Liberia Future Trust Donates Food Items to Unprivileged

Massaquoi told the beneficiaries the packages donated is to enable them follow all the health protocols put in place by the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health.

Liberia Future Trust, Inc. (LIFT), a non for profit organization with support from the UN Spotlight Initiatives, has elated some early men, women, and people living with disabilities in three communities across Montserrado County by donating food items to them.

The donation was made through the European Union and United Nations Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and COVID_19 Response in Karn-Karn Town, Mount Barclay, and Kpelleh Town communities.

Items presented included rice, oil, vita cubes, hand sanitizer, and chloral among others.

Pabia M. Massaquoi, LIFT Executive Director said the intervention is indented to rescue the most vulnerable people who have been restricted due to the COVID_19 pandemic.

Massaquoi told the beneficiaries that the hygienic packages donated are to enable them to comply with all the health protocols put in place by the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health.

The vulnerable people, mainly those with physical disabilities depend on children living with them to take them around for handouts, and the current situation posing restriction on movements and interactions with others is seriously confronting their well being.

Massaquoi asked them to keep their families safe because the COVID_19 is real and is in Liberia.

Comfort Yini, 48, thanked LIFT and the Spotlight Initiatives for the contribution to less fortunate during such a difficult time.

Yini, a mother of three, said she has been sick since the outbreak and has made it very difficult for her to provide for her family.  She said the donation enables her family now to have bread on the table at least for a while.

John Wolukama, 60, said his two kids and five grandchildren end each day through God’s grace, and the donation has added up their joy.

“I want to thank those that brought these food items to us for saving lives,” Wolukama said with joy.

LIFT was established in 2015 with the mission to promote human rights, empower women and girls, and provide a safe space for all.

The organization, since the outbreak of the COVID_19 virus, has been heavily involved in training community leaders, youth, and women on how to follow preventive health measures.


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