Liberia to be Held Liable for Human Rights Violations If…


‘‘Liberia has procrastinated over a decade without making any report to the Human Rights Commission of the UN’’ – Francis Kollie

The Executive director of the Praise and Fellowship of Liberia has disclosed that Liberia has up to March to comply with the obligations that have been raised by the United Nations Human Rights Commission regarding human rights violation during the country’s 14-year civil crisis.

Francis Kollie made the disclosure in Monrovia following a series of meetings with groups of civil society organizations and other human rights entities on the human rights issues which the UN Human Rights Commission raised against Liberia. According to him, Liberia being a member of the United Nations and other international bodies, has ratified many human rights conventions which the country is obligated and committed to adhere to.

Several violations such as violence against women and children, ritualistic killing, among others that Liberia is accused of, came out of the meeting in Monrovia with other civil society groups as well as the human rights organizations, said Kollie.

He told journalists that since Liberia has not been able to take the necessary steps to address said human rights violations, then the country will be held accountable.

‘‘We have noticed that Liberia has been left behind. We have over the years observed that  former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during her regime, disregarded the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report,” he noted, adding that ‘‘Liberia has procrastinated over a decade without making any report to the Human Rights Commission of the UN.’’

The Praise and Fellowship of Liberia is an organization that is currently working with other civil society organizations on the review of civil and political rights in the country.

Currently civil society organizations and other stakeholders including human rights institutions are working very hard to ensure that all of the obligations and requirements are met; otherwise, at the pending Geneva convention, Liberia will be held liable.

‘‘Liberia needs to quickly comply with the UN treaties before the time, or we all know what will happen if Liberia does not, ’he stated.

Liberia is good at crafting policies but the lack of implementation is a serious problem, something which he said has caused Liberia to be indicted by the international community on several occasions.

It may be recalled in 2004, Liberia also ratified the ICC treaties whose initial report was presented in 2005. Following 11 years of delay the Liberian Government finally presented its report on November 2, 2016.

According to Kollie, on August 21, 2017, the Committee also adopted a list of issues which pointed out at least 26 questions which have to do with Liberia’s report, adding that one of the main things was to review all the 26 counts brought forth by the UN Human Rights Committee on how Liberia is implementing and has been taking steps to address these issues.

Meanwhile, following these meetings, Liberia is excepted to send a written reply before the final review, which is scheduled to be held in Geneva at the 122nd session in July of this year.



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