Liberia Girl Guides Association Wants Gov’t, CSOs to Empower Less privileged

Liberia Girl Guides Association posed.

The head of the Liberia Girl Guides Association, Tonia Tarley-Wiles, has called on the Government of Liberia and civil society organizations to pay keen attention to the welfare of less privileged Liberians to achieve equity and inclusion among Liberians.

At this year’s World Thinking Day celebration, held in Paynesville under the theme, “Living Threads: Diversity, Equity and inclusion”, Madam Tarley-Wiles said vulnerable people must be treated with dignity and provided protection.

The theme of the event encourages members to think about the big issues affecting them and their global communities. The LGGA’s Chief Commissioner said the World Thinking Day remains one of the most important dates set aside for the protection of their rights in the Guiding calendar of every year.

Meanwhile, LGGA on Saturday, February 22, provided several assorted items including 25kg bags of rice, several knobs of tissue, and gallons of chlorox to the Old Folks Refugee Home in central Monrovia.

Presenting the items ahead of the World Thinking Day celebration, the Chief Commissioner of LGGA said the gifts to the old folks was the institution’s way of identifying with less-fortunate Liberians, indicating that, as part of LGGA’s mandate, it provides food and other clothing to disadvantaged youths and other less fortunate Liberians.

She then applauded the Old Folks Refugee Home Coordinator, Albert D. Scott, “for his efforts in providing help to Liberians that are in a dire need of such aid and care.”

Receiving the items, Mr. Scott commended the LGGA team for the donation which, he said, came as a surprise to the organization and lauded the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection for its continued support in ensuring that assorted materials are provided the from time to time.  He also acknowledged the Management of NASSCORP which, he said, has been their pillar for more than two decades.

“We call on everyone, as well as the Government of Liberia, to help support the association; not only organization or individual,” said Scott.


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