Liberia: Land of Possibilities

If Liberia is land of possibilities, how sure can we that the future of these kids from the slum community of Clara Town would be honorable without any serious intervention?

It was Dr. J. Mills Jones, the former political leader of the Movement for Democratic Empowerment (MOVEE) who insisted that Liberia is a land of possibilities during the last political campaign. Though Dr. Jones proved prophetic, for it was a former soccer international who providence made it possible to win the presidential elections.

That demonstration was evidence of how possibilities are prevalent in Liberia for those who are prepared, played their cards well and with a great deal of luck rose to national attention.

Of course, though the possibilities existed from the beginning, it was still a challenge for any unknown kid to rise to the occasion. The above argument comes to mind during a recent visit to Clara Town, a slum community that former soccer legend (President) George Weah grew up.

Like the accompanying picture of kids, whether they are inspired by President Weah’s rise to power or not, found it agreeable to play soccer at the Clara Town soccer field.

While the possibilities are equally present for success or failure, it is high time to point out that the chance of failure may be so high, for like (President) Weah’s case, and considering the accompanying picture, how could any child or anyone have envisioned that that child would be great? (Apologies to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf).

Of course, no one, absolutely no one may have told Oppong Weah that he would be great and that he had the ambition to lead his people. But as Dr. Jones said, since Liberia is a land of possibilities, it could mean that those who can make it are those or were those in President Weah’s case, there was a great combination of hope, possibilities, and support from the power that be.

We all know that it was President Samuel Kanyon Doe’s passionate desire for the improvement of soccer in the country that compelled him to send the national soccer team, Lone Star, to Brazil for training for at least three months.

Among the players was Oppong Weah so here we meet face to face with Liberian being the land of possibilities because though the team that went to Brazil were 22 or more in number, it was Oppong Weah that providence rose above the rest.

And so, if we believe that some other kids from slum communities could benefit from any of the possibilities that could change their future tomorrow, it would mean that our leaders, including President George Oppong Weah, would not forget the past. He would not ignore the days when grandmother Emma Brown did not know where the next meal would come from.

“Liberia is a land of possibilities,” Dr. Jones would insist. Yes, it is but for those that circumstances, with God’s mercy, support and good behavior direct to succeed.


  1. It is totally true that the possibilities existed in Liberia through president Doe for individuals like president George Weah to become successful. However, such possibilities exist in perhaps, every nation of the world, once one is given the opportunity. We might not admit, but Doe came at the right time to not only give Weah the opportunity, rather to give thousands of Liberians the opportunity. Look at who are running Liberia today.
    Even though majority of these individuals truly have the ability, many were denied primarily because of the family last names that was carried by their ancestors and even some of them. (An example of being Black in America). Because the ingrained tribal discrimination that existed in Liberia in the past, Liberia never had the opportunity to improve itself. Liberia could have been much better today, instead, it Looks like a country that existed 100years ago. We always have to take care of the least among us because we are all one. Whatever Flomo does for Wilbert, everyone will benefit. Remember, “Hate and discrimination are two great burdens to bear. They injure the discriminators or the haters more than they injure the discriminated or the hated.”

  2. yes i did a lot of work in liberia i won competition and make farm and also i was a carboy and sell stuff on the street but it is all god will for me to lean the true about this life and the life here after

  3. Also in another elevation, this present President should not take flattery from some of his party members and others who want to seek political power by pretending to help the Liberian people especially when they go out of the nation in African outfits to unfold the nation. By the way, those who were rebels or in the civil war contaminated the nation with dead decades of animals and human beings, leaving deadly disease to kill more people. These people should not be gratified, because it is their responsibility to reconstruct and sanitize the nation or experience the consequences. Do not reply. Tell the majority.
    Gone to silence.


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