Liberia Gets 350 Computers from South Korea


The Government of the Republic of Korea, through its embassy, has donated 350 computer sets to the Government of Liberia valued at US$105,000.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the items were presented to Foreign Affairs Minister Marjon Kamara by the Korean Ambassador to Liberia, Noh Kyu-duk, during a ceremony at the ministry this week. The items included monitors, central processing units (hardware), keyboards and mouse.

Ambassador Noh said the items were his government’s contribution to assist Liberia “bridge the digital divide.”

Receiving the items, Foreign Affairs Minister Kamara extended thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Korea for another manifestation of the friendship between the two countries. She indicated that the donation was an important contribution to bridging the digital divide Ambassador Noh alluded to.

“The world is increasingly conducting business electronically and your contribution will help the ministry and the government in general upgrade so that we can work more efficiently and connect better through the internet with our external environment,” she said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kamara said her ministry will collaborate with the General Services Agency, the agency responsible for government assets, to develop an agreed plan for the distribution of the items to ministries and agencies most in need.

Madam Kamara assured that at the end of the distribution exercise, she will share the list with the Ambassador so that he may visit the recipient ministries and agencies and convince himself that his government’s donation is serving the purpose for which it is intended.

“Ambassador Noh, the computers, which I term ‘precious commodity,’ will be used for the purpose for which they were given,” she guaranteed.


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