Liberia to Present Country Review Report in June 2017

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced Liberia’s commitment to undertake the APRM Country Review Process in the first quarter of 2017. She made the announcement during an audience with the delegations from the APRM Continental Secretariat and the United Nations Economic Commission on Africa (UNECA), led by APRM CEO Professor Eddy Maloka.

“Liberia will inform the upcoming APRM Forum in January 2017 of our intention to have our Country Review Report presented at the June 2017 Forum. Until recently Liberia had to overcome many diversions and difficulties to its APRM process. Now that we are back on track, we would like to take the review process forward,” she said.

President Sirleaf urged stakeholders in the Liberian Review Process to “focus and stick to timelines so that the Country Report can be finalized in time for the Forum in June 2017.”

She congratulated APRM CEO Prof. Maloka on his revitalization efforts of the mechanism and wished him well in his new responsibilities.

During the meeting, the APRM Focal Point and Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Boima Kamara, briefed the President on the status of the APRM process in Liberia and outlined the objectives of the mission led by Prof. Maloka.

Professor Maloka informed the President of the efforts of peer learning and experience sharing taking place between Liberia and Sierra Leone and also articulated measures in place to save cost during review missions as directed by the APRM member states.

“To ensure country review missions are cost effective, we are ready to pilot new methodologies that are efficient and could decrease cost tremendously during missions,” Prof. Maloka said.

Professor Maloka further committed to allocating resources necessary to ensure the review is timely and completed effectively.
The Liberian Country APRM process is led by Mr. Emmanuel B. David, chairman of the National Governing Council, and Mr. Dax Sua, the executive director of the APRM National Secretariat.


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