Liberia: Ruling Party Expels Jamima Wolokollie

Madam Jemima Wolokollie, expelled by party which she helped to establish

Following her immediate dismissal by President George M. Weah on Tuesday, June 30, the National Executive Committee of the ruling Congress for Democratic Change ( CDC), pursuant to the outcome of its Grievance and Ethics Committee’s meeting submitted on 10 June 2020, has expelled Madam Jamima Wolokolie, former Deputy Commerce Minister for Small Business Administration, amid internal rifts.

The expulsion of Madam Wolokolie, according to the party, comes after an earlier action of suspension for fraud, extortion, corruption, and her role in a fake loan scheme.

“These allegations, despite the power of the evidence, were nonetheless carefully adjudicated and fairly tried consistently with best practice; which finds Madam Wolokollie GUILTY as CHARGED, and  lacking moral worth to maintain membership with the CDC,” the statement from the ruling party said.

“The NEC’s endorsement of the Grievance and Ethics report expelling Madam Wolokollie’s membership mirrors the party’s sternness against unwholesome actions or utterances that taint the integrity of the Congress for Democratic Change.

“With justice now fully served, the party considers a complete closure to this hostile chapter, which has only strengthened the CDC’s resolve, unity, and unequivocal response against acts of lawlessness.”

At the same time, the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Change praised the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah for the dismissal of Madam Wolokollie; calling the decision “timely and an important step reasserting his disapproval of improper conducts in the sphere of governance.” Wolokollie’s dismissal was announced on the Executive Mansion website on Tuesday.

According to the Executive Mansion, her dismissal was due to “actions incompatible” with her status as a senior government official. Of recent, Minister Wolokollie while on OK FM, a local radio station in Monrovia, called for the removal of Mr. Mulbah Morlu as chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

According to her, Mr. Morlu, who made startling revelations about the improprieties of the President, does not deserve to be the chairman of the CDC. She accused the party chairman and the Mayor of Monrovia of tribalism, especially amid the pending senatorial election. She further accused Rep. Thomas Fallah who appears to be the forerunner in the CDC for the slot to contest the senatorial seat for Montserrado County of distributing motorcycles in the county as part of a scheme to deceive the poor people of the county.

Madam Wolokollie declared her intention to contest the senatorial seat for Montserrado County a fortnight ago, claiming she got the blessing of the party’s chairman to contest.

Madam Wolokollie professed to be a CDCian with a difference and has a better vision for the county.

In another interview on SKY FM in Monrovia, Madam Wolokollie expressed her disappointment in the manner in which the party has been conducting primaries, claiming that it has often been fraudulent.

She said: “This process has not been transparent from the side of the CDC and I stand by my words. But they will choose me because I am bringing out all the ills that have happened at the party. It is just right to do that. People in Liberia are known for not correcting the wrongs, so when something happens they will say just leave it. It is wrong and we must correct the wrong to move forward. But if we keep doing the same things over and over we are going to get the same results over and over.”


  1. Remember how these CDC goons were screaming about Election Fraud during the 2006 and 2011 Presidential election? But who do you think are the REAL perpetrators of election fraud??? If you say CDC, go to the head of the class! According to Jamima Wolokolie, most of their party primary elections were often FRAUDULENT!

    For example, back in 2011, Weah was a shoo-in for his party’s Presidential Candidate nomination, but he was “defeated” by Counselor Winston Chameleon Tubman 118 to 111 … After Tubman “won”, everyone laughed their asses off. Why? Because CDC conducted a sham election to make sure Tubman won.

    But rest assured that all CDC legislative candidates are handpicked by President Weah and his gang of goons (Morlu, Koijee, Gray)

  2. This former partisan of CDC ought to know that in an activity inextricably linked to conflict and cooperation where the existence of rival opinions , different wants, competing needs, and opposing interests, disagreements, and one not getting what she or he wants on many occasions, are obvious and normal!

    Hence, as someone asserted on these pages recently, and as the phenomenon and the ever- overriding weight of the “COMMON GOOD” or the collective priority, as opposed to personal desires, or “individual interests”, “THE PARTY OR COALITION COMES FIRST, AND CONFORMITY IS THE ORDER!” This is inter alia why politics is neither a church nor a court room!!!

    Accordingly, since POLITICS OR THE STRUGGLE FOR POWER, has no actual ligament to justice, fairness, or “going to heaven”, the appropriate replacement or provisional remedy for the absence or non-existence of justice, fairness, or “going to heaven” is THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE VERY POLITICS- -COMPROMISE!!!

    And not AN UNREPENTANT RECALCITRANCE, and been obsessed with oneś individual selfish interests or personal wants, personal needs, or divergent opinions, or opposing “vision” (AT THE COST OF THE VERY PARTY OR COALITION); thereby running amok and trampling on the COMMON GOOD OR COLLECTIVE PRIORITY OF THE PARTY OR THE COALITION WHICH IS THAT “THE PARTY OR THE COALITION COMES FIRST! AND CONFORMITY IS THE ORDER”!!!

  3. Liberians will send a powerful message to corrupt George Weah and his CDC goons in December that their time is coming to an end because they have been nothing but failure. At least voters now have something tangible to compare; what is was like when EJS was president versus incompetent George Weah. This is very important because it’s easy to make empty promises, but a whole different ball of wax to deliver. A lot of young people voted for Weah with hopes that he was their kind, growing up in poverty and becoming somebody. But now they’re so disappointed – he has failed them miserably. No one calls him “king George” anymore, except for the real dumb ones. They see Weah and his corrupt CDC friends stealing their money, getting rich and don’t give a crap about their future. It’s unfortunate but the young people had to experience it to believe it. I’ve spoken to some young people who voted for Weah and they can’t wait to send him a powerful political message at the polls in December. It will be nasty for the CDC.

  4. Well if you don’t know you don’t know ooo, Liberia people please sit and see what’s happening to our country, please forget the bag of rice and vote your county come December 8, Vote the people senator to get a better life in Montserrado county:

  5. It is a sad commentary that this president would dismiss a bonafide Liberian citizen, Madam Jemima Wolokollie, for criticizing corruption, and yet still refuse to dismiss foreigner fraudster, Nwadibuke, who falsified Liberian citizenship, and lied to the Liberian Senate under oath.

    Weah inaction to fight corruption is a clear indication of where he stands in terms of leading the country. In Weah’s Liberia, when one criticizes corruption, you get fired, as is the case of Madam Wollokollie, but when one engages in high grade corruption, as is the case with Nwadibuke, the Nigerian fraudster, he is sent by weah to head the Anti-Corruption Bureau amidst national criticisms. Imagine, a non-Liberian heading our An-ti Corruption Bureau. Is this not sufficient to have this foreigner dismissed and deported forthwith?

    Weah’s message is clear. You condone or engage in corruption, you are his friend as is the case with his friend, Nwadibuke, the rascal who falsified Liberian citizenship. You criticize corruption in his government or party, you quickly get fired as is the instant case with a bonafide Liberian citizen, Madam Jemima Wollokollie.

    Weah needs the boot come the next election. This president is unfit for office. He has difficulty in reading and writing and because of his inadequacies he is just unable to take Liberia to the place call “Development.”

  6. Gballay Gotomo, so Madam Jemima Wolokolie only got the passion, courage, and bravado, to “criticize corruption” after her hopes for running on the partyś or coalitionś ticket for a senatorial seat in the forthcoming elections in December, became a mirage?

    Mind you, Gballay Gotomo, this very Madam Jemima Wolokolie suddenly became a hero to fight corruption and criticize corruption only after her suspension for fraud, extortion, corruption, and her role in a fake loan scheme.

    Her disposition about fighting corruption or criticizing corruption is no different from those of Gabriel Williams, Lewis Brown, and Isaac Jackson – all of whom only knew about “corruption” in Liberia, after they were “shown the door”!


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