Liberia Observes World Consumer Rights Day


All is set for Liberia to join the global community in celebrating World Consumer Rights Day today, March 17, authorities of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) say.

Appropriate programs in observance of the day are being rolled out, but in its press release on the observance, MOCI did not indicate specific events that are taking place today.

Consumer Rights Day this year fell on Sunday March 15 but, because it was a public holiday in Liberia which was celebrated on Monday, the observance of Consumer Rights Day was carried forward to today.

World Consumer Rights Day was set aside by the international community to raise awareness about  the rights and needs of consumers across the world.

The theme of this year’s observance is Sustainable Consumer and Customs Brokers in the country and will feature prominently in the activities of the day, says the release.

Today consumers around the world will be provided the platform to demand their rights and push for the enhancement of consumer-related programs and other issues that affect them.

According to the MOCI release, the observance also offers the opportunity for the provision of needed information on the identification of products, including production and expiration dates as well as consumer protection and education in the market place.

In line with the observance of the day, the Consumer Education and Protection Unit of MOCI has begun awareness on key consumer rights-related issues. These issues include rights to safety, basic needs, healthy environment and the right to choose and to be heard as well as the right to redress.

The 2020 observance is taking into account several other global issues which continue to pose threats to the global community, including climate change, energy, rainfall, rising sea levels, higher temperatures, disposable plastic and the environment.

The Ministry’s release noted further that the highlighted issues have negative effects on food security, agricultural products, water availability and public health, among others.

The Ministry says it remains committed to protecting the rights of consumers at all times through education and constructive engagements.


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