Liberia Seeks Help from UK, US after Cyber-attack


Liberian authorities are seeking the assistance of the U.S. and U.K. governments to help secure the country’s internet infrastructure following a crippling cyber-attack that brought down 60 percent of the country’s network, reports FRI of Netherlands.

The size of the attack against Liberia is cause for concern, according to Eugene Nagbe, the Information Minister, who believes Liberia was targeted by hackers because its network was perceived as being weak.

Nagbe told RFI they are actively pursuing the option of seeking assistance from friendly countries like the U.S. and U.K.

He dismissed reports that the cyber-attack took down the entire network, saying that it did not affect the African Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine fiber cable that connects the country to the World Wide Web or the Libtelco and Cellcom service providers.

However, the attack was successful in crippling service provider Lonestar MTN, which provides about 60 percent of internet connectivity in the country, according to Nagbe.

The company has already deployed a cyber-security specialist to Liberia to investigate what happened.

Meanwhile, Nagbe did not confirm reported figures of between 500 and 600 gigabites per second as the amount of data that was used to attack Lonestar MTN’s network.


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