was not about vote when Molotov cocktails were thrown in a Muslim school; not one or twice, until it came on the 18th of September 2019. It was not about vote when 27 CHILDREN were barbecued along with 3 Muslims instructors on September 18, 2019!
    If the Muslims had not gone to Sierra Leone and regroup, come back and chased Taylor ass out, you wouldn’t had been talking about VOTE.

    Imam Krayee May have spoken about Muslims Holiday, that’s not the real deal. So leave it alone. It is given the Bigots, the wrong reason for a wrong explanation. Look at America what is going on, it is sole result of bigotry. Racist bigots who feel they can continue doing the wrong thing and the system keep propping them up.

    I been Christian all my life, member of the Kelle Tribe. What I see going on in Liberia against minority Muslims, is wrong!


    Andrew Sackie

  30. Thank God we live in a world of technology and we are able to track people. Be yourself and express yourself.

    There is no room in Liberia for bigotry or Islamic fundamentalism. Our people have lived in peace.

    Anyone who believes they can use force or threats to accomplish their goals in Liberia, be it religious holiday, social or civil rights or whatever, PLEASE go ahead and do it and see how far you will go.

    So far, writing on here have not change anything since the Iman’s threat. I’m a sharp shooter, if I need something done and don’t need anyone’s help, I go ahead and DO IT. I don’t bore others over and over.

  31. Sometimes in life it is difficult to discuss certian things. But it is also in everybody’s intetest to discuss hot topics. It makes the doers to know that people are aware. It also makes the victims to realize that other share their suffering.
    I have nothing against you Mr. Aron Doe Nelson. We are all Liberians, I don’t want you to take anythig personal. We are all trying to build a new Liberia for our children’s children.
    The skill you have for shot shooting, should be kept for invaders, not David Fallah
    David Fallah

  32. In their argument against Muslim holidays in Liberia, some of our fellow Liberians like to base their opposition by pointing out Saudi Arabia or Iran where they say there is no Christian holiday. Why go all the way to Saudi Arabia when they should be drawing their comparison to our West African subregion. In other words, let’s base our argument within African context, instead of going all the way to Saudi Arabia which is in different continent altogether.

    Christians make up 8% of Guinea’s population. Guinea has four Christian holidays. Senegal has 4.1%, Christian population, it has five Christian holidays. If the current Liberian census is credible, Liberia has 12.2% Muslim population with zero Muslim holidays. Something is clearly wrong with that picture.

    Currently, Liberia has 11 holidays and folks think that’s way too many. Let’s combine both the JJ Robert and William VS Tubman’s birthdays into President’s day to celebrate all Liberian presidents and add the two Muslim holidays, Ramadan and Abraham Day (Tabaski).

    • Mr. Konneh,

      Greetings sir. You made some very salient points. I think the issue here is for us all to live in peace and harmony and be tolerant of each other’s religious orientation.

      President Weah in so many ways has always identified with our Muslim brothers and rightly so, because he is the President of the country and not just for one particular tribe or a particular religion.
      But this is an issue worth discussing.

      Naysayers should not be allowed to take control of this narrative.


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