Liberia Committed to Working with US, Partners ‘Will Cut Bureaucratic Red Tape’

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has reiterated the Liberian government’s commitment to partnering with the international community including the United States of America to tackle the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the country.

During a brief discussion with a US delegation comprising Ambassador Deborah Malac and Major General Darryl A. Williams, Commander of the U.S. Army Africa at his Capitol Building offices, Vice President Boakai recognized the pivotal role that Liberia’s partners are playing in the national fight against the killer disease, adding that the collective effort of government and its partners will help eradicate the virus.

Specifically addressing the United States’ role in the fight, Vice President Baokai pointed out that the involvement of the United States in the Ebola crisis in Liberia is the “outcome of the traditional relationship that exists between the Republic of Liberia and the United States spanning over a century and a half.”

The outbreak of Ebola has crippled every sector of the country, VP Boakai said, but he expressed optimism for a quick recovery.

VP Boakai said “Liberia is poised to work with the United States and partners to ensure that the menace is eradicated from the nation in order to make way for the country to move on with its national development agenda.

“There will be a cut in bureaucratic red tape to ensure that the program put into place by the government of Liberia to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus is executed without hindrance,” the VP further noted.

He lamented that the epidemic has touched every aspect of the Liberian society, but said he believes the country is poised to overcome the tragedy.

For her part, US Ambassador Deborah Malac reaffirmed Washington’s commitment to working on processes that will support the plans of the Liberian Government in containing the spread of the Ebola virus.  She acknowledged the challenges associated with containing the virus, but said her government was determined to accomplish the task.

“We will get on top of this,” Ambassador Malac declared.

Earlier, Major General Williams disclosed plans to help with the effort including the construction of a twenty five bed hospital and two mobile laboratories and in partnership with the Armed Forces of Liberia, making every endeavor to address the needs of the people.

The US General expressed gratitude for the hospitality and reception he and his team have received since their arrival in Liberia.

In closing, Amb. Malac expressed optimism in the collective fight, adding that soon Ebola will be eradicated from the country.


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