Liberia Confirms 3 Additional Cases of COVID-19

However, Drs. Fallah and Jallah, failed short to give any information on the three persons of the new cases whether it was previously suspected cases that have been under observation and quarantine for quite some time.  Or their contacts have been traced as well.

The government through the National Public Health Institute has reported three additional cases—bring the country total cases number to 6.

In a Facebook post, NPHIL reported that it has confirmed 3 new cases just a day after informing the public of three suspected cases.

But NPHIL did not indicate where these three new cases came from or were previously suspected cases that have been under observation and quarantine for quite some time, and their contacts have most likely been traced as well.

The NPHIL on March 31, 2020, informed the Liberian that it three previous confirmed cases are in admission and clinically stable but had six suspected cases in isolation (Montserrado- 4, Grand Gedeh-1, and Bong-1) pending testing.

The NHIPL added 434 contacts including 40 health workers have been documented and that 5 contacts discharged from quarantine as well as 13 contacts have tested negative for the virus.

However, the NPHIL did not provide a status report on the country’s 45 high-risk cases, the number which is included in the 434 contacts.

Before the three new cases were announced, Liberia’s best knew Infectious Disease Scientist, Dr.  Dougbeh Chris Nyan said the country cases maybe an under-representation of the actual number of infectious persons since there is far less testing being conducted for the coronavirus.

According to Dr. Nyan, COVID-19, “which we also call SARS-CoV-2, tricks the body not to show symptoms in some infected persons; therefore, any further delay in massive testing means a continual increase of asymptomatic cases, which will complicate efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

“I believe that there are plenty of infected asymptomatic carriers of the virus that are not yet tested due to the apparent lack of mass testing in Liberia,” Dr. Nyan, who is a Liberian based in the USA, said. “Once we begin to conduct mass testing, that number will exponentially increase drastically from 3 cases upward. This is the same pattern we are now observing in other countries like the US, Spain, Turkey, and South Africa. Therefore, there is a need for more testing so that we are not under the illusion that Liberia has only three positive cases. In the Bible, it is stated that Seek and ye shall find. The more we test, the more we will find.”


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