Liberia Becomes The First Ship Registry To Join Neptune Declaration

Signed by more than 500 organizations, the Neptune Declaration highlights the main actions that are required to be taken in order to resolve the crew change crisis.

The Liberian Registry has become the very first ship registry to sign onto the Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change. The Liberian Registry joins over 300 owners, operators, and maritime organizations in this very important worldwide call to action to end the unprecedented crew change crisis caused by COVID-19.

According to Splash247, an outlet covering global maritime, the declaration was unveiled at the Davos summit last week.

Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry (LISCR), Alfonso Castillero, states: “I am very proud to have the Liberian Registry join as signatory to the Neptune Declaration.  It is an honor for us to sign, and we pledge to continue our efforts in facilitating crew changes aboard our 4,600 vessels around the globe.  COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges, and we have been fighting for the facilitation of crew changes since the early days of the pandemic, working closely with industry bodies such as ICS and ITF, port and coastal States, and with the owners and operators of Liberian flagged vessels.”

Alfonso Castillero, Liberian flag’s chief operating officer.

Signed by more than 500 organizations, the Neptune Declaration highlights the main actions that are required to be taken in order to resolve the crew change crisis. The daily lives and wellbeing of seafarers was highly impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic and led to a humanitarian crisis at sea.

The International Chamber of Shipping estimates that between March and August 2020 only about 25% of normal crew changes were able to take place, due to restrictions imposed by national health and immigration authorities and the suspension of the majority of international flights. “There is a growing recognition that seafarers’ tours of duty cannot continue to be extended indefinitely and that the current situation is unsustainable,” the ICS noted, stressing that “the continuing inability of ship operators to conduct crew changes has been the single greatest operational challenge confronting the global shipping industry since the Second World War.”

This Neptune Declaration outlines four main actions that are needful to address the crew change crisis: To recognize the seafarers as the key workers and provide them priority access to Covid-19 vaccines; to establish and implement the gold standard health protocols which are based on the existing best practice; to increase the collaboration between the ship operators and charterers so as to facilitate the crew changes; and to ensure the air connectivity between the key maritime hubs for seafarers.

“Seafarers have been the unsung heroes of this pandemic,” the International Maritime Organization says, “as the world relies on them to transport more than 80% of trade by volume, including vital food and medical goods, energy and raw materials, as well as manufactured goods across the globe. They have also been collateral victims of the crisis, as travel restrictions have left tens of thousands of them stranded on ships, or unable to join ships.”

The Liberian Registry has signed on to the Neptune Declaration in order to continue the fight to recognize seafarers as key-workers and give them priority access to COVID-19 vaccines; to establish and implement gold standard health protocols based on existing best practices; increase collaboration between industry stakeholders to facilitate crew changes; and to ensure air connectivity between key maritime hubs.

“I want to thank the Global Maritime Forum, and the partner organizations in signing this important declaration,” Castillero adds. “It takes courage to take this stand and fight for not only what is right for our seafarers, but for the maritime industry and world trade. There is so much more work to be done to solve this crisis, and we will continue to work day and night in support of this along with the other partner signatories of this very important declaration.”


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    The first Republic, the first in the OAU, the first in in the UN, the first in the Table Mountain, the first, the first, the first, the first, but the last in accomplishments and development and implementation in everything. Tells more about the first in this and the first in that, Please.
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  2. James Davis…….
    My man, leave my country alone eeeeeeeh!
    Stop mocking us like that eeeeeeeeeh!

    The sad thing about it is that it doesn’t benefit Liberians!
    Yes, Liberia is the first to join the Neptune Declaration, what does it mean for our hungry people?
    Are you going to employ me on the high seas? Or are you going to sell such opportunities to foreigners cheaply, giving them our passports?
    How many CDCians have been listed as seafarers? Are you waiting to blame someone else?

    Bunch of heartless and wicked people!
    Liberia the first in this and that, and so? And so? Nonsense!

    • Mr. Dolo, it seemed like mockery. But as they say over on the other side of the ocean, facts come through mockery. And here’s why.
      As a young man going up in that funky city called Monrovia, the comparison of that God Forsaken Country used to come up in most political circles amongst the so-called educated country people, as Mr. Hney would preferred to classify them as intellectual native people.
      Mind you, it was never the settlers that made excuses for the under development of that country, when that country was compared to Ghana. Perhaps they met the development of the capital of Ghana. Whatever it was, the intellectual natives had an excused for the under development of that country and its capital, Monrovia.
      But whenever the conversation of Liberia’s under development came about in comparison to Ghana, the intellectual educated natives will remind others that ” Ghana Was Built By White People, And Liberia is being Built By Black People “. Think you too must have heard that saying before. Not from the settlers, but the very intellectual natives people.
      The intellectual natives excuses seemed to suggest that only white people are entitled to live life comfortably. And that science related developments are only meant for white people only. And that black people can not afford to build and live comfortably.
      Something like having safe drinking water. Good chairs in schools. Good school buildings for their own children. They seemed to directly suggest that the word Comfortable is only meant for white people, and that it was meant for black people unless it was built by white people.
      Mind you, it was not the settlers making those excuses. But the intellectual educated natives representing the rest of the illiterate natives of that God Forsaken Country !
      In America, the intellectual educated natives working alongside of the settlers to deny their people their constitutional rights for over 130 years, in America, they would be referred to as “Uncle Tom” or the “House Niggars” of the settlers.
      And that God Forsaken Country has become the country that time forget. While Ghana is building on what the White Man’s did. Was also the first country to gain its independence, and has a lot to show for.
      Don’t want to believe that ? Ask the over two thousand African Americans that visit that blessed land. How many came over to visit that God Forsaken Land ? How many ? Bet 0.
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      Liberia is the first, but the last in every accomplishment. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      What A Country ? What A Country ?

  3. The people we refered to as our leaders don’t have love for this nation. We will always be the first in almost everything but not seriours to complet it.

  4. James Davis,

    Look man, I could have put you on my back if you were near me, man! You drive the nail through the right holes all the time.

    The other day, my adorable Grand Frere Hney was bashing at me when I held the white guys in high esteem. But earlier, he had made comments that the Ivory Coast, Senegal and other French colonies were built by the French. Huuummmmmmmmmmm, did Grand Frere follow up on his logical chain of thought?
    Then I asked him this, “if it were true that the Ivory Coast was built by the French, why don’t we see the same level of development in other French colonies like Benin, Niger, Mali, Burkina, etc.? Up to date, my Grand Frere is yet to answer. I hope he will do so this time.

    I also gave a story here about my Grade 4 teacher called Mr. Passawe who once told my class that the Ivory Coast was a poor country living on agriculture. In 1990, when I crossed over to this poor country, the level of development in one of the border towns called Danane was astounding and comparative or even better than most part of my capital Monrovia, how paradoxical to see this poor country which gained its independence in 1960, just 30 years old at the time of our war!

    What am I driving at?
    Liberians who have traveled to the USA or Europe still foolishly spew out imbecilities as if Liberia is better than most regional countries without even any constructive argument or proofs to show.
    Liberians, like many human beings, go to church and fervently pray 52/52 weeks and throughout their lives to go to heaven, but none is willing to die.
    Liberians, like some Africans, want to have beautiful cities like Paris and improved infrastructure like in Europe, but are not willing to empower their own workforce academically and financially to build such cities brick by brick. We think the white guys, we always compare ourselves with and say they are not better than us, will come and do it for us.

    Why do some Africans fight to rule their own stock if they have nothing concrete to offer? Why will you come to power with no plans for the first, second, third or fourth month / year and then expect things to happen magically?
    Why do some Africans fight against their own people who seek to proudly labor with their hands for the white guys we claim to be equal with?
    The level of financial support given to BLM in the USA, why not contribute a tenth of such contribution to brave women and men of Africa for self sufficiency to proudly bring our sisters and brothers back home to the cradle of humanity?

    Our parents have long cried, “oh, the Congau people did this to us, did that to us…… Okay, okay, we know the Congau people are the devils in persons on earth for the natives, that’s why we killed them in 1980 and now have our Gbekugbeh.
    What are we, the real Liberians, doing for Liberia? You vote a stupid grade 9 dropout and you expect development, what development? From which brain or technology? Do you think I will ideally give you a blueprint of your house without you giving me a conception of what you envisage? NOOOOOOOOO!

    We, native Liberians, must come to ourselves! It’s not because I speak standard English and so I am a Congau, NOOOOOOOOOO!
    We are so dull and stupid when behaving like animals. How can you kick against other Africans (people with black skin), probably your own parents, forcibly taken out of Africa and embrace the Indians and Lebanese into every stratum of our economic bedrock? We have seen Liberians giving monopoly over the importation of our staple to a Lebanese, what freedom fighter can do this, man? What freedom are you fighting for? Freedom to enslave your people?

    Look, I am so bitter ever since I started learning a lot of things about my country. Let’s make a change come 2023, my people.
    May Liberians begin to think and do things like the people of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya!


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