“Liberia-China Relations Will Reach New Levels,” Says President Weah

Presidents Xi Jinping and George Manneh Weah at the FOCAC summit in Beijing

Lauds China’s Support to Peace, Security in Africa

Liberian President George Manneh Weah has pledged that the relations subsisting between Liberia and China will reach new levels under his administration, and that Liberia will take all necessary measures to enhance the already strong bilateral relations and cooperation with China as the two countries work together to achieve the mutual aspirations of their peoples, a dispatch from China has said.

According to the dispatch, China, an emerging world economic power, is working to afford African nations greater and better opportunities to unlock developments in infrastructure, science, tourism, communication and a wide-range of areas of mutual interest.

President Weah said Liberia was determined to work with China and other sisterly African countries to expand this win-win collaboration between Africa and China, and to defend the multi-lateralism of the international order and the world free trade system.

He also reaffirmed Liberia’s commitment to the One-China Policy, and China-Africa joint collaboration under the “Belt and Road” initiatives, believing that these policies will strengthen the unity and cooperation, which already subsist between China and the developing countries of Africa.

“One China policy” is a policy saying that there is only one country of China, despite the fact that there are two governments, China and Taiwan, with the official name of China.

In the case of the United States, the One-China Policy was first stated in the Shanghai Communiqué of 1972: “the United States acknowledges that Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China.”

President Weah’s comments, the dispatch said, were contained in special remarks he delivered on September 4, 2018, at the close of the 2018 Summit on the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

He expressed gratitude to China for the resources, opportunities and possibilities the FOCAC presents to Africa and its peoples, and said Liberia was grateful to the Government and people of China for the strong support and assistance it has received over the years.

FOCAC’s Objectives are equal consultation, enhancing understanding, expanding consensus, strengthening friendship and promoting cooperation between Africa and the People’s Republic of China.

[Consultation Mechanism] as prescribed in the Program for China-Africa Cooperation in Economic and Social Development, adopted at the 2000 Ministerial Conference of FOCAC, China and Africa agreed to set up joint follow-up mechanisms to conduct regular evaluations on the implementation of the follow-up actions.

“Through the generosity of China, we have been the beneficiary of many significant infrastructure developments, which have had direct and positive impact on improving the quality of life of our citizens,” the President recalled.

He also reflected on the huge assistance Liberia received from China when plagued by the Ebola Virus Disease, noting: “China was the very first country to provide humanitarian support to Liberia in the form of material supplies, equipment, and medical personnel to assist us to effectively combat this disease.”

President Weah said the numerous assistance China provided Liberia truly reflects the compassion and humanitarianism of President Xi Jinping, who continues to pay high attention to the epidemic situation in West Africa, and declared that the Chinese government will continue to help African countries fight the epidemic.

President Weah also weighed in on the significance FOCAC presents the African Continent to chart a new course in its ties with the People’s Republic of China.

He acknowledged the new heights China-Africa relations have reached under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, stating that FOCAC provides the leaders of Africa the opportunity to meet and dialogue with the Government of the Republic of China.

“There has been a significant increase of investments in infrastructure, agriculture, health, education and public housing, as well as in other critical sectors across various African countries,” the Liberian leader said September 4, 2018, in special remarks at the just ended two-day FOCAC Summit held in Beijing.

“The FOCAC is also a measure of Chinese commitment to the development and transformation of Africa. This commitment is characterized by core Chinese principles such as sincerity, affinity, and good faith. The values of mutual friendship and shared development interests will continue to shape China-Africa relations in the years to come.”

President Weah said it was imperative for Africans to laud China for its support to peace and security in Africa. China has actively supported the peacekeeping capacity of several member states of the African Union, which has enhanced our efforts and capabilities to solve regional issues independently.

Few days ago, China announced a US$54 million grant to Liberia, as a result of a special appeal from President Weah to aid the construction of two Overhead Bridges to ease vehicular traffic movement at the Ministerial Complex and SKD Boulevard, respectively.


  1. The Chinese – Liberian relationship is coming in site. We should segment this market with a new diplomatic enhancement, a team with China to back up the nation’s needs. Let us not include another nation in the process, with sense to make that east west relationship as friendship in the south versus north in the universe cannot conglomerate concupiscence with jealously. Trade with another country cannot be bias especially when prices on the world market fluctuates. Liberians will be told and see this elasticity in domestic trade with China.
    Gone to silence. Do not reply my box. Tell the Chines and Liberian people.

  2. As officials of the past war who killed animals did blame the Liberian people in 2914 when they forgot to blame themselves for contaminating the nation with dead bodies from animals and human remains exposed to fruit bats, rats and dogs to spread the EBOLA virus. Mosquitos problem is still a health issue. We should use the health trade to sanitize the entire nation as a health care priority. As long as Liberians are healthy, food will come in abundance. Gone. Do not answer me. Tell Liberians.

  3. Apparently the Chinese will access and own ALL our resources for the xxbilliion $$$.
    Comes at a time when we refuse for our native born liberians living in foreign parts to receive citizenship in their own country. [email protected]


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