“Liberia Is Sinking, Fast”


— Liberty Party says they are disappointed

In a statement over the weekend, the opposition Liberty Party (LP) has expressed disappointment against the government for being “inept, corrupt and incompetent, and the proven lack of progress of the country.”

The Liberty Party was reacting to the 2019 Scorecard of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in which Liberia failed to pass the minimally-required 10 out of 20 measures.

Quoting the President, LP said: “Our President (George Weah) was untroubled and shameless, when he said, ‘I am not disappointed’.”

On Friday, November 1, 2019, the MCC’s released it’s a country scorecard for 2020 with Liberia failing 12 of the 20 indicators. MCC uses the scorecard to qualify countries for it Compact.

The MCC Scorecard measures a country’s performance in three key areas: economic freedom, ruling justly, and investing in its people. Countries have to pass 10 of 20 indicators and must pass the Control of Corruption indicator to become eligible.

Liberia passed the control of corruption indicator this year, but significant work is needed across government and wider society regarding public perception of corruption.  The scores this year will not affect Liberia’s Compact eligibility, which will be based on next year’s scorecard. The Government is challenged to work to improve in a whole set of areas.

However, in its rather lengthy and strongly-worded statement, LP said that the 2019 MCC Scorecard merely confirms what many Liberians are actually enduring under the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government, which is that every aspect of the national aspiration, and international reputation are being carelessly eroded, and seriously undermined.

The LP said it regretted that Liberia’s multiple international reports continue to confirm this fact. “Even worse, President George Weah has no clue, or simply does not care.”

“Well, Mr. President, the Liberty Party is disappointed!”

But in reaction to the report, Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, whose statement was contained in Press release issues after the launch of the scorecard, said he is confident that the government believes there are significant opportunities for Liberia to improve its MCC Scorecard performance for FY 2021.

Said Mr. Nagbe: “The Government is working to ensure that ownership of the eligibility process is achieved at the highest levels of Government so that the right data can be reported in time to reflect the right performance of the country.”

In particular, the minister says, Liberia is looking to pass the Gender in the Economy Indicator next year, especially with the passage of the Domestic Violence Law in August of 2019, which he says, was not reflected in this year’s score because the passage came late.

With that statement, LP said it is disappointed by the “inept, corrupt and incompetent performance of your administration, and the proven lack of progress of our country. The 2019 MCC Scorecard merely confirms what many Liberians are actually enduring under the CDC-led government, which is that every aspects of our national aspiration and international reputation are being carelessly eroded and seriously undermined.”

In just two years of the Weah Presidency, even for Liberians, who believed in Weah’s promise of the slogan: “Change for Hope,” the LP said that Liberia is still hoping for change.

“The only change we see, and consistently confirmed by the international community, is one leading our people toward hopelessness in how quickly Liberia has descended, and how rapidly economic and political conditions have worsened,” the Party said.

The Liberty Party, according to the statement, takes President Weah seriously when he says he is not disappointed.

The Liberty Party, the statement noted, understands that to be disappointed with failure, one must necessarily understand what it means to succeed, as well as appreciate fully the expectations for the high office one occupies.

“As such, the Liberian President cannot be “disappointed” for having failed our country when he obviously has no expectation of the level of leadership that is required of the Office of President.”

LP said that every responsible and caring leader would be disappointed by any report, local and international, which independently confirms his/her administrations’s failure to do the right thing for his/her suffering people.

“According to the MCC, the Weah-led administration has failed to invest in its people, rule justly, and ensure equality in economic freedom, a failure which threatens Liberia’s continued qualification of and participation in the MCC.”

The Liberty Party named “Economic Freedom, Ruling Justly and Investing in People,” as the elements that are measured by the MCC, and coincidentally, these are also the pillars of the so-called Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

“Failing the MCC, as we have, is therefore, a failure of leadership to do what is right for our people. It is also a demonstration of a lack of commitment to the promises of the PAPD,” LP said.

The Liberty Party, the statement noted, knows that the MCC does not measure impossible conditions imposed on countries, “but actually measure good governance conditions elected, and responsible administrations should already be engaged to improve the economic, and political conditions of their countries; and the living standards of their people.

Moreover, it said that the scores are not isolated to one country.

“Each score measures the performance of one country against similarly-situated countries, and as an incentive for doing the right things, the MCC affords successful countries development assistance to address otherwise binding constraints to its continued inclusive growth and development.”

More than ever before, Liberty Party said Liberia needs the MCC Compact. “Therefore, Mr. President, the LP is very disappointed, not only that our country is failing, but that you don’t care, and that you are not disappointed in yourself, and the performance of your officials.”

The Liberty Party agreed with the President “we do need a “paradigm shift.”

However, LP argued that Liberia does not need a shift in the MCC measures to which all countries similar to Liberia are independently assessed; and as such the country needs a shift from two-years of excuses and blame-shifting to actually taking responsibility for the opportunity, which Liberians afforded the CDC to lead the country.

“The interests of Liberia will be best served by a shift from a focus on only building a political party to building our country. Rather than incompetence, which now overwhelms the performance of the Weah-led administration, the country craves a shift to competence and diligence.”

In the end, the leadership of LP warned that what the failing country needs the most is a real “paradigm shift from being just the Standard Bearer of the CDC, which is evidently prone to a focus on partisanship, loyalty and enmity toward other Liberians, to being the President Liberia, which focuses on inspiring all Liberians toward a better and brighter future irrespective of differences in political association, tribe, regional origin, gender and religion.”

The Liberty Party intimated that the country does not need the MCC to change its Scorecard to make it easy for the Weah-led administration to pass its promised commitments to the people, “nor do we need to be entered into tutorship about delivering on the best interests of our people. Liberians simply need the Weah-led administration to change from serving themselves to serving our people.”


  1. you have to have money to meet those indicators and as long as the country is broke with unpaid salaries, no credible investors, high inflation. the worse is yet to come

  2. Liberty Party, you sold your birth right to CDC for smoke fish, did’t you?
    Shut up! Shut up, please!
    If you intend to come undercover, it will backfire on you.
    We the people, have come to understand you better.
    Again, shut up!
    You have been and continue to be a plague for the country. I believe there is a final judgment, you will answer before the Almighty for putting the lives of an entire generation in limbo.

    • Mr. Dolo,
      What do you mean by saying that Liberty Party sold its birth rights to CDC for Smoked Fish? You are trying to stereotype the people of Grand Bassa, right? You should think before posting nonsense again.

      • Peace be unto you brother.
        “Nonsense” is not a word to use on people you don’t know. I bet you are CDC supporters. You have respect for no one, very rude!
        If you do not know how to read between the lines, you should have stopped at your first sentence and I could have taken up my time to explain myself. Learn to exchange intellectually.
        I don’t blame you guys, it’s Ellen.

  3. Nyounblee Kangar Lawrence, you are a killer, a pretender, and a corrupt crook nororious at LPRC, and many more. You killed your husband for insurance money and out of jealousy of your husband having an affair with the female student with whom he your husband died in that car crash early this year. As if that was not enough, you went on pouring hot water on the head of a presiding officer in the Legislature. So, you just close up with your hypocrisy.

    • Matilda Witherspoon,
      If this is your real name, you should be ashamed of yourself to accuse a woman whose husband died in a tragic moto accident of being responsible for his death. I hope your parents are proud of you for posting this hateful trash.

  4. A few months ago this year, Senator Kangar-Lawrence became enraged so bitterly that she spilled water on the senate floor. Kangar-Lawrence has an uncontrollable temper problem. It is amazing if not poignant for the senator to condemn the excesses of Weah’s government in such deplorable terms. Has Kangar-Lawrence forgotten her buffoonery by spilling water on the floor of the Liberian senate? Kangar-Lawrence’s water spill was not a mistake, but rather an act of bad temper.

    Now, let’s be practical. Kangar-Lawrence has a right to express herself. However, in this particular situation, Kangar-Lawrence’s expression is destructive rather than constructive. Sure, Liberia has flunked the MCC scoreboard. There’s nothing to brag about. We Liberians hope and pray that progress will be made in the future. In order for progress to be made in terms of scoring better next time, all the members of the Liberian law-making body must “work” together with Weah patriotically regardless of party affiliation. In other words, for the good of the country, politics ought to be set aside for an hour or so.

    When Weah states that he is “not disappointed”, he is not implying that the MCC should jump in the ocean. Weah may not be as educated as Kangar-Lawrence, but at the same time, Weah cannot stoop to the level of stupidity by saying “I don’t care or I am not disappointed at what you numbskulls have said about my country’s failure”. No, Weah does not behave like that! The guy is concerned!

    Finally, senator Kangar-Lawrence wants us to believe that when she says something, just anything, it must be believed. Okay, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt for a few minutes or we’ll be construed as being sardonic. Realistically, there’re some important things that Kangar-Lawrence doesn’t say. Things such as her yearly take home pay. As a Liberian senator, Kangar-Lawrence and her senate colleagues earn $16,000.00 US a month or US $192,000.00 per annum. Liberia is the world’s 3rd or 4th (depending on the stats you look at) poorest country. If Kangar-Lawrence is concerned about the ineptitude of George Weah, why can’t the senator fess up by telling the Liberian people that her salary needs a 40% cut? Or why not do something about LEC? Or the condition of terrible motor roads in Liberia? The shortage of textbooks for students? If a 40% cut in senators’ salaries is agreed upon, the Liberian students will be able to get their full set of textbooks!

    My observation is not a sermon, neither is it a war of words. Senator Kangar-Lawrence has a job to do. We expect her to be politically persuasive, but yet unflappable.


  5. Senator Kangar Lawrence and LP are catalysts of the “Liberia is Sinking, Fast” outcome. You don’t incite protests amid an inherited bleeding economy when investors and investments needed to help stop loss of blood. Moreover, the question is, how could LP be disappointed when at the cusp of a significant 2017 election, its presidential ticket reportedly wangled a loan of USD $1.5 million from NASSCORP thereby making the duo accomplice to the bleeding?

    Not to mention that reckless protests didn’t happen in Sierra Leone (she passed the MCC) where there seems an unbridgeable ethnic gulf between the ruling SLPP and APC Opposition. Candidly, ours is a country where poverty reduction has never been a commitment; otherwise, a Senator who got rich at the expense of her poor constituents won’t engage in wicked hypocrisy some would rightfully call witchcraft.

    • Sylvester G. Moses,
      Characters like Kangar-Lawrence and her supporters entered public service, just by condemning and bad mouthing the Liberian Government. They have nothing to offer. According to their limited mindset, the functions of the Liberian Government is the sole responsibility of the President.

  6. Mrs. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrernce seems to be the “crying baby” against everything the government does or does not do. Someone needs to inform her that she is indeed part of the Government of the Republic of Liberia. She is occupying a seat in the first branch of government that is a decision-making arm of the government.

    Instead of disparaging everything in the government, which she is a part and parcel of, she needs to help pass bills in the senate that will correct any shortcomings, as she sees them, in order to put the country where she wants it to be. She is a senator, a lawmaker, who receives remunerations and full benefits paid for by the taxpayers of the land. She too needs to perform. Whining about everything may not be one of the things the good people of Grand Bassa elected her for in the senate.

    She should know whom she represents as senator – the people of Grand Bassa County – not the Liberty Party! Every one of the three branches of government has an important role to play in charting the direction of the country. The Legislative branch, in which she is a prominent member, approves the national budget. All that the citizens of the land want to hear from her is whether the Weah government is misappropriating or mismanaging the national budget which she helps approve. In doing that, she should show the blueprint of how the money is/was misappropriated.

  7. Say that again Anders! I tried my level best to inform Kangar-Lawrence and her admirers that she and her senate colleagues should take a pay cut in order to save Liberia from “sinking, fast”! No one is proud or happy to see Liberia obtain bad grades on its MCC report card. Unfortunately, the senator seems to think it’s good politics to disparage Weah when in fact she is a bonafide member of the very government she is critical of. Shame!

  8. If the Administrators of Liberia had not been blinded by selfish interest and consumed by greed in the midst of massive resources, Liberians would not be begging for handouts after 172 years. “Sinking fast” is an under statement, because only the Almighty keeping Liberia afloat. The founder and owner of Liberty Party; , Charles Walker Brumskine can better relate.

  9. Liberia was and is already down. Only the best educated with the needed Know-How can bring her up to become part of the industrial world.
    God bless your.

  10. The sooner we as people stop shifting responsibilities on the government the sooner we can start figuring out how to move forward. In this age that technology has made it so easy to reach out to millions of people we still cannot use it to our advantage. People use criticism as a means to gain power and enrich themselves. What is the opposition doing in practice to end this so call “”LIBERIA IS SINKING “? Get to work opposition. Do what you can to improve the lives of people you’re pretending to represent.

    • Dear Raymond, I took this on the internet for you. Please read and comprehend.
      Role of the Opposition: The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public. … In legislature, Opposition Party has a major role and must act to discourage the party in power from acting against the interests of the country and the common man.

  11. ,
    Mr. Peter Curran,
    I am hopeful that you will respond to my questions one of these days.

    In an earlier comment/post not related to the topic above, you said that the Sande Culture predates the Bible. So I have two questions based on what you said.


    1. When was the Bible written and

    2. Where and when did the Sande Culture begin?

    • Hney,

      Please leave Mr. Curran alone. He’s a brother who also loves Liberia dearly.
      Let’s discuss about our sande culture joyfully one of these days in a friendly manner and in Lofa or Bong County

  12. Brother Dolo,
    The role of the opposition has been perfectly outlined by you. However, what needs to be fully understood is that the”opposition” of which Kangar-Lawrence is one, has a lot of beggage.

    I consider myself a fair-minded person. Some people may not! I am not hateful or anti Kangar-Lawrence and all opposition political operatives. What bothers me most is the hypocrisy under which most Liberian politicians operate. I am taking Kangar-Lawrence to task based on principle. When you consider the fact that each Liberian lawmaker gets 480 gallons of gas every year, you cannot sit idly by and keep silent! Otherwise, something could be wrong. More importantly, you cannot accept the fact that “Liberia is sinking, fast”. The question is who assists Liberia in its sinking misery? Of course, the Liberian lawmakers, including Kangar-Lawrence are the mafia dons. The Liberian lawmakers are being insensitive.

    With regard to the 480-gallon issue I have mentioned above, two things are of maximum importance:
    1. The Liberian lawmakers who reside in Montserrado and other nearby counties do not use 480 gallons of gas every year. What happens to the unused gallons of gas when the year ends and

    2. We all know about our two main seasons in Liberia. During the rainy season, lawmakers who live in the Southeast do not go home in order to see their relatives or solicit the opinions of their constituents. Once again, what happens to their unused gallons of gas?

    Most, if not all civil servant employees in Liberia earn on average, $50.00 per month. While the lawmakers get 480 gallons of gas per year, there is no stipulation for transportation in the take home pay of civil servant employees.
    Who “sinks Liberia, fast”?

    Let’s hypothesize:
    When the year ends, sell the unused gallons of gas and put the dough in your pocket. This is LIB.

    Dolo, you’ve got my drift?

    • Perfectly!
      That’s why I need you home in 2022 to see how we can all rally around Cummings to take over our country and lead it to a brighter future. Not many understands and feels the plagues you outlined.
      The few, with pride and patriotism should come together to make Liberia a better place for mankind again.

  13. Petarus Dolo,
    So all this jumping down other people throats for their view and opinions is about Alexander Cummings??
    You are the one who should be “ashamed” of yourself.
    Characters like you jump on social media and running your mouths all over the place under the disguise of “advocating for the masses”, but at the end, it is just a matter of your personal and selfish ambition.
    Shame on you!!!!!!!

    • Liberia, oh Liberia
      Sweet land of liberty. May your fame never fail for your freedom of expression.

      Mr. Dikenah, why will it be a shame for someone to support a true patriot, the answer to Liberia’s long standing problems?
      Why should I be ashamed of myself?
      There is no shame in supporting anyone, but maybe a danger for everyone. I don’t know you but you sound like a CDC supporter. Listen:
      “As long as there exist stupid people supporting stupid governments in their countries, people living in those countries will continue fluttering badly in the cesspool created by this utter foolishness!”
      Mehmet Murat ildan.

      Define the word shame again. Look it up and use it properly next time.
      Have a nice day.

      • Petarus Dolo or whatever you called yourself,
        Speaking of stupidity, you are the worst. And as long as stupid and arrogant characters like you continue to promote clueless individuals for the leadership of Liberia, because of your personal greed and selfish interest, the Country will continue to go down the drain.
        The next Presidential and General Elections will be in 2023, but you have already assessed all of the candidates, and found your clueless Alexander Cummings to be the best. How smart???
        Stupid people are easily identified by their performance and your are on top of the list. Mr. Fool.

        • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Our people, one people!

          Mr. Dikenah,

          I wish you peace this morning.
          May the love of God that surpasses all understanding be your portion today brother, Amen!

          Let me take my precious morning to address your absurdity:
          You said, “Speaking of stupidity, you are the worst’
          When did Dolo tell you that?Are you trying to tell the internaut here that you are stupid?

          You said, “And as long as stupid and arrogant characters like you continue to promote clueless individuals for the leadership of Liberia,…..”
          What is the meaning of “clueless” in this sentence? I hope you will teach me new context meaning.

          You also said, “Stupid people are easily identified by their performance and your are on top of the list.”
          What is the meaning of “performance”? What have you ever seen me doing? Do you know me?

          You finally wrote, “Mr. Fool”
          Reading all that you have written, don’t you think you are a nincompoop, or a weirdo?

  14. Dolo, I hope you will not be disappointed. I’d like to say frankly that I am not a Cummings acolyte. Never have. Never will. Yet, I am not his enemy in a real life situation.

    I would like to see a good number of Liberians in the race for the 2023 presidential election. I will not pre-ordain a candidate as our people have done in the past.

    • Dear Hney,

      As I told you before brother, he’s the best we have now.
      If you can bring out other names, who have or wish to be vetted, we will try to do that. As for me, it took me months to study the background, aspirations and seriousness of all the major political leaders in the past elections.
      I know that you don’t support Cummings and I am not trying to coerce you into getting on his team. After many exchanges with you, I have come to realize that you are a Liberian with great love for the country. I don’t know you, I have NEVER even seen your photos before, but if you were to rune for senatorial seat in Liberia, I would encourage friends and relatives to vote for you because you are positive.
      These are virtues I’ve seen in Cummings, with the requisite technical know-hows from his professional life.
      Peruse interactions on this very medium, how many Liberians have you seen or heard proposing something genuine? Some only come here to show us which house, not home, they were brought up in: NO INTELLECTUALISM but barbarism and rudeness!

      DON’T LET 2023 SLIP US BY, BRO. Be a part of the train that will bring positive change and enact sustainable development for Mama Liberia.

      Have a nice day.

  15. Dolo,
    I thank you for your kindness. I have similar respect and admiration for you.

    Since we’re buddies, I will put up a female candidate (not your girlfriend Jewel Howard) to challenge Cummings in 2023. We’ll see who defeats who. You and I will remain as buddies irrespective of the winner.

    In the US, the Republicans and Democrats have opposite views on how the country ought to be governed. But at the end of the day, both Republicans and Democrats remain loyal to their constituents and their country. That’s how I’d like Liberians to be.

    You’re right. Some people shout profanities on social media senselessly. If I disagree with anyone, I have the right to do so. But that doesn’t mean I hate a person that I oppose. I just happen to disagree.

    Well, some people have a long way to go.

  16. Uncle Hney,

    I am always a huge fan of yours, and you elucidate your points quite well, but I would just like to mention here that Madam Kangar-Lawrence is not all that bad. The salary that she makes is rightfully hers, yes, it may be more than what is expected, but it is hers.

    She did not set how much she should get. True, she and others could be encouraged to reduced or give some portion of their salary to charity. I was talking to another lawmaker about this same issue and his attitude was, why should they reduce their salary when they earn theirs rightfully and others in the executive branch are becoming millionaires in a very relative short period of time? Like it or not, he has a point

    Liberia is rapidly sinking into the abyss and there is no coming back. the corruption is rampant, government workers are very dissatisfied, unemployment is high, all the wrong things are in high percentage. simply put.

    but I remain optimistic.


  17. JM,
    When can you make yourself available? I have spoken to one of my siblings already. He will meet you in the downtown area of Monrovia or at an agreed upon rendezvous.

    You’re right. The money that’s earned by senator Kangar-Lawrence is hers. Most likely, she and her senate colleagues probably didn’t demand to paid $192,000 per year. However Joe, when Kangar-Lawrence screams about the decadence of civility, poverty, good governance and the country’s lack of a moral compass, she is in fact operating under the cloak of hypocrisy.

    Also, the lawmaker who told you that some employees of the executive branch of government make humongous amount of money and therefore it is rightfully their right to earn $192,009 per year…… that lawmaker is out of step with reality.

    JM, since 1847, Liberia has not been able to export anything or manufacture a diaper pin. All the raw materials that are exported out of Liberia are foreign owned. But yet, the country’s lawmakers and executive branch employees as well as some employees of the judiciary are taking home huge sums of money. Come on young guy. Something is wrong with that picture! Should we let negative things slide without complaining about them?

    Senator Kangar-Lawrence is at the epicenter. But, although I disagree with her politically, I respect her as an individual. Furthermore, my observation is not specifically addressed to her, but rather to all the lawmakers who care less about Liberia.

    School teachers earn less than $300 per year. Some school teachers are more educated than our lawmakers. But yet, a yearly take home pay of one lawmaker can pay the yearly salary of a small county like Gee.

    Let’s take a look:
    If 50 school teachers are paid $250 per month, how much do the teachers earn during a school year?
    A typical school year consists of ten months. So, $250.00 × 50 = $12,500 per month for the 50 teachers. Okay?

    In a year’s time, the 50 teachers would have earned: $12,500 × 10 months = $125,000.

    A Liberian senator’s yearly income: $192,000 – 125,000 = $67,000. In other words, one Liberian senator can pay 50 school teachers $125,000 per year from his or her yearly salary and could still walk away with $67,000 a year. Finally, with $67,000 (after paying 50 teachers), the lawmaker can comfortably earn $5,583 plus change, because $67,000 ÷ 12 = $5,583. +++

    JM, looking at the above scenario, who sinks Liberia, fast?

    • Good morning Hney,

      Senators’ salaries seem to be a burning issue on your mind bro. I have read enough posts from you on that matter.
      For me, I do not want to delve into it because I may discourage a lot of you. I guess your comments and recommendations stem from Senator Dillion’s political action to waive substantial portion of his salary into an escrow account to serve his constituency. Well, that may be a patriotic act but for me, it’s hypocritical. When you dig behind that story, Senator Dillion may even be earning more than the other senators, just a supposition, I have no proof to that.
      Senators have important roles in our America-styled democracy. They deal with sensitive issues involving billions of dollars. To enable them objectively and patriotically serve the interests of the country, they should not be beggars and their lives must be protected to the maximum from the day they take the oath of office until their final days on earth. They too need to create such complementary atmosphere for themselves. I said complementary because it is the government’s primary role to do so.

      For me, I am against the wrong people being voted as senators. Let’s usher in the right people in 2023 to do the right job for the country. A salary of $5,000.00 per month for a senator is ludicrous, let’s face the fact. Look, I respect Senator Dillion but let him stop his infancy politics.

      I am willing to see your female candidate in 2022. I hope she can convince me. If she does, I may throw my weight behind you. Listen, I have never been involved in the political life of my country to this extent until now, because I have seen one man I consider a golden opportunity for Liberia’s bright future. Anything else would keep Liberia into the same abysmal and groping situation we are currently faced with.

      You also talked about defaults in roads built by Chinese companies. The problem is not with any Chinese company but our people. The Chinese and Japanese have an accounting system called Target Costing. If you give them $10, they produce something for you of that value. If you give them $100 for the same goods, the quality will be better. Our people are sick, very sick from rampant corruption. They do not love Liberia at all. The Chinese will give them the bill, they will need their cuts, even more than what the people who are doing the job should be paid. What do you expect?

      Let’s vote in Cummings. I know why I love this man. All this nonsense will end abruptly.

  18. Hello Comrade Dolo,
    The issue of salary is not much of a deal. However, it is very important to point out the hypocrisy of our lawmakers. It is also important for the general public to be fully informed about the evil that goes on in our poor country. Nine times out of ten, the critics of Weah as well as some lawmakers blame the executive branch for all sorts reasons. I felt compelled to balance the equation by letting people know that Weah is not the source of Liberia’s problems.

    No brother. Dillon is not on my radar. I give him credit for saying that the salaries of lawmakers need to be slashed. He’s right. Some lawmakers deserve to be thanked or praised for what they do. If Dillon continues to do as he preaches, he will turn out to be a darn good politician. It’s too early to heap praise on him. We’ll see. I am not saying that to raise his portfolio on the presidential level. Nope. I am a “never Dillon” on the presidential level.

    Dolo, regardless of their many roles and responsibilities, $192,000 per year per senator is outrageous. I don’t want to talk about money this morning, especially as it relates to the Liberian lawmakers. However, when you try to justify why they make that much money in a poor country such as ours, I will plunge myself in the debate. Half of $192,000 is $96,000. If the senators’ yearly take home pay is $96,000, the amount of $2,880,000.00 will be available to pay teachers, doctors, university professors, janitors, etc.

    How’s about you Dolo? You are a very nice guy. It shows. Have you considered running for an elective office some day in Liberia? My younger brothers lived in the Ivory coast during the war, Plateau Doqui (my spelling could be wrong).
    Get yourself ready to do politics, my friend. Get out there. Well, go for it. I will send to you a campaign donation. But none for your man Cummings though. Don’t let me down. Run Dolo run.

    • Dear Hney,

      Thank you for your encouragement to run for an elective position. I would very much love to be an actor on the Liberian political arena, but at an older age (maybe around 60 years old).
      I have a cousin who was very much interested in playing active role in Liberian politics. He thought our political arena would have been what he studied in school or what we witness in the USA, Ghana and so on. He tried reaching out but could not comprehend the mindset of our people. He then left for the USA where he presently resides, maybe never to come back to Liberia. Seldomly, he comes down to visit his farms and goes back.
      Like many other resourceful Liberians, he has expressed great interest in coming back to Liberia only if Cummings were to become president of Liberia in 2023. We all agree he was new and so many did not really grasp his message, a plague in Liberia because most of our people don’t read to comprehend the message he was getting across.

      To come back to my running, I would highly appreciate your donation provided we all chipped in, financially and morally, for Cummings. I would run for an elective position if Cummings were elected president of Liberia.
      I want to once more live in an intellectually competitive Liberia. I will NEVER support mediocrity and folly. Hney, why do we celebrate excellence then? From the very day I read the few lines you posted on this page, I knew you had a trend of thought, by the way, that’s why I even reacted despite our divergent views.
      Why will you support an aspirant who cannot face the people in a competitive debate? On what basis was he elected? Do you know his platform? What do I expect to see this year, next year, and for the rest of his mandate? Words are easy to hear from others and then repeat them like, “we will fix it”. Everyone wanted to speak like Donald Trump. What are they fixing? Aren’t they destroying the little achievement from the Ellen’s administration? Concretely, what was done in Year 1? We are almost at the end of year 2, what has been achieved? Brother Hney, I am waiting for your reply.

      I would love to run as a superintendent in a decentralized system. I support Cummings, I want us to decentralize things in Liberia. I don’t want superintendents appointed but elected. Let them play the role of governors in Liberia. They are development agents. No need for governor and then superintendent in each county. Let a superintendent assume both functions for now.
      I support decentralization. In so doing, one will think twice to raise his hands to become a senator to move to Monrovia.
      By the way again, I support the move of our political capital to Gbarnga.

      Look Hney, your country Liberia is very rich. It is underlain mostly by Precambrian rocks of Archean (Liberian) age in the west and of Proterozoic (Eburnean) age in the east. It simply means besides the deep rainforests conducive for agriculture and forestry, the geology of Liberia is favorable for the occurrence of deposits of a wide range of metals and industrial minerals. All we need is the best leadership to harness methodical development.
      I studied business. I am a businessman in the Ivory Coast. I carried in the first industrial company from this country to Liberia. They felt in love with the landscape and everything they saw. They started buying most of the palm and rubber farms left abandoned and started vetting our workforce for implantation. Hney, they could not get 5% of qualified workforce in Liberia. It was a shame for me. The project was diverted into the Ivory Coast. They now only exploit the raw materials and transport them to this country.
      I should not be saying this here BUT I FEEL HURT all the time when people tend to push our country backward. Are we all supposed to become president?

      Our senators should even earn MORE THAN $192,000 per annum Hney. Let’s vote in qualified people to make right decisions and vote progressive laws.

      Have a nice day

  19. Uncle Hney,

    thank you kindly. I am ready to meet your representative anytime anywhere but not after 6pm and not on sundays. Be reminded that I am not in Liberia from 12/10 -12/29.

    one of the things that I do with my time is to educate people, most especially my age group, about the power of their vote and how, with a single vote, the whole political landscape could be change. And the reason is that, the politicians are born liars and they will come in the guise of a wolf in sheep clothing and utter the sweetest word and after gaining power, the don their true clothing and start to run amok, believing that they are above the law.

    It is too early to heap praises on Senator Dillon. I would seem that he has a good heart for Mama Liberia, but that remains to be seen. hopefully he continues the trend, but time will tell. Cummings, I am watching very keenly, he could be a good leader, but he seems very guarded as though he has something to hide, I could be wrong, Brother Dolo, I am just saying.

    politics in Liberia is all about enrichment and nothing else, so the politician will do anything within their power to win because to them, their suffering will be over and for them to just give up their salary easily, will be a huge fight. “privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily without strong resistance”. Dr. king said that and he was right then and is right now. The Liberians have to make an issue of this salary business and other issues of concern or we will continue to be taken for a ride. and we are in for a long ride.

    So, the million dollar question is: what can be done to bring this dilemna to a closure? it is my generation is that truly feeling the pinch. over 70% of the youths are unemployed or under employed and so we can all kinds of things to make ends meet, whatever way we can. we cannot afford the luxury of going to see a doctor just forget about having a decent meal. another luxury we can only imagine.

    you get my drift, so that is where we are heading…a collision course with disaster.. and we need you, Uncles Dolo and Hney, to come to our rescue. enough of the rhetorics.


    • Dear Joe,

      Don’t worry. Just vote Cummings. He is not hiding anything but sparing on words because only few people in Liberia understand him. He may speak objectively, but people may take him out of context, that’s why he’s sparing on words.

      Joe, Cummings doesn’t need the Liberian people money. He is a multimillionaire. He resigned as vice president of Cocoa Cola (worldwide) just to come and help us, his people. He will not steal your money but will add great value to your economy and find job for you. He will first educate or train you for the workforce, and then get you a decent job. You will live confidently and occasionally go on visit to the USA.
      You see Joe, all Liberians crave to travel to the USA because Liberia is a hell. I agree with them. But you see the country I live in, the people go to the USA to do business, or go to school and come back home to live confidently in their country. He wants to do the same for us.
      Your country is beautiful, rich and majestic. Your country donated to South Korea, when the people in that country were suffering. But you see where South Korea is today as compared to your country? The answer is that we have had notorious bandits, gangsters and vampires who have plagued our country. Like the children of Israel when they were crossing the sea from Egypt, Moses told them this: “the Egyptians you see today, you will see them no more”. I urge you to pray fervently for your country. Our Egyptians, the time will come, when we will see them no more.

      Spread the news of Cummings. Support him in your meetings. Sensitize your friends to not go for the sardine or bread or bag of rice anyone is bringing to your door steps. Cummings will NEVER do that because he has real and good project for you and me.

      Bye bye Joe.

  20. Uncle Dolo

    I am glad that your faith in cummings is unshakable. I wish mine will be like that one day, but for now, I beg to pass. I want to be able to see in him what it is that you see in him. so until then, I will treat him like I treat all other politicians, with skepticism.

    The aim of some of us is not to go live in USA or Europe or Australia, but to just be able to help our people, in other words, to be able to teach them how to fish, not to give them fish everyday. and it can happen.

    so, again, we depending on you and Uncle hney and others to help us to teach our people how to fish and not to give them fish everyday.


    • That’s just the man Cummings is; someone who will teach you how to fish and earn your life decently. I understand you Joe. The frustration has been so much that we don’t know who to trust. He’s the man for Liberia. Give him a chance.


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