Liberians Urged to Invest in Country

View from inside of the TSMO shopping mall

Alex M. Lansana, the general manager of TSMO Premier Shopping Mall in Mamba Point, has called on his fellow countrymen to invest in the country because of the favorable business climate.

Mr. Lansana, who spoke on Wednesday in an exclusive interview at his office in Monrovia, said the TSMO investment in the country is a clear indication that there are some Liberians who are willing to change the Liberian business story for the better.

Though the commercial complex is expected to be officially opened to the public by early January 2018, he said Liberians should realize that investing in their country is creating jobs for their own people, as well as reducing poverty.

He said the current investment is going to be the biggest post-election commercial complex that will provide employment opportunities to more than 100 Liberians in different areas.

TSMO MD Lansana: “We are planning to decentralize our operations”

Mr. Lansana, who put the investment at US$8.6 million, said the superstructure consists of five floors with state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, including a coffee shop, superstore, cinema, children’s playground, pharmacy and fast food centers that are located on the upper deck of the complex.

“TSMO has introduced new technology and material for building quality and affordable structures using modern methods of prefabricated walls, fixtures and furniture, and will seek to work with the government, international and local companies to develop a different and more improved class of buildings for residential, administrative, commercial and industrial uses,” he said.

He noted further that the facility will add impetus to the country’s economy and will provide the opportunity for other investors to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.

It may be recalled that on Friday, September 22, 2017, the “first of its kind cinema” opened its doors to movie lovers. The cinema, which is on the third floor of mall, is Liberia’s first postwar standard cinema with two fully air-conditioned theaters, each having one hundred and eighteen comfy seats fitted with cup holders.

The rows have lighted numbers along the steps, just at the entry point, so latecomers can easily find their seats or incoming dates join their partners. There are a giant size screens and seven fully horn-loaded sub-woofer speakers mounted around each hall for the grandest of auditions.


    • My only problem is the location – it’s too far from the general population and as you may know, a Mall is about people (general population). The more people the better.

  1. John Boon, the location is great because other businesses will move closer to provide other services, people traffic will also move into that direction.

  2. Thanks so much brother for your Development. This is kind of development we looking for in our country Liberia. To create jobs opportunity for brother and sister. God bless you

    • Bro. Stan. Investing in Liberia should be our primary focus rather than the dual citizenship prerequisites. I am a Liberian first before the hyphenation…
      The longer we sit by idle and wait for the passage of the dual citizenship law, the slimmer our chances are to contribute to our economy. I have listened to the pros and cons of this debate and my suggestion is simple in that we will have to show tangible impact by creating industries across Liberia.
      We have the strength in numbers, financially,professionally, technically; therefore we should use our knowledge to form reputable enterprises across Liberia that will uphold transparency and accountability to its shareholders.
      Something to think about.

  3. Location, Location, Location is very important to any BUSINESS. Mamba Point, Monrovia is a Diplomatic Community. You bet! Those Diplomats would rather have the MALL somewhere else. Are many Liberians willing to climb the hill at Mamba Point; to go SHOPPING. Does the MALL have access to AMPLE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION? How about competition? The Chinese are building a super mall/shopping center on U.N DRIVR, not far from Mamba Point; with access to transportations and People/Customers. Something to think about… Good Luck!

  4. Which of the Liberiansame is he encouraging to invest in Liberia? I hope he was not referring to the opeple of Liberian descent living in the diaspora.

    Why would I want to invest my money in a country that disownshe it’s own people they sought greener pasture in other countries when Liberia was a killing field? If I have to pay for a visa every time I have to go to Liberia then why invest there? I don’t have money to pay for a Liberian visa all the time as investing there will require frequent travels to Liberia.


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