Liberia-Ghana Missions Partner Pledges More Assistance

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In his ongoing ten-day visit to Liberia, Dr. Joseph Milton of Alfalit International has pledged his support to the Mount Zion Christian Academy School (MZCA).

Dr. Milton is the guest of Alfalit Liberia and the Liberia Ghana-Missions, headed by Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings.

Dr. Milton described education as the key to get people out of poverty and backwardness.

He noted that as a result of the immense improvements in the academic, moral and disciplinary standards of the school, financial assistance will continue in the years to come.

He said one of the ways for students to be successful is to begin showing love and compassion for one another.

Education means power and that power should be directed to making quality inputs in the lives of Liberians to bring about change that can resolve the most difficult situations in life, Dr. Milton said.

He noted that agriculture could make Liberia a great nation because of the availability of uncultivated farmland, adding that the judicious use of law will improve the judicial system and help do away with corruption.
Such virtues, Dr. Milton said, were demonstrated by Jesus Christ, “that God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son to die for the sins of all.”

Dr. William said he was delighted to know that MZCA students did well on the West African Examination Council test, saying “when one opportunity closes at one hand, other opportunities open at the other end of the window.”

“You (MZCA) students are our first children in Liberia and Africa and therefore I will continue my support to your school,” said Dr. Williams.

Earlier, LGM Chief Executive Officer Rev. Giddings said starting with 75 students in 2007, the school now has 750 and will continue to serve the educational needs of students that pass through its corridors.
The founder of MZCA, Rev. Samuel K. Wilson, said when the school was threatened with eviction, LGM came to its rescue with US$27,000.

Rev. Wilson said the school’s administration has embarked on the construction of a three storey building.

He said U$66,000 has been used so far, asking for further support from the Liberia-Ghana Missions (LGM).

Rev. Wilson said out 80 12th grade students that sat the WAEC exams for the 2015 and 2016 academic year, 79 successfully passed.

Of the 9th graders, Rev. Wilson said out of the 89 students sent to sit the WAEC for 2015 and 2016, 88 students successfully passed.

On behalf of parents and teachers, Rev. Wilson commended the LGM for its extensive financial assistance to the school over the years.


  1. I am the only High school graduate in my entire family and a student as the United Methodist university who want to learn but no educational support. I am kindly asking this organization for help pls.


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