Album Review of Liberia Most-Versatile and Consistent Celebrity, Jackie Russ

Alex Nyenga, alias Jackie Russ

By Sheikh Mohammed, contributing writer

Alex Nyenga, alias Jackie Russ, is one of Liberia’s finest videographers. His videography skill is worth venerating, coupled with the fact that he has done a lot to help the youngsters achieve their projects with little or nothing. 

His ability to interact with his clients and fans have fetched him so much admiration for which he has become a force to reckon with due to his longevity, versatility, and consistency in the music industry, carving a name for himself as one of the forces propelling the waves of music video production in the country. His just-unleashed Album “Magic SZN” took us by surprise and proved that Jackie Russ is the true definition of versatility. 

Here are the full reviews of his album. 

1. All to you (ft Muzikal)

Afropop is at its finest yet again, Muzikal was the perfect feature for this song because this is a lane in which he never goes wrong. Well, what’s a Liberian Afropop song without over-saturated praises and promises for whoever it was made for. Content-wise ”All To You” is self-explanatory as they gave everything to make their partner happy.

 2. Anymore ft Rudeboi

So far the theme is strictly relationship-wise and we are starting to get why the project is titled Magic SZN. ”Anymore” is a song about the lack of assurance and security in a relationship. It’s a song everybody can relate to because we all had a partner of some sort who wasn’t willing to make the necessary changes to withhold their stance and due to that, you had no choice but to throw in the towel and completely let go, the absence of reciprocated energy is tiring.  When we saw it feature Rudeboi we thought it was the one of the dudes from p-square but regardless the dude held his ground and stuck the topic which was a total necessity to give the track the light it needed. Definitely one of our favorites so far.

3. Be Alright ft D Loyal & FM

”Be Alright” is a change in direction & thematic approach. This is one song that could have done without the features as we felt they didn’t add anything special to the song and their lack of guidance and forwardness bleed the track of its fruitfulness. The thing here is you can’t mix introspection & politics together, be alright just felt all over the place and, as a result of that, the overall balance was misplaced.

4. Bless Me

Another different approach, we are loving the diversity so far on the project. ”Bless Me” as its title said, it’s more like a ritual chant for a journey he is about to embark on, Jackie shredded this song to pieces. MC Caro’s personality & delivery really stood out on this record, talking about perfect chemistry. Production and content-wise, this is so far the needle in the haystack, what a good song overall with massive potential.

5 & 6 Can’t Let You Go & Crazy

Now we are back to where the project started. Both songs are basically the same in terms of the subject matter. ”Can’t Let You Go” stands out more while ”Crazy” just fell out, hopefully, the album can pick up the momentum it’s been on. This was a bit of a slump.

7. Destiny 

This song reminds us of Burna Boy’s ”Destiny” that was on the African giant project. This is a hater anthem, it’s a punch to the face type of song. One thing lotta people haven’t realized is you are in charge of the path you seek, giving others total control of it is a total waste. Once God got you nothing or no one else matters. This track was actually necessary, Smart Move.

8. Devil Issa Lie

Loving the intro, wow this is a total shift from everything so far on this project, this is more hip-hop like. Jackie Russ is on a whole different level on this, lyrically his pen is at its best. ”Don’t gain the world and lose your soul” is such a powerful message, you wanna succeed in life but at what cost. Shortcuts and quick fixes are exactly what it’s, gotta bear fruit and that takes patience, without that, it’s a crazy road of vanity you are leading. He said this is the most real song he ever wrote and we are here to say no lie was detected. Round of applause Jackie, this is a very very good record.

9. Don’t Mind Them ft Pck & Soul Smitter

Before we start this, if you have a partner who gives ears to others about your relationship, you should recheck if you are with the right person. Loving everything about this song and we like how the features both added their formulas and it merged well with the ideal Jackie composed.

10.  Give it to me

“Give It To Me” sounds too retro in terms of production and that was a huge turn off for us, personally felt it was outta order to add it to this project, a complete filler track.

11. Magic (featuring MC Caro)

“I got the Magic, Gebro boy with the Magic”. Very familiar sounds, but this right here hit the spot. It’s always a good look to join forces with MC Caro, and she brings a much needed vibe to the tune. Micah J did great on the beats

12. Miracle & My Desire

Miracle is most definitely a filler track, huge pass for us and desire got potential that wasn’t fulfilled. Starting to believe that this project should have been trimmed down, some of these records should have been left in the vault, they are all good but not what was needed here.

14. Na Concern You (featuring Rahim W)

Well, Jackie Marley, we see you, what a massive change of tempo. Just when you thought you have had enough from the album, Jacky Russ cuts back again to address betrayal, hurt, and jealousy. Na Concern You features Rahim W holds a straight code and lovers rock vibe feeling.

15. No Letting Go (ft Christoph) 

In a split second, you can tell when a song has hit potential and this is one of those moments. No letting go follow the same theme as Can’t Let You Go Featuring pck. Christoph is a different breed when he is in his bag and this song proves that, this going straight into the playlist; The radio is waiting Jackie, take this beauty there

16. No regrets (ft Fazzole)

Freedom is very essential in personal life, no one wants to be tied up and congested. Seems like Jackie is on a roll, the tracks have been crazy. Another Hip-Hop track like Devil Issa Lie, whoever is Fazolee deserves a bottle of stout; he completely took this record to another stratosphere. Another automatic favorite.

17 & 18 Official Girl (ft Risky) & Questions

Jackie is back on a bumpy road after an impressive run. Both tracks sound like fillers, mixed feelings about them both.

19. Step On It

He calls himself a winner, likewise everyone else. “Winner am a winner, winner you a winner”. The jam is way out of the common league, and subconsciously adds a calling of stepping on the hate, and let’s jubilate as well. I suggest you take a listen and conquer that this is a conscious banger.

20. Tempted to touch 21. The one

Honestly, we can do without “Tempted To Touch” and “The One”, totally unnecessary to make this project, they both are just flat out mediocre and depth lacking. 

22. Your body 

“Your Body”, on the other hand, has potential, there is something to take from this and we think that’s solely based on the catchy hook, C-Switch did his thing as well.


We were kinda bummed the album had 22 tracks, Magic SZN is a very lovely album. Well-arranged, and composed for a first album. We think his sophomore album would be more mature. A lot of you guys expected more and were mad he did not give you the type of music you wanted. Magic SZN will definitely grow on you.


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