LIBA Urges President-Elect Weah to Rekindle Hope in Private Sector

Cross section of business executives at a working session in Minnesota, USA.

The leadership of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA) in Liberia and the Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora (LIBA-USA) have urged President-elect George Weah to rekindle hope in the private sector and allow players in the industry to lead the agenda for growth.

In a joint statement signed yesterday by Ms. Leelai M. Kpukuyou, secretary general of LIBA and Mr. Jackson K. George, Jr. of LIBA-USA, they want President-elect Weah to make efforts for Liberians to play leading roles the country’s economic activities as well as create measures that will protect the interest of the business community.

“We are of the strongest convection that in order for Liberia to make significant progress in its economic development efforts it must continuously seek serious public-private sector partnership engagement to discuss and address real issues confronting the growth or expansion of Liberian-owned businesses.

“This is because no country can boast of total economic success without a strong middle class and full participation of its private sector,” the business executives said.

They also noted that over the past twelve years, the Government of Liberia under the leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf intensified efforts through policy formulation, and was even successful to enact many legislations geared towards creating an enabling environment for small businesses.

According to them, because of these legislations, some Liberian-owned businesses received opportunities to source funding that enabled them to actively participate in the economy.
“As you assume this high office, we avail ourselves to the opportunities your Government would create for Liberians in the Diaspora and Liberians at home to invest in the economy and strengthen the capacity of Liberian-owned businesses to compete both domestically and internationally.

“We look forward to a formal meeting with you at the appropriate time where pertinent issues regarding Liberia’s private sector development would be discussed in the interest of moving our economy forward,” they concluded.

LIBA-Liberia was established by an Act of the Legislature in 1993.

In partnership with the Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora, commonly referred to as LIBA-USA, it has a mission to provide services to strengthen capacities and create tangible business values by establishing a professional forum through which information, knowledge, and opportunities can be exchanged.

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