“Liberia’s Democracy May Reach Elasticity Brink, If…”


Newly inducted Senator of Maryland County, James Binney, has called for review of the Elections Law of Liberia so that “frivolous  accusations” don’t take the country’s democratic process to the brink.”

“In the face of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, I feel we must review the Law, because we are going to have almost ninety (90) elections across the country, with more than approximately 500 contestants.”

In continuation, Binney said, “If we do not review the law so that it conforms with today’s challenges to avoid all these unnecessary challenges, we might take our democracy to its elasticity brink, and it will not be good for us.”

The warning by the National Patriotic Party candidate under the Coalition of Democratic Change arrangements followed similar statements by Senators Jonathan Boyd Charles Sogbie of River Gee, and Edwin Melvin Snowe of Bomi Counties who too, called for a review of the Elections Commission law of Liberia during their respective induction ceremonies.

Speaking yesterday in the Senate Annex Chambers minutes following his induction, Senator Binney reminded his colleagues that his election as Senator is a story.

“I am the first Senator in the history of Maryland County to win all four administrative districts of the county; it’s unprecedented with a huge margin of five thousand votes approximately.”

In spite of that huge achievement, Senator Binney regretted that his election was challenged, and had to wait until after three months, to allow the legal process to take its course which he asserted is a part of the democratic process, and expressed happiness that it has finally come to an end, “And I am here to join you to do the Liberian people’s work.”

Senator Binney intimated that 70% of the election results were challenged, describing it as unprecedented. He opined that when the framers of the 1986 Constitution crafted the elections law, they did not anticipate that seventy percent of the results of the election at a point in time would be challenged. He assured his supporters, especially those in Maryland, that his ascension to the Senatorial position knows no borders; “Because what matters is Liberia comes first, and all other things come second.”

Also inducted yesterday was Grand Kru County Senator Numene T. H. Bartekwa, who assured his kinsmen that he will uphold their trust reposed in him.”We have come not as mmm novices, we are just from next door (House of Representatives) with legislative experience, and we will be team players; we need to disarm ourselves with political representation and annex our expertise to solve our national problems, ” Senator Bartekwa, an avowed CDCian, but who contested as independent candidate urged his colleagues. The induction of the two Senators brings the number of seated Senators to twenty- four (24).


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