Liberia Seeks Readmission to Inter-Parliamentary Union


The head of the Legislature, Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, has expressed interest in its re-admission into the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), after being out of the union for four years.

In a reply to Liberia’s request to re-join the IPU, House Speaker Nuquay has been invited to the IPU’s 136th Assembly, to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in April.

According to the IPU’s letter to the Speaker, a copy of which is in possession of the Daily Observer, he has been invited to lead a delegation as an “observer.”

The IPU’s letter was read in the House yesterday.

“With the re-affiliation of the Central African Republic in Dhaka, Liberia stands alone on the African continent as a non-member,” IPU Secretary General Martin Chungong wrote. “We would very much like to see Liberia reclaim its place among our global parliamentary communication.

The IPU is a worldwide organization of national parliaments that brings together 171 national parliaments as members and most of the main regional and other parliamentary organizations as associate members or permanent observers.

It is devoted to the promotion of peace, democracy and sustainable development through parliamentary dialogue and cooperation, as well as to the establishment of effective, representative and accountable parliaments around the world,” he said.

“The IPU enjoys a strategic partnership with the United Nations, with which it is currently working closely for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals,” Chungong added.

The IPU Secretary General said he hopes that the 136th Assembly would provide an opportunity to meet and “to continue these discussions with you (Speaker Nuquay) in order to see how best the IPU can assist your Parliament.”

It was unanimously decided that the letter be forwarded to the House leadership for action.

Meanwhile Speaker Nuquay, in consultation with the House leadership, has appointed Lofa County District #2 Representative Julie F. Wiah to represent the Legislature at the Pan African Parliament.

Rep. Wiah replaces the late Eugene F. Kparkar of Lofa County District # 1.


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