Liberian Poet Makes ‘the Cut’ on Global Stage


-Ivan Brooks’ Poem, ‘Cowardice’, Recognized

Lack of recognition and encouragement did not deter, or has never been a stumbling block for veteran Liberian poet Ivan Brooks, who continue to follow his dream and doing what he loves best—writing to educate and entertain. Brooks is an enthusiastic and passionate lover of the pen, a characteristic that dates as far back as childhood. But, despite his long years of writing, his works have never received due recognition; that is, until of late, when his masterpiece, ‘Cowardice,’ struck a cord, and made it on the global stage.

Out of several thousand works submitted by great poets from around the globe, Brooks’ ‘Cowardice’ was one of the selected few for publication in the ”United We Stand – Poets Against Terrorism” E-BOOK PROJECT. This project is “A Tribute To All Victims Of Terrorism” by Dr Fabio Frocini and Poets Unite Worldwide. This masterpiece is now on AMAZON.

“I made the cut y’all! And I’m glad I did,” Brooks, who is currently based in Norway, told the Daily Observer in an interview yesterday. He is one person who strongly believes that the art of writing is a gift of nature that came to him naturally, although he did not allow this natural gift to dictate its own course, for which he disciplined himself through hard work, dedication and perseverance. While he is yet to be recognized locally, even with signs of encouragement by publishing his many works, he has always been focused to do what inspires him. Brooks is downhearted that his works have never been appreciated back home.

Brooks also has many of his works published on many platforms but “as a cliché, we all know LIB people are not supportive of each other in many aspects. This is not about me, it’s generally about our artists and talented brothers and sisters who need our collective support. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember.” Brooks also has a page with many of his works. “It is here that my talent was showcased, thus gaining the respect of the,” he added.

In response to a question on recognition or prizes for the selected works, Brooks responded yes/no, and added: “Remember that terrorism is not formulated for a specific people or region. We are all sitting ducks whose lives can be transformed at anytime by these heartless people, in the most unthinkable way ever! The sheer satisfaction of having your work chosen by the editorial committee from the thousands who submitted some of the most beautiful poetic works that I’ve ever seen is for me more than money or trophy. Why? You see that this is beginning a period or process of transformation for my craft.”

Brooks got initially recognized when he wrote “a poem of the day” piece titled “My Dues are paid.”  Written on May 18, 2017, it was from this work that he got the invitation to partake in the project. “I made ‘poem of the day’ in May and that work was the reason I got recognized and invited to this project,” he told the Daily Observer.

“This poem on made ‘poem of the day’; that’s how I was called to this project…a very significant step in my life as a striving poet. I was unaware until people started sending me congratulatory messages,” he added. Brooks is a proud man who, though he did what many are referencing as a masterpiece, was lucky to have been selected from among thousands of poems and several thousand poets.

“I may not have gone to the Olympics to win a medal for my country, but all I know is that I put my country on the map, too,” he said.

As a little known poet whose work was selected (the only Liberian) to be used in the global fight against terrorism, Brooks considers himself a “poet, a griot, a bank of knowledge and wordsmith who bends letters. I’m a sagest, man of wisdom.”


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