No Liberia Music Awards this Year in Liberia

LMA chief organizer, Kaifa K.Y. Yamah .

The 4th edition of the Liberia Music Awards (LMA), which was expected to be held in Liberia instead of the U.S, has been canceled.

The LMA, the country’s most prestigious music awards that honors and recognizes artists and their artistic achievements, has never been held in the country since its founding 3 years ago.

The chief organizer of the LMA, Kaifa K. Y. Yamah, said considering the current political climate, they cannot risk making any investment ‘just to bring the awards back home.’

Mr. Yamah added they were not only coming home to organizer an award show, but with knowledge and equipment to change the way the music industry is currently run in the country.

“We were coming to train artists to understand the business concept of music which will enable them to monetize their career. Also, we were bringing in top-notch equipment for a recording studio to help Liberian artists produce songs that meet international standard.

“But the way things appear now, we cannot come home with the award show. This was a difficult decision we have to make.

“However, after some deep thoughts and reflection and some legal advice from our lawyers, we found out that it’s not right to make an investment right after elections due to a lot of unforeseen political circumstances.We deeply regret this postponement and wish these inevitabilities had been different,” Yamah added.

Meanwhile, Yamah said he and his team still remain committed to helping build Liberia’s struggling music industry despite this announcement.

“No matter what, we remain committed to the cause of improving the music industry in Liberia. And this commitment is unflinching.

“It is fair for hits, artists and producers and videographers who have put in blood, sweat and tears to be recognized; so this year’s award will still be held. Details on this year’s nominees will be released soon,” he concluded.


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