Liberia Has Lost a Great Asset’

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Several medical doctors from the various health institutions, including John F. Kennedy Medical Center and Firestone Medical Center, where the late Dr. Samuel S. Brisbane, Liberia’s leading internist served up to the time of his death, remember his passing as a great loss to the country.
A service held to his memory yesterday at the GEDA A.M.E. Church in Brewerville, celebrated his life with songs, stories of working experiences with family members, friends, sympathizers and tributes.
Speaking on behalf of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Dr. Billy Johnson, Chief Medical Officer, said he was proud to be part of a man who inspired other doctors, nurses and patients through the love or passion of his profession.
Dr. Johnson said the late Dr. Brisbane and other health workers remained the authentic heroes who fought to contain the deadly Ebola virus and would be recorded in Liberia’s history.
“We should not forget such a hero who died while performing his duty. Dr. Brisbane was one of Liberia’s outstanding doctors of hope and was confident even at the point that he would give his life to bring back life,” Dr. Johnson said.
Dr. Johnson said many HIV patients are alive today due to the effort of Dr. Brisbane in ensuring that the sick got well and also those in search of health education (nurses) and other health practitioners obtained their desires.
“Dr. Brisbane always said being a doctor is more than the paper anyone can have. He said many times that we were treating other diseases before the Ebola outbreak and we must continue to offer our professional services to the needy,” Dr. Johnson said.
Dr. Philip Ireland of the Emergency Medicine Department at the JFK also spoke about the pleasant working relationship with Dr. Brisbane.
“Dr. Brisbane was a humble man whose services to his country and the JFK Hospital remains a milestone for everyone, including his students at the nursing school. He was receptive in dealing with his students, patients and staff.”
Dr. Robert Kpoto said, “Dr. Brisbane’s death is a great loss to everyone in the medical arena and we hope that God’s blessings will be upon his family.”
Dr. Kpoto noted that it was difficult to lose Dr. Brisbane and urged the children of the deceased to be proud of their father’s bravery and contribution to his country.
On behalf of his family, Elizabeth Brisbane and Samuel Brisbane, Jr. said Dr. Brisbane was a father who loved his profession noting that the family is extraordinarily grateful.
Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott-McDonald read a famous quote of a German doctor as a tribute and described the late Dr. Brisbane as a loving father, renowned doctor, teacher and scientist who believed in his work.


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