AMEU Set to Premiere Anti-Violence Film


A new film ‘Mama Liberia’ aimed at educating Liberians about the consequences of violence, especially after October 10 elections, is set to premiere this week at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) campus.

‘Mama Liberia’ is a short film produced by Mongoose Productions, which is owned by the university. The film opens with a brief history about the effects of Liberia’s 14-year civil war, and quickly moves to vividly portray what will happen if the country descends into violence again.

‘Mama Liberia’ ends with the message that Liberians should love their country, regardless of tribal or religious leaning. The film will premiere at 1 p.m on Friday, September 29, at the university’s auditorium.

Entrance is free.

Dr. Dawn Cooper Barnes, the Associate Vice President for Academic Support Services at AMEU, said as election time approaches, “the time is right for the movie.”

She said ‘Mama Liberia’ can serve as a tool to prevent violence and be used as a constant reminder that Liberians must be peaceful. The film dramatizes the consequences of violence and the ongoing need to promote reconciliation among Liberians, which any future government of the nation must continue to tackle.

“In October 2017, Liberians will have the opportunity to prove to the global community, which has invested so much in this peace, that power can be democratically transferred without violence. Mrs. Sirleaf has served her two constitutionally-permitted terms and a new president must now be chosen by the people.

“Although by most accounts Liberia is very unlikely to return to civil conflict, too much is at stake to risk the possibility of any violence what-so-ever. After more than twelve years since the cessation of the civil war, some people may have forgotten just how devastating the war years were for Liberia. Some of our youth cannot remember the war at all,” she added.

About Mongoose Productions

Mongoose Productions was organized in 2015 with the purpose of encouraging students and staff to participate in the creative process of producing movies that are educational as well as entertaining.

Mongoose Productions presented its first short film entitled, ‘Every Day’ in December 2016 at the AMEU Christmas Extravaganza to a very appreciative audience. Since then, the film, which tackles the serious issue of systemic corruption in Liberian society, has been screened at other venues in and out of Liberia.

‘Mama Liberia’ is produced in collaboration with Kreative Mindz Studio, Inc. and Aurora Productions, Inc., and dramatizes Liberia’s ongoing need for peace and reconciliation especially as the country anticipates elections in October 2017.


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