LHP, UP Branches Collaborate For A Boakai Win

Dr Q. Somah Paygai of the proposed LHP

The proposed Liberia Heritage Party (LHP) and several auxiliary groups have agreed to collaborate for the success of Vice President Joseph Boakai’s presidential bid. The group made the commitment recently following a two-hour meeting held in Dekoiti village on the outskirts of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Following the meeting, the organizing chairman of the LHP, Dr. Q. Somah Paygai, said the forum was held to ensure that all groups supporting Vice President Boakai work together as a team. “We need a team that will work together because we need coordination in our activities even though we are from different groups. We need to have one set goal and the way we go about it shouldn’t be different,” he said.

Dr. Paygai, who served as chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC) during President Charles Taylor’s administration, vowed to take a similar campaign to other Bassa speaking counties, including Rivercess and Margibi. He said the proposed party took the decision because it sees the Vice President as the only candidate who has an extraordinary gift of leadership and character to take the country forward.

Dr. Paygai was also a vice presidential candidate on the ticket of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP), and he is currently vice president for administration at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). He said Ambassador Boakai will be a president who will refuse to be trapped in the patterns of the past; a leader who sees the world clearly without being cynical; and a fighter who cares passionately about the causes he believes in, without demonizing those who hold differing views. “Ambassador Boakai is tough-minded, but also has an uncommon capacity to appeal to the better angels of our nature,” he added.

The chairman of the UP branch in Grand Bassa County, Mr. Bill Davis, praised Dr. Paygai for planning the meeting and promised that the local branch of the UP will work with the LHP and other collaborating partners.

The campaign chairman of the UP in Grand Bassa County, Mr. Bennie Johnson, said “It is good to collaborate, and we will work with the Liberia Heritage Party so that our overarching goal, which is getting our standard bearer elected, is met. The Heritage Party has put some good things on the table, and I think we can work together,” he said.


  1. Daily observer is not doing a fair balance of campaign coverage of all of the major candidates. They don’t even mention Brunskine or any of his activities. He got endorsed by the federation of Transport Union and the observer fail to carry it, but always publishes stories on Boakai and Cummings. Be fair mr. Editor in your coverages and let the people decide


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