Liberia Signs Iron Ore Transshipment Agreement with Singaporean Company

(L-r) Atty. Molewuleh B. Gray, Chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC); Gesler E. Murry, Minister of Mines and Energy; Rohan Patnaik, CEO of Al Khaldiya Mining Private Ltd. at the MOU signing

The government of Liberia on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a Singaporean company, Al Khaldiya Mining Private Ltd., for the transshipment of iron ore from neighboring Guinea.

The deal is expected to see Liberia generate millions of United States dollars annually.

As per the MOU, the company will transship some 789 million tons of iron ore from its Diecké project in Guinea, which is just 2 kilometers north of Ganta, Nimba County, through the Yekepa-Buchanan rail line.

“We are very happy to sign this MOU with the Liberian government,” Al Khaldiya Mining Private Ltd CEO Rohan Patnaik said in a press release issued on Thursday.

He added: “It will enable us to work with Liberian and Guinean workforce and the private sector that will benefit all parties.

“The Transshipment of iron ore would provide a significant number of jobs,” Patnaik said, adding it would create jobs in the trucking, spare parts, the Port of Buchanan and other markets in the mining supply chain of the mining sector.”

“This is a win-win situation,” he said, noting further, “We will make sure there are no losers.”

Al Khaldiya, a private company backed by a Kuwaiti investment, is expected to export between 4-10 million tons of iron ore through the Port of Buchanan each of the 25 years it is expected to operate the Diecké project.

Rohan Patnaik said the transshipment will generate much-needed revenue and spur growth of the mining sector, which, the World Bank estimates, will grow by 7.8 percent this year due to increased gold and iron ore production.

“The company would conduct a comprehensive assessment of the environmental and social impacts of the iron ore transshipment on local communities and forest for the transshipment project, Patnaik averred.

The project sits within a corridor where a recent surge in investment has led to the start of multiple iron projects by top-tier international mining companies, notably HPX, Niron Metals, and the Fortescue-backed Al Maktoum company, alongside ArcelorMittal’s Tokadeh project.


  1. So these UAE investors really meant business to help Liberia through President George Manneh Weah their best friend! I just imagine what President Weah will do for this country in twelve years! I will not be surprise that this man will make sure to erect big big companies in all of the 15 counties giving all of our people jobs and building our country in terms of roads, hospitals, schools, electricity, pipe born water, etc. Opong, we will vote for you again! That chair is for you for twelve years.

  2. Good news for Liberia!
    I hope the proceeds from this other MOU will not varnish in the thin air before the signing of the deal proper.

    But I have a question at the corner of my mouth: How many skillful Liberians will benefit from this project?
    The Singaporeans are workaholics. Allow them to recruit the people they will deem fit and qualified. Don’t push your bunch of disgruntled CDCians on them, Mr. President.

    Beware of creating jobs for foreigners, Mr. President!
    Put emphasis on human capital development. You promised FIXES. The best way to help anyone is to give that person the required education to fend for herself / himself. Rwanda is producing mobile phones by young and dynamic Rwandans. Think about creating a Ministry of Technological Innovation to first and foremost embark on constructing a Polytechnique preferably in Gbarnga. Investors will then come and use the country’s human capital.
    Leave Ellen’s path, Mr. President, this I conjure you! Do not waste this other 6 years of Liberians’ life.

    No more war!

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      My mehn your own jeh making me laugh! You kept my sides cracking with laughter. Your point of view is in place though. These numerous ‘disappearances into thin air’ of much needed money💰 for reinvestment into the economy via manpower developments, and much needed infrastructure is and still continue to paint this administration black each day. Hope non-listener Jorweah listens this time and make something good for the nation.


  4. As a consequence of the transshipment deal, the lives of the Liberian will inch up a bit. For instance, jobs will be created, competent Liberians will be trained and hired. Maybe some spin-off jobs will be created. It’s all good and dandy!

    A lot of people have complained about the shortage or non-existence of jobs during the last two years. Well, something is about to happen. Yeah, it’s not going to be gigantic, but relatively small. In any case, the quality of living for a few people will be enhanced. Thanks be to God.

    Bottom Line:
    Credit should be given to where credit is due. Jobs will be created. The economy will not go down in flames. Liberians will dig themselves out of the mess they find themselves in.

    Critics Beware. Continue with your criticism. It’s natural. It’s all politics. But be mindful. Little by little, things will improve.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not too happy with the slow pace of development. But on the whole, I am optimistic that the light that shines at the end of the tunnel will shine even brighter in months to come.


    • I do appreciate Dr. George Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia (Christopolis) but above all God Almighty must be praised.

      Lord, I know you always used the least expected to deliver your people.
      My message to all Business people, please be sincere to what ever you do. That mean, if you want to have continue or generational business treat your workers just as you may want anybody to treat you.

      In that what ever you do will live on forever. Make Liberia your home and I can assure you Liberians and others will not easily steal your materials.

      Underpaying people has been one of the reason why many businesses fall today. Don’t give corrupt.
      Be one of the first company to make the different by processing raw materials into finish products.

      do the unusual and I can promise you, your generations will never go bankrupt. You might be the least for now but tomorrow, you will be the greatest in the entire world.

      To Government of Liberia – specific Dr. George Weah President of the Republic of Liberia, leave a legacy that no men ever in the history of Liberia have ever done.

      1. What will be positively be remember of?
      2. Your sincerity can make you even if you died, million yrs, you will still be remember and because of your good work, your Children – Children can be elected anywhere not only Liberia.
      3. Find the reciprocal of life. ask yourself, why if it were me that these things are happening to.
      4. Do not eat what is not yours, more especially, Nation benefits! (that can be a generational suffering forever).
      5. What will make you more great is when you can impact 95% of Liberians lives even those who hate you, be good unto them.
      6. You don’t need to get all degrees that the world might want you get, You need God’s fearing characters. As long as God is please with your administration, you have achieved all.
      7. Consider positive characters and not friendship, brothers, sisters etc. Put God first and them God will put your administration on top of the world not only limited to Liberia.
      8. Create biblical institutions and technical institutions so that we can give back individually to our country what have been impacted unto us.
      9. Love and be loved – love your people including those who hate you.
      10. Keep asking the creator (Jehovah God) of Heaven and Earth for wisdom, knowledge and understanding to take your people to the promise land.

      * If Israel can make, of course we can also make for we are the descendant of Israel.
      May God continue grace abide and remain with us and your Government forever. Christ Jesus is love!

  5. We hope the environmental and social impact will not be taken for granted as we are aware most of such agreement the locals are always forgotten.

  6. Can’t stop laughing, because it is the same optimistic attitude of that mindset that finally, the puzzle will be filled from the iron ore transshipment. But the mindsets do not really know what is actually in the MOU since the general mindsets of the public never heard about the alleged MOU in order to add their own little own two cents in just talking about it. Like they are doing right now. But this is a fact, that it will be a Guinean national as engineer moving that transshipment on the rail to the port. That is a fact. Speaking about job creation and filling the puzzle on the Liberian side of the MOU. Thought that statement would get someone’s attention. If the MOU was the other way round to use the Guinean rail and seaport, guess what? After crossing the borders from Liberia into Guinea with the ore, a Guinean national as engineer will take it from there to their port. That’s job creation. The stell company in Liberia operating , who is the engineer for its shipments? May be a Liberian , may be not . But it is a sure thing that a Guinean engineer will operate those trains. But the Liberian mindsets have immediately have the puzzle creating all sorts of jobs , and not actually knowing what does the MOU has in it. The mindsets just hearing about it or reading about it the very first time, and immediately the puzzle is solved. But that country has been down this disappointing road many, many times before, with limited results. Another mindset has it because of the transshipment, 6 more years for the regime. For that mindset, the puzzle is solved. The puzzle from the transshipment of iron ore is alread solved. As always , optimism creates an imagination of ideas that are in most parts an illusion in the mindsets of a people who are never , never part of the discussions concerning their resources as their national birth rights. But oh well, such is life for the people of that mindset on the other side of the ocean. To know what’s coming to you , be part of the discussion first, and not after.

    • Don’t worry Mr. Davis.
      We call this long-term investment. The rail will NEVER be uprooted and eventually taken out in the near or far future.
      The idea of the transshipment being done through the territory and seas of Liberia is enough direct and indirect revenue generation.

      My only concern is how many Liberians will benefit now, given the poor human capital in Liberia. It is not a priority for our government. They want roads now but are not thinking about the human capital.
      Beware of creating jobs for foreigners!

  7. James Davis, your rant about ”imagination” has no basis. For your education, ”imagination” has advanced mankind, both in science, technology, law, etc.! Hence, Albert Einstein propounds that ”imagination is greater and more powerful than knowledge!”

    You should be ashamed of yourself that after you have been exposed in YOUR LIES about your ” because of the political recklessness of the regime which seems to threaten the stability of the sub-region”, you are here boring the readership with your bizarre and unrealistic hypothesis about the engineer been a Guinean national.

    James Davis, even if all of the engineers of the company are Guinean nationals, such policy CANNOT ERASE the reality that for the transshipment through Liberia, 100 percent of the workers would be Liberians. Davis, before running amok into such discussions, one must ensure that he or she is well grounded in the discipline of International Business and Government Relations

    • Brother Garsuah,

      Why is it difficult for you to intellectually and politely disagree or agree with people? You like insults, desist from that, please!

      Have a godly weekend!

  8. Mr. Vah,
    If you’re not an ordained Minister, you sure like one! In perilous times like these, we need God’s mercy. May His grace pour on Weah and the people of Liberia.

    Some critics of Weah despise me when I make some sensible remarks about his leadership. For instance, I have often said (for the record, I will say it again) that Weah inherited a weak economy from his predecessor, Ellen Johnson. Any leader, (whether educated or not) who inherits a weak economy from his or her predecessor will be unable to perform miracles overnight. That is exactly what we are experiencing in Liberia. Additionally, since Liberia is a poor undeveloped country, it will take time for improvement to be seen.

    What’s been said is factual! I am not making excuses for the president. Like most of my Liberian compatriots, I am very concerned about our economy as well as the political system of Liberia. No joke. But we have to be unflappable and not egotistic as we move on. I submit that beginning this year (the third year of Weah’s presidency) things will begin to improve.

    I hate changing topics. However, I have to say this because I am making a relevant point. When the Cold War ended, a unification occurred between East and West Germany. The Eastern section of Germany was not as developed as the West. Fact! In order for Germany to have felt better in terms of competing locally and globally, it took (7) seven years to raise the standard of living of the East Germans. We all know that the Germans (the old Assyrians) are workaholics and technologically involved. Why did it take so long?

    My answer may be different than the average reader…
    I think it took so long because the Germans wanted to get it done right.

    It will take a while in Liberia, God willing. But I am sure we Liberians will breathe a sigh of relief soon. The economy of a nation is like a seed. You plant a seed in the right place, it will grow. In my humble opinion, the economic seeds of Liberia are being planted. I am optimistic that the seeds of our economy will grow. Saying this does not mean that everything Weah does from 1 to 100 is appreciated by me. Let’s give the guy a break!


  9. Just been said right!
    You just gave a very good example about East and West Germany and in a nutshell, gave the real picture to Liberians. I would like you to also add France and even all of Europe to the examples. In fact, why not Japan, a country that was devastated from the war culminated by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    Also, talk about the return of the children of Israel where they transformed deserts into fertile lands. Today, Israel feeds itself and many neighboring countries and even sells out technologies to many developed, developing and underdeveloped countries.
    How did they get there?

    It took Germany 7 seven years, why? While the architects of that country were rethinking their development model, education, especially technical education was key on the list to customize their development plans (ask Mr. Peter Curran). This is what makes a people unique or special.
    They constructed their roads, thought of and implanted their electricity grids, brainstormed their technologies to apply to their rail, sea and air transportations, rebuilt their homes and administrative buildings protected by customized technologies and norms.

    You want us to sit supinely and accept a blind man leading us into the pit. I refuse to get drown with him.
    Look, during his inaugural speech, as much as I did not support him during the campaign, he said something which I still hold on to: WE WILL FIX IT!
    I thought the guy was talking from his heart, not knowing he was just paraphrasing Trump. You don’t need to be super-educated to lead a country to success, but you need wisdom. I don’t believe our president does.

    To fix things in Liberia, EDUCATION IS THE KEY my people! No medicine man can do anything for us, God will not come down to earth to do it for us. He has given us the knowledge and wisdom to do it. Let’s start something sustainable and stop the political politics. There is room for every Liberian woman and man. We are only 4.7, let say 5 million people, a population far less than the population of Abidjan. Why should we allow selfishness, hypocrisy, greed, tribalism and nepotism to retrain us from progress?
    Many Liberians either sometimes get married to other nationals or stay single with broken homes till advanced ages or sometimes NEVER get married because of these futilities that bar us from fellowshipping and sharing the common goods of all. We forbid our children from mingling with such names or such tribes or such people. It follows us in our administration. You must bear this name or belong to such family to hold such position or represent us in such organization, nonsense!
    We are currently living the consequential effects of these futilities.

    Cummings and ‘apologists’ will truly unite the children of Liberia!

  10. Correction:
    There is room for every Liberian woman and man. We are only 4.7, let’s say 5 million people, a population far less than the population of Abidjan. Why should we allow selfishness, hypocrisy, greed, tribalism and nepotism to restrain us from progress?

  11. Why are we Liberians so stupid??? What are you celebrating?? What the hell is the amehn about??? When have the Liberians clowns we elect as leaders ever ever sign a deal that was good for the whole??? Did anyone read the details of this deal ??? We are one group of very foolish people… you know nothing about details, what have our clowns have agree to this time? Ehat will the country as a whole gain? How this deal will be implemented? None of the fine prints yet you genuises are celebrating as if you learn nothing from history


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