LFA, Petrol Trade Inc. Sign L$13M Sponsorship Agreement

It is time that those that follow Liberian football to turn to Petrol Trade, and buy their products, because the more you do it the more they will be able to reinvest in Liberian football.”- Mustapha Raji, LFA President Photo: LFA

The 2019/2020 Liberia Football Association (LFA) knockout cup will be branded “Petro Trade Cup” after the LFA and Petro Trade Incorporated (PTI) signed a L$13 million sponsorship agreement.

The new one-year partnership agreement, which is subject to renewal, was signed on Friday, October 25 at the FA’s headquarters in Monrovia.

The Agreement will see PTI provide two branded sets of jerseys with their logo for the winner of the Petrol Trade Cup to be worn in the CAF Confederation Cup, LFA Super Cup, and off-season tournaments, including the President’s Cup and Who Owns the Land Cup.

“We believe that this partnership will move ahead for a longer period,” said LFA President Mustapha Raji. “Petro Trade sees it important to invest in youth and capacity building. It is now time that Liberians will look forward and ensure that we all work with Petro Trade, now that they are opening stations all around. It is time that those that follow Liberian football to turn to Petro Trade and buy their products, because the more you do it, the more they will be able to reinvest in Liberian football.”

This brings to fulfillment one of Raji’s plans to seek sponsorship for the LFA knockout cup.

Meanwhile, PTI chief coordinating officer, Abraham Kaydea, said: “It is an honor for me to represent my company here today at this important signing ceremony. This is a very great milestone for my company, who have identified with Liberian football for a long time, but not in this capacity.

“We were one of the sponsors of the last county meet, but this sponsorship agreement today for the LFA knockout cup is the biggest yet for us. When Petro Trade first started to identify with Liberian football, we saw it as part of our corporate social responsibility.

“Over time, we have realized that we were involved in something that was far bigger than anyone of us realized. Everybody knows that football is just more than football. Football is one great thing that can unify people.

“Throughout the next six months, teams from all over the country will play against one another. At the end, one team will win the title but all of us will be winners. We have come today as brothers and sisters of the LFA.”

Financial Breakdown

PTI will pay L$3 million immediately after the signing ceremony, L$3 million after 60 days for the second payment, L$3 million after 90 days for the third payment and L$3.5 million as cash awards to the four teams at the closing ceremony (champions and runners-up) in the male and female divisions on May 3, 2020.

PTI will also make an additional investment to the LFA, totaling L$4 million for trophies, medals, promotion and marketing of the Petro Trade Cup.

About Petro Trade 

Petro Trade Inc. is a Liberian-based importer and supplier of petroleum products and is the parent company of the Super Petroleum (SP) and Liberian Petroleum (LP) brands. With nearly two decades operating in the Liberian market, Petro Trade manages and operates storage facilities and retail service stations as well as supply chain and fleet management.


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