Liberia Chairs AU Peace, Security Council

Ambassador Robert Y. Lormia II (middle) represents Liberia at the AU. He now chairs the continental body's Peace and Security Council.

-For the first time

For the first time, Liberia has been given the opportunity to chair the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council, which will run for October 2019, a release has said.

Ambassador Robert Y. Lormia, II, is the first Liberian ever to be elected to chair the African Union Peace and Security Council that is ongoing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

According to the release, at the opening session on October 10, Amb. Lormia expressed delight that Liberia has finally assumed the chairmanship of the Peace and Security Council.

He assured the Council that Liberia will do everything within its power to ensure that this lofty objective of the Union to secure a continent that enjoys lasting peace is achieved.

Amb. Lormia continued, “It is only through secured Peace and Security that the continent will sustain growth in economic, infrastructural and human capital development.”

He paid tribute to the memory of Edward Wilmot Blyden, a Liberian whose vision for Pan-Africanism, Lormia said, laid the basis for the formation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union (AU).

He also honored the memory of Presidents William V. S. Tubman of Liberia, Ahmed Sekou Toure of Guinea and Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, who laid the cornerstone of the OAU, at their historic summit in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, Liberia.

Amb. Lormia assured members of the Council that Liberia will bring its experiences in peacekeeping and security sector reform gained during its dark period to bear on the work of the Council.

According to him, Liberia has a long history of contributing to peacekeeping operations on the continent as it was among the first countries on the continent to commit troops to the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Amb. Lormia said under his chairmanship, Liberia will be co-chairing the 13th Annual Joint Consultative Meeting between the African Union Peace and Security Council as well as the United Nations Security Council in Addis Ababa.

Amb. Lormia’s tenure will also oversee the preparation of a joint field mission of the AU Peace and Security Council and EU Peace and Security Council to the Sahel Region, according to the release.

“Joint Missions of this nature is a clear indication that peace and security issue is a collective concern that needs the collective actions of all stakeholders,” Amb. Lormia said.

He said the Council will consider matters of enhanced collaboration with other international bodies such as the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) and the EU Peace and Security Council, to forge sustainable partnerships and address peace and security issues on the continent.

“As chairman of the Peace and Security Council, we know that this new link with other member states will bring us new knowledge and new ideas in developing a Comprehensive Peace and Security plan for our continent to the extent that we will address the challenges associated with attaining peace and stability,” Amb. Lormia said.

He said that the Kingdom of Morocco, as Chair of September, thanked the Council for the warmth, cooperation and openness as demonstrated by a profound fraternal African solidarity.

Liberia joined the African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) in 2018 for a two-year term. The Peace and Security Council is a standing organ of the AU for the prevention, management and resolution of conflict. It works in support of peace building and post conflict reconstruction, humanitarian and disaster management.

Alongside this mandate, the AUPSC is a collective security and early warning arrangement to respond to crisis situations.

The Council is comprised of 15 member states representing various regions on the continent, including Liberia, which is among four countries that represent the Western region. The Council meets in closed sessions, open meetings and informal consultations to deliberate and facilitate timely and efficient responses to conflict situations.


  1. See the nonsense. The country is in trouble, no tolerance, government targeting people and you put Liberia in charge of peace, that why the AU has no respect.

  2. JM,
    You’re right. Trouble is in the land. But, JM, take it easy. Liberia will get better. Let’s be optimistic.
    Lastly, it’s my hope that you filled out the application that I told you about. You know what I mean.

  3. Hope he will bring peace in Liberia by telling the GOL to stop being thin-skin about everything all the time. He must also ensure that the GOL officials will stop making threats to citizens. Lord have mercy

  4. “The country is in trouble, no tolerance, government targeting people…”, seriously?

    Are we talking about the same “country” in which few years ago aspiring presidential candidate Freeman’s house was raided by police sent to arrest him and he fled to exile in Freetown; better still, the Liberia where Chronicle Newspaper was damaged by police units, equipment seized, and proprietor arrested for publishing a story about alleged plans for an Interim government?

    Apparently, detractors feign amnesia hence forgot that despite about US $12 billions in donor countries’ support, this leadership inherited a plundered treasury, mass unemployment, pervasive poverty, and a bleeding economy. By the way, conditions which then UP Chairman Varney Sherman alluded to in his 2013 Independence Anniversary Oration that landed him ludicrous lying charges.

    Well, with illegally-printed L$ 14 billions deliberately flooded on the market triggering inflation, even respected reformer PM Modi of India would’ve required a sense of stableness and predictability to attract investments. But that couldn’t happen at home. A media space which should’ve been bidding for advertisements to help lure investors got paid more by covert foreign agents to collude with politicos in deepening economic stagnation and making the country ungovernable in a climate of choreographed dissent and resistance.

    It begs the question, where is money coming from, then, to meet government’s huge financial obligations?

    No, a government that allows Rep Kolubah to repeatedly threaten overthrowing it isn’t intolerant; a government that ignores Henry Costa yells about buying guns for old Rebels to bring a President down and overthrow it isn’t intolerant. More significantly, a government that doesn’t grumble while politicians, some of whom benefited financially from the economic disaster it inherited, use continuous protests in expectation of an uprising is too tolerant amid such treacherous troublemaking.

    You know, Moses, or whomsoever, those acts w’ld not have happened under the Iron Lady!


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