Liberia Completes 37 Days of Countdown to Ebola Free Status

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The head of the Incident Management System, Tolbert G. Nyenswah, has alerted that Liberia has completed 37 days of the 42-day countdown to returning to its status as an Ebola transmission free nation.
Minister Nyenswah made the disclosure to this newspaper via mobile phone yesterday in Monrovia.
He explained that if Liberia maintains its present status with no suspected case of Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) will announce the country Ebola-free by the end of the month.
“While we are waiting to be announced an Ebola-free country, we should continue to observe all the preventive measures such as the regular hand-washing, avoiding overcrowded areas as well as regular communication with surveillance teams and other activities adopted by the IMS and its partners,” Mr. Nyenswah said.
He said Liberia will complete its 42-day count-down on September 5. He cautioned that in spite of the expected WHO declaration come September 5, the Ministry of Health will remain dedicated and committed to observing the preventive measures until Liberia’s neighboring countries are declared Ebola free.
Nyenswah told the Daily Observer on Thursday that the IMS is working to ensure that the country recaptures its status. He warned that all surveillance activities should remain a priority especially at the various bordering countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone.
Minister Nyenswah said the IMS has also intensified and increased its border and community engagements to ensure that Liberia remains free of the epidemic and urged the public to enforce prevention of the disease at all levels.
This week, Sierra Leone did not report any new case since it discharged the last patient, while Guinea reported only two cases last week, something, which, Mr. Nyenswah noted, is welcome news for Liberia.
Liberia was declared Ebola-free by WHO on May 9, but the status was jeopardized on June 29 when a new case emerged involving a 17 year-old boy whose corpse tested positive of the virus 48 days after the nation was declared Ebola transmission free.


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