Liberia: Travelers to Pay US$75 for COVID-19 Test as of Dec. 1


The Government of Liberia has released new COVID-19 testing protocols for travelers intending to depart or arrive in the country, as it steps up efforts to prevent further local transmission of the virus. 

According to a release from the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), as of December 1, 2020  all travelers will be required to pay a fee of US$75 testing fee in order to have their samples taken. 

All travelers are to download and complete a Health Screening Arrival Form from the Lib Travel app on either Google Play Store or the Apple Store link to access the form.

The guidelines, published by the Ministry of Health, require all “non-exempt” incoming and outgoing travelers to be tested for the disease. These measures also require the “exempt” travelers to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test result from an accredited lab within 96 hours of testing. 

The new drive comes in the wake of the latest uptick of transmission in other countries, otherwise referred to as the “second wave”. The Government of Liberia is taking proactive steps to ensure that the new rate of spread does not affect normal activities as it did during the early stages of the pandemic.

The new travelers’ protocols, released on Monday, November 23, 2020, make it mandatory for all travelers to complete a symptom tracker form, the wearing of mask (including for those in transit and arriving), and the payment of the US$75 fee. 

The new Travelers protocols also require that the National Public Health Reference Lab tests all non-exempt travelers for COVID-19. Exempt travelers who do not have a valid negative COVID-19 test result will also be tested.

The Ministry of Health says travelers who test PCR positive for COVID-19 will undergo treatment based on Liberia case management guidelines while travelers who test negative are to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms via the Liberia Travel App for a period of 14 days, beginning the day after their arrival in Liberia.

The government encourages all travelers to fully read the entire guidelines in order to be abreast with these measures as a prerequisite for traveling in and out of the country.


    • Indeed. And if you download the visa on arrival form from the embassy you will be able to make payment through a link, but the link is to the Nigerian Immigrations service. When they cloned the web page from a Nigerian immigration site they forgot to change the link so you will be paying into the Nigerian state coffres rather than to Liberia.

  1. I came across a Canadian business lady that had previously worked in Liberia in the logging industry during the Taylor administration and this is what she told me very interesting to know, that I did not even know being a Liberian. She told me that, Liberia was name Liberia because the people of Liberia “LIED” so well that, they have become self destructive to their country. Here is our government charging travelers $75 U.S fund to purchase covid19 test Kate before departing from Liberia. Why $75 U.S? When Senegal have test Kate selling to their for $2? Is this another form of profiting again at the expense of the virus? Or just another chopping for somebody? We lied and misled our very own people to profit from them because they are vulnerable to believing anything said by the government which is very bad for Liberians. Why should Senegalese be paying just $2 for test Kate and our government is seeking $75 U. S funds? To purchase the same test Kates. What is going on here my fellow Liberians?

  2. If Liberians can hardly afford US$40 for passports to make the Liberian money in the local market in Liberia to exchange to USD, where will the United States dollars come from to pay for testing? Were these testing equipment bought by the Liberian Government with the billions or exchanged to be purchased by the Ministry of Health? How did this $75 US Dollars come in the picture? How much Liberian Dollars have we made to pay this fee? If the Liberian leadership needs US Dollars to purchase testing materials, produce or print on par with equivalent projected health care testing US Dollars first to send to save with American reserves first or send quantity Liberian Dollars from the Central Bank of Liberia in exchange markets for some U.S. Notes before you ask the Liberian people to pay for testing their health. At this point, US Dollars is only for connecting trade. The U.S. Government seems no longer, without or in place of fiducial reserves send money out; because people all over the world, the Americans are themselves suffering from this virus grossly. The US is having food problem even now, farmers encounter the risk of this disease, mask or not when working their farms or talking. Precautions based on deaths; Check the death graph and see for yourselves, you tyrants! Liberia is not the only country with this health problem. Liberian Dollars owned in Liberia are not just to be used for corrupt officials to overwork local traders needs to foster their overnight non essential travels vacationing in luxury while the Liberian people suffer in purged diseases with the backing of the Pro to poor.

    Tell the Liberian nation your own. Not me.

  3. As usual Ask your personal partners in US Government to give your free dollars in the name of Liberia to fraud from. Do not exploit the Local poor local Liberian market and farmers to look for American dollars for you to say you are purchasing testing kits.
    Praying for this land.

  4. Just wondering with this new fees for the test going into effect, will the WHO/or what ever outside organizations that were providing assistances to Liberia now Stop, since Liberia has figure out a way to generating income from the testing kit?


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